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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Feedback Show

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) answer voicemails and e-mail questions from the Post Show Recaps listeners about Season 6, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, “Last Day on Earth”.

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Walking Dead Book Club for “Last Day on Earth”

Negan swings his awesome vampire bat Lucille — and in the comics, we see the hit in all its gory detail

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  • Josh Wigler

    As mentioned in the podcast, here’s a Redditor’s shot-by-shot analysis of the POV from inside the van we keep seeing throughout the episode:

    There are other big reasons for my pick, of course, but this to me is the clincher.

    • Matthew Murphy

      That’s really interesting. Almost justifies butchering the ending. Almost.

  • Charles Bikle

    Opening Day or rather Skull-Opening Day.

  • Tim Forbes

    I’m surprised that you guys didn’t mention Enid as a possible mole. Everyone thought she was a mole for the Wolves earlier. She was with Maggie a lot in the last few episodes and could have poisoned or sabotaged her in some way. I don’t think she is a mole but she is probably the most likely to be a mole.

    • jan

      This theory didn’t work with the Wolves. Why people try to make this happen but this time with Saviors? For who she will work next time?

      She lives there for at least couple of months and Negan didn’t even know that Alexandria exist until recently.

      • Tim Forbes

        I agree, I never thought she was a mole with the Wolves either. I am just saying if there is a mole then she would be the most likely.

    • Charles Bikle

      The off-camera way that Eugene got caught by the Saviors, almost makes me suspect him of being a new mole. esp. with all that talk about “being a survivor” and “being at Stage 2”. I could easily see Eugene (regretfully) turning on Rick & co and rationalizing it as a temporary , but necessary measure for his own survival/the “greater good”.

  • TrentC

    Like most I wasn’t thrilled with the finale. Unlike most, I didn’t hate the non-reveal.

    I recall Gimple saying on the Talking Dead that they fully expect people to be analyzing every scene of the finale, and that they filmed it with that in mind. So does the Reddit identity analysis carry any weight? Thinking of camera angles, dumpsters, etc….

    I disagree with Josh’s choice of who gets murdered, but for different reasons than the choice of POV camera shots. If Glenn dies, that leaves Maggie. It’s likely that her unborn child lives after Glenn is cruelly removed from the board. So now we have two infants, Judith and baby Glaggie. They’re really going to expect us to accept two babies in that world? Other than taking out Judith, it seems like an implausible development. Carl only has one eye, he can’t look after them both.

    Some minor detective work:

    Aaron was Purple Aaron for most of the season and he’s thrown back into the mix, right in time for the new spring baseball lineup. I agree that him or Rosita would be a whiff.

    Eugene gave an obvious speech of a character leaving, too obvious?

    Throughout the season, Abraham had an amazing run of quotes, life changes and made peace with Eugene. Talking about having kids and settling down? Defcon 1.

    Michonne showed a tender side getting lovey dovey with Rick near the end of the season. Why now? To help fuel Rick’s rage for revenge if she dies?

    I’m leaning towards Abraham as the victim and if they really want to shock the fans, Maggie.

    Regarding the people not in danger, who’s Tara hanging out with right now? I guess Tara, half dead-Carol and Morgan are the only ones who can help.

    Thanks for this and all of TWD podcasts guys, really enjoy hearing your takes.

  • Charles Bikle
  • S_Carl_Dixon

    I’m looking forward to FTWD – especially Strand~ AND you guys wearing Nick’s Jacket all season long while podcasting about it. xD

    For some reason I have a feeling they are gonna spend the entire first half of the season on the boat – Kirkman did speak a little about FEAR on Talking Dead; how being trapped on the boat will allow us to get to know all the characters a lot more intimately~ Sounds like it’s gonna be some sort of TV series version of the movie “Ghost Ship” LOL

    Are you guys planning another “Road to Westeros” podcast where we once again countdown the days to Season 6 of GoT?? I’m already excited for whatever you guys will be planning for GoT S6!! Can’t believe that we are almost there – the start of a season where all fans alike (Book & TV) will be on the same boat – completely clueless and in the dark – how exciting, right?

    • Charles Bikle

      I think every season of FTWD should start with the remaining cast being trapped with zombies on a different vehicle. Season 3 it’ll be a dirigible and maybe a trolley car on season 4.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        LOL…..Great idea!!! xDD

        I’m thinking more on the lines of maybe they can move from a boat to a submarine next season…..and maybe A Tank or something in Season 4!! Hahaha. I was also thinking a plane would be cool….but I think they’ve already done that with their webisodes…and it’s kind of done too many times in the movies anyways – so other larger vehicles would be cool….

        OR how about a Fire Truck? That would be awesome – them hosing down walkers as they reach other destinations would be so badass!! LOL

    • TrentC

      I’m trying to be patient with Fear TWD. I thought season one was passable and only improves during the final episode.

      The opening episode this season? Yikes…maybe they’ll run into a floating dumpster out there..

