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The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere “First Time Again” Recap Podcast on October 11, 2015

After 6 weeks of Walking Dead in the minor leagues, we finally get the call back up to the majors with the 90 minute season premiere “First Time Again.”

Josh (@roundhoward) is suspiciously missing at the same time a horn is drawing the walkers back home so Rob (@robcesternino) welcomes in AJ Mass (@ajmass) to discuss all things Walking Dead tonight.

The top story coming out of tonights episode is the horn and who is honking it. Rob and AJ dive into all the possible suspects.

Now that Morgan is back, where has he been? How has he changed? How will he react to the change in the group? Who took his peanut butter protein bar?

They also discuss how Rick handles Carter, the Abraham and Sasha suicide squad, the zombie mosh pit, Eugene’s hair game, and the unfaltering forgiveness of Glenn.

Josh is back with Rob on Thursday to answer your voicemails, but in the meantime, leave your comments and feedback below.

Special Thanks to Justin Holcomb for the recap

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Walking Dead 2015: Rob Cesternino and AJ Mass recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere - First Time Again

Walking Dead 2015: Rob Cesternino and AJ Mass recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere – First Time Again


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  • Edwin Johnson

    Do you think using Fear as a lead in series the last few weeks helped or hurt your anticipation for The Walking Dead #604 Proppa? Or do you feel you are coming into the premier in mid season zombie podcasting form?

  • Steve Davis

    Is this where all of the Zombie extras hung out between takes for Hardhome?

  • Emily Stobs

    Do you think the wolves were responsible for that siren going off at the end?

  • John Santucci

    While I enjoyed the episode being told with two timelines, present and past, I felt it was a bit like being tossed into a pool when they started us off in an unfamiliar present time. What did you think about the dual timeline story structure?

  • Emily Stobs

    I thought this premiere was a little slow to be honest. Did anyone else feel the same?

    • Sean LaBua

      Totally. I was bored throughout most of it. Most of the dialogue wasn’t very engaging.

    • Shauna Kelly

      Yes, I agree, too. When I wasn’t bored, I was confused because I didn’t know what was going on for the first 1/3 of the episode. The last 15-20 minutes were decent, but for a 90 minute premiere, I was underwhelmed.

      I also wonder if I feel this way because we had Fear the Walking Dead leading up to this premiere, and that show’s finale was pretty exciting.

  • Steve Davis

    That was some quick healing by Glenn.

  • Coach

    Did they ruin the moment at the end of last season by not even focusing on how Morgan reacted to first seeing mad man Rick?

  • Steve Davis

    Do you think that quarry was where the wolves rounded up their walkers for their traps? They then found out about it and led them to Alexandria with the horn.

    Also, instead of leading them out with so many possibilities of failure, don’t you think they could have drawn up a better plan that involved trapping them in that hole?

  • Steve Davis

    Which moral compass has a better chance of making it through the season? Deanna or Morgan? If you take out Deanna, you can weaken Rick’s support

  • Steve Davis

    Is the girl kind of like the kid version of Ben Linus

  • Jorge Alvarado

    This episode of The Walking Dead demonstrated how great this show is, that you don’t need a main character to die to have an amazing premiere. It was great to watch and I’m so excited for the rest of the season!

  • Great great great great start to this season, loved every second of it. Rob, I thought that was a fantastic analysis that Rick has adopted a Darwinistic approach to life and to leadership. It’s very true, in his eyes his group of humans has evolved to survive in this new world, and if people aren’t willing to or haven’t had a chance to adapt to the new environment then Natural Selection will dictate that they will inevitably die.

    Rick is like the prototype of a new species of human. What can we call them? Homogrimesus?

  • Josiah Ward

    I did not like the black and white flashbacks at all. It felt like the show was treating me like an idiot saying “okay now, you can tell this portion happened in the past because it’s black and white”. I just finished 6 seasons of Lost, I can figure out when a flashback is happening!

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      I kind of felt the same way you did….would have loved to have seen the flashbacks in color…did not see the purpose of showing the past in black and white, other than tell the audience that this scene took place in the past guys…don’t get confused!! LOL. If it had served a purpose I would have been fine with it in B&W….so I’m not a fan either….plus if I remember correctly, haven’t they already done an episode in Black and White before? Or am I confusing it with another show?? xDDD Kind of felt like we’ve been there done that already… either come up with something new or just don’t do it at all Greg Nicotero!! LOL

  • Antoni

    Nice, but I mean, oh damn it poor Rick

  • Wild_Orchid

    Oh dear God, Carol fans are so freaking annoying. She could be slicing bread and you all would be like: damn, she slices that bread like sub a badass. I don’t think there’s a more overrated character in all of TWD universe. Though I know it’s not going to happen I sincerely hope she dies. She has overstayed her welcome.

    • Paul

      I think Carol is a great character but she serves no purpose to the major plotlines anymore. She should be killed off, but I don’t see it happening.

      • Zach

        You do understand that it’s fiction and that any character can be written into a major plot line at any given point, right? Besides, this whole act of hers is leading up to something big.

  • Rene J. Herrera

    The intro music on the podcast lasts 2 full minutes and is overwhelming over the intro by Rob and AJ, just FYI.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    I have a feeling that out of the Main Cast, Maggie’s going to die this Season. The way the show has cast her aside in every storyline so far is not a good sign. Even in this premiere episode she was left behind to look after Alexandria….out of all the people that could stay behind, Maggie would have been way in the back of my mind….I get that Glenn is worried and prefer her not to go with….but seriously it just feels to me like the writers have no idea what to do with her character anymore… I feel they are eventually going to kill her….and have her death change Glenn in some sort of way….like how Shane and Lori’s death changed Rick….as they say on this show Glenn is just too nice of a guy to survive in this world….and I’m sure they are going to prove that this season, especially when they start this season off with Glenn letting Nicholas live and giving him more than 2 chances already….

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Anybody else ship Carol and Morgan as much as I am right now??? xDDD Those two together will be an unstoppable force!!! >__<