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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 8 Recap | Start to Finish

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Recap Podcast of “Start to Finish” on November 29, 2015

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8, “Start to Finish”

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The Walking Dead 2015: Season 6 Episode 8 Recap Podcast | Start to Finish

The Walking Dead 2015: Season 6 Episode 8 Recap Podcast | Start to Finish

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  • Edwin Johnson

    Wow! Can you believe they handled the Glenn Ron situation the way they did? What is your outrage level at this time?

  • Paul

    That episode was fucking awful. The producers are really starting to piss me off.

    • Simon P.

      Yeah this season was terrible. Couple a good épisode but it’s so slow in general…

      • Brett Barsanti

        I’d say Episodes 1, 2 and 4 were great, the rest was just okay

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      You are not the only one that feels that way!!!

  • Fernando Castro

    Rosita thought Alexandra might be done. Is she right and we’re all about to go back on the road, or will Alexandra survive for the rest of the season? This seems like the prison all over again.

    • Adam Bradford

      I don’t know why they would abandon Alexandra. It seems like they could pretty easily lure the zombies away and patch the hole in the fence. It’s not like they have any better options and after the hardship they faced leaving the prison, I doubt they want to be on the road again.

  • Dave_Bakker

    Seemed to be more tension in the 6B preview than there was in the 6A finale. Your thoughts?

  • Morty

    Lots of eye-rollingly bad decisions tonight.

    • Adam Bradford

      Especially from Carol; she knows better!

  • Ro Gal

    Mom….mom…mom….BANG!! Thank you Rick…

  • Megan

    So I haven’t watched the episode yet…but I asked my dad and brother how it was and my dad said, “A lot of bullshit.” So…that’s not giving me high hopes for this MSF.

  • David Alexander

    Might be the worst TWD episode of all time. Terrible, simply terrible. If this was ep 4 then I could handle it. This was a mid season finale. Atrocious.

  • TrentC

    Rob and Josh, you missed the most important line of the episode!

    Rosita – Abraham is dead.
    Tara – No he’s not…because WE DIDN’T SEE IT HAPPEN!

    *and he wasn’t near a dumpster

  • Charles Bikle

    Wow, that whole “Glen Thing” really did some damage – I think it was the tipping point that caused TWD to start losing whatever goodwill it had built up with its audience and these lackluster, filler episodes don’t help.

    • Adam Bradford

      Not sure how they didn’t expect that, especially with having it fester for a month. I know they were poking fun of GOT, but that character is most likely dying and being brought back by the Red Witch because he is Azor Ahai. I liked Rob’s idea that they should have killed Glen and then had us see his POV from him as a zombie.

  • “Just pretend to be brave” – wow, not even his own mother has confidence that Sam can actually be brave.

    • Adam Bradford

      That’s what I thought, funny she didn’t tell him to just “act brave.”

  • Edwin Johnson

    Look man, you need to know something. The showrunner is an asshole! Not really, but kinda. I love this show and I’m sticking with it, but they really let the zombie ants eat the first half of this cookie.

    It started out fine. We were herding walkers, killing redshirts and advancing the story. Then they had to get cute and “kill” off Glenn with a huge wink, several nudges and crossed fingers pointed to April 1st on a calendar. A month and a few so-so episodes later they give us Glenn back, acting like they fooled us and give us a hint at some real danger for the midseason finale. Then what do we lose in the episode? Zero redshirts, a character they must think we have a stronger connection with, and the ability to not hear Tiny Tim in the back of our minds for the weeks to come. This just didn’t seem like a midseason finale. This would have made much more sense if the full 16 aired in line or this went straight to your favorite binge site.

    Now, as a reader of the comics (bookclub anyone?) I will tiptoe through the tulips of this last bit. There is hope, people. Shit is about to get real! Don’t give up. The Alexandria stuff. The Negan stuff. You will enjoy it.

    • Adam Bradford

      And how may episodes was Daryl in? Besides episode 6, it seemed like he was barely in it at all?

  • Matthew Murphy

    Great recap guys. I’m one of those people who’s a little sour on Into the Badlands. I would give it a try if they didn’t put previews at the beginning of a show. It’s such a gutless marketing attempt and I really do hope it loses a ton of viewers. With this in the Glen thing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see AMC get a segment on News AF about the most shameless marketing in television.

    P.S. Were all of these kids brought in to show that Carl is not that bad? I mead Enid, Rondouche and the cookie kid are the worst and all got as much screen time and Carol and Michonne in season 6a.

    • Adam Bradford

      It’s just like those Draft Kings commercials. Makes me not want to have any part of it.

      • Matthew Murphy

        I don’t mind. The guy makes a living doing this stuff and one advertisement per podcast, and it’s not even each one, is a small price to pay for hours of free content.

        • Adam Bradford

          I was referring to how Draft Kings and Fan Duel bought so much air time this football season that even people who play at their site are fed up with the over exposure. They played the commercials so much that now they have the interest of legislatures in banning their operations. Just feels like AMC should let “Into the Badlands” speak for itself and that if it was really good, they wouldn’t need to shove it down our throats.

          • Matthew Murphy

            My mistake. I don’t watch that much football but that would definitely get annoying. AMC is their own worst enemies. I think Preacher could be good but other than that I could care less.

          • Charles Bikle

            But I’ve grown to rely on “Into The Badlands” for all my breaking news for The Walking Dead !

  • K here’s what I want to know. The conversation between Denise and the wolf guy before Carol comes in, he’s telling her about an “infection” he got after getting cut by a rusty bumper or something…. you guys didn’t bring it up so I’m wondering if I actually heard that because it seems obvious now why the wolves act that way. So if that was said, does this mean he and the rest of the wolves actually have rabies?

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I think the cookie being devoured by ants was a pretty on-the-nose metaphor about the walkers streaming into Alexandria. I also think it was one of the ones Jesse had made the day before and left on a tray outside Sam’s room, not one Carol had made untold weeks ago. Still don’t know why Sam only ate half of it. Maybe Jesse’s baking is on par with her raising functional children skills?

  • Adam Bradford

    This podcast was more entertaining than the actual episode. Loved the back and forth with the Deana impressions. Don’t know about you all though, really thought the writers missed out with the Negan name drop; it really feels like Abraham should have said “Who’s Negan!?”

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Can anyone explain what the title of this episode has got to do with this entire episode?? What start and what finish did we get???

    So now not only do they get to trick us with fake deaths, fake camera angles, fake credits, and now fake episode titles too??? Really? What else do they have in store for us….I literally cannot wait~~~ WOW!

    • Adam Bradford

      Pretty sure you’re saying that tongue in cheek, but in case you aren’t, it came from Deanna who said she’d take care of killing herself saying something like “it’s my life, start to finish.”

  • jonproject

    The Deanna/Papa Bear impressions had me in stitches!

    It’s real, Daaaaawn!

  • Dan

    Am I the only person that entirely missed the mom call at the end of the episode. Missed that entire bit.

  • Charles Bikle

    On the AMC website, they reveal that Deanna was able to finish her blueprint of Alexandria before being overtaken by the zombie virus – bear in mind, that Deanna was not in the best frame of mind when finishing it.

  • Ron Martinez

    The Deanna impressions were too perfect. You guys had me rolling!

    So Deanna kept harping on Michonne to figure out what she wants. The question is, when Michonne finally does figure it out, what will she discover that she wants? Could it be that she’s wants some of that Rick lovin’? Y’know because Richonne is totes OTP!