      *I think Strand is a great character too.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        Looks like they are back on land next episode….so….seems like the creators are also not feeling this dead at sea story-telling~ xD

        Really liked the floating walkers though – and that propeller walker head – damn….too effed up to even talk about….LOL

        Strand is for sure the best character on the show – He’s the main reason why I’m still watching. I do like Nick too, but that’s probably only cos I think Frank Dillane’s acting is insanely good. His relationship with Strand is Great….and I look forward to seeing that unravel throughout the season. Nick on his own however, I can see why many still finds him annoying – when he swam out on his own to the obviously dangerous capsized boat with hundreds of bullet holes in it – I literally laughed out loud with frustration!! xDD

        • TrentC

          I think it’s an interesting premise, having to escape the walkers on a boat. I guess my initial problems are that they’ve already said – We have to worry more about other people, rather than the infected people. So from the start they’ve already put the walkers in the backseat in terms of terror.

          I’m sure it will change/pick up as the season continues. It’s just so funny to see them on that floating palace, where the walkers in the water don’t seem like much of a threat. Life is good!

          I’m surprised to see they’re getting off of the boat so soon. I imagine one or two eps on land, then right back to The Love Boat.

          • S_Carl_Dixon

            I’m just praying they don’t get captured and get stuck at some place at this point. Having the boat as an escape plan doesn’t sound too bad. Hopefully you’re right, and they don’t end up ditching Abigail completely after only one episode…..

  • A-M

    I agree with your pick for who dies, Josh. In addition to the clues, and the emotional impact, Negan will want to keep the people who can be assets to him. Daryl, Abraham, Eugene are very strong potential assets. Glen is a great guy, but doesn’t have unique skills like the others.

  • susan appleby

    If they kill Glen, what was the point of fake killing him?

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      Just when we’re all thinking Glen is safe….Bam…that’s when they take him out!! xDD But now with another cliffhanger gimmick like that – all that initial shock it could have landed, has once again all been taken away!!

      Such a shame…..(Only assuming if Glen is the one of course…)

    • Rory

      To test the fan reaction to him dying, because the show doesn’t have the balls to kill off main characters without testing the waters first.

  • Derek_Sye

    I honestly don’t understand how Scott Gimple got his job. He really seems like a total hack. Cliffhangers aren’t in and of themselves good or bad. The problem is that the show runners on TWD don’t seem to be able to create a compelling show, despite having strong source material to work from, and instead use cliffhangers to manufacture tension that isn’t earned on the screen. To put it frankly… give us a strong show like Lost and we will beg for more when you give us a cliffhanger. If you instead feed us a shit sandwhich, don’t expect us to come back for seconds.

    • TrentC

      I’m probably alone in my opinion that the end of season cliffhanger was okay. You do bring up a good point though. We’ve had the Glenn cliffhanger, we’ve had the Daryl cliffhanger, we’ve had an almost cliffhanger with Carol getting shot, and now we have a huge end of season cliffhanger. Were they going for a theme this season?

      As you mention, there’s so much there to use without having to rely on cheap writing devices. I must be a little old school because I don’t mind the end of season cliffhanger when they’re going to kill off a main character. It seems justified in that instance.

      What really bothered me was one of the logistics instances that was asked by a listener, I think Lady J was her name – How did Negan’s people know that Rick’s group was headed to Hilltop? They just stake out each approach to Hilltop and hope something may happen in a few days? There must be a mole otherwise that whole, very important plot point makes absolutely no sense.

      • Derek_Sye

        To be very clear, I was not enjoying the episode at all prior to the cliffhanger. Yes, the actual Negan scene was pretty compelling, but everything leading up to it was a muddled and often immersion breaking sequence of nonsensical events. So when the writers decided to fall back on lazy writing tricks once again it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        I completely agree about the logistics being utterly ridiculous. I could go through and list all the other factors that really irked me as well, but I just don’t care enough about this show anymore.

  • If this wasn’t “an iconic moment from the comic”, I wonder if people would be more or less OK with the ending? I’m just wondering, since I keep hearing that phrase being used whenever someone expresses their displeasure.

  • What time point does the bashing of the finale itself stop and the talking about the season as a whole begin? I’m starting to get ready to bash my own head in with Lucille listening – which given how much I love Josh and Rob and their work is saying *a lot*. It’s kind of reminding me a bit of the last BB season Brian Lynch did and I want to get back to that happy place.

    • Honestly, I think I should probably just keep listening to stuff they *like* at the moment. There’s so much out there in the RHAP-universe and it’s a good excuse to listen to catch up on some other stuff!

  • homertownie

    Thank you, Rob, for not going overboard on hating the ending. I am not thrilled with it, but let’s stop all the drama of how it will make the deep fans stop watching the show and all that ridiculous melodrama.

    The show is what it is. I wish people would quit re-writing it to be what they think it “should be” or that they know what the show “really is about”. If you want big moments, then the characters are not going to act realistically. If you want “realism”, then you won’t get big moments when they are all in trouble together in a big scene.

  • Is there not a FTWD podcast? Or am I just missing it?

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Well done Eddie and James.