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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 Recap Podcast of “The Next World” on February 21, 2015

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10, “The Next World”

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The Walking Dead 2016: Season 6, Episode 10 Recap of The Next World The Walking Dead 2016: Season 6, Episode 10 Recap of The Next World[/caption]
  • Wild_Orchid

    Well, well, well, would ya looky here. Richonne is canon, just like I said it would be. So much for your “slash fiction” theory Robert. I hate to say I told you so…no, actually I don’t. It feels good to be right. #Validation

  • TrentC

    Haven’t listened to Rob and Josh yet…question – Do they have a home darkroom in Alexandria to develop pictures? Referring to the shot of Carl and Judith in the picture.

    I’ve heard a few theories about Michonne and Rick getting together, never thought it would happen. Wild_Orchid you made the call, congrats.

    The Jesus dude looked to have some fighting skills…hope he’s a good guy.

    • Charles Bikle

      That picture was probably taken from someone’s phone or laptop and then printed on glossy paper.

      • TrentC

        I could buy a few months of battery power for the phone and laptop, how do they power a printer? I found the picture a little jarring because it was recent as Carl was wearing the eye patch in it.

        • Charles Bikle

          I believe they have solar panels for electricity or it could just’ve been powered by a propane generator ?

          • TrentC

            Could be, I’m not sure on any sources of power in Alexandria. Kind of a testament to one the nuances the show does so well. That feeling of quiet or deadness when they walk through a town. When I saw the recent picture on the desk I immediately started wondering – What kind of tech marvel could produce a picture? Thinking back to when Carl first met Enid and the other kids, they were playing a video game I seem to recall so there must be power of some sort. My duhhh for sure.

    • Charles Bikle

      Yeah, Jesus seems to have some skills.

      In the Zombie Apocalypse, Parkour would be the most useful skill to have and of course, the least useful skill would be professional podcaster, specializing in TV show recaps.

      • TrentC

        Oooh post apocalyptic burn, nicely done.

  • A.Claire

    I wasn’t particularly a Richonne fan/shipper or that I don’t care about any of Rick’s love interests but honestly I was literally screaming/squealing from the moment they got to sit on that couch..although I kind of already sensed it from the beginning of the episode. The first scenes were just kind of weird and you kind of felt there was something there between Rick and Michonne.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed Rick and Daryl together in this episode and yes, they kind of have that dumb and dumber moments but I really did enjoy them. That Jesus guy was interesting. Hope to see him more.

    Now that there’s a new character (if he’s gonna be a good guy who seems pretty valuable too), do you guys think they can now kill Morgan this season?

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Richonne is real! Praise Jesus!!! Richonne is like one of those remixes Josh mentions in TWDBK. Loved Rick and Darryl and their buddy comedy. R.I.P Deanna. I’ll take you out if you turn is the new I love you.

  • Omega Kin

    Rob and his nit picks.

  • Stan The Man

    Sooooo… Richonne happened. Who else looked away when they started getting their freak on? I covered my eyes! It’s like seeing these 2 authority figures in your life, almost like your parents whom you look up to and protect you, and then they make out in front of you. Awkwaaaaaard. Happy for them though and I think they’ll be good for each other. I only hope we don’t see a Carryl or this will look like a Melrose Place, Alexandria edition.

  • Nicole

    Agh… the part where they are talking about the gas station.. They stopped for the pop as the Denise requested it. Darrel mentions this when they shotgun the pop as they chase the truck.

    • I get it that Denise asked for soda. She also said to get it if it was convenient. I think getting the food truck back to the camp (which might have had a case of soda) was the priority.

      • Nicole

        I know.. Honestly when they got to the gas station, I thought they were stopping for gas lol..


          there was no reason to go into the farm.
          they also could have had Daryl (or Rick) drive the original car instead of leaving it.

          resource management was a fail.

      • Bart Braswell

        The whole sequence of her asking for a Soda was awkward and ridiculous; it was a waste of time. Is it so hard for Denise to stand up straight? I’m not a fan of her character.


    Carl can not act

  • Matthew Murphy

    All and all this seems like a Valentine’s win for Rick. He may have lost Jessie, but at least he didn’t have to go on a run to get a heart shaped box and some flowers. Plus the whole blended family thing seemed like it was going to work even less than it did on Fear the Walking Dead ( as if anything works on that show) And than by next week Rick has a new squeeze. Sounds like a solid Valentines week.

  • Tim Forbes

    I hate when the podcast focuses on the nitpicks rather than just talking about the episode in a fun way. It isn’t as fun to listen too. I really liked this episode as it was different and fun compared to most episodes.

    • I hear that, it just takes me out of it when the characters are not acting to the top of their intelligence.

      • Tim Forbes

        I understand and I know a lot of people get annoyed by that. I am just maybe more accepting (or maybe forgiving) that people can do silly stuff sometimes.

      • Charles Bikle

        I’m a fan of the critiquing, even when I don’t agree with it.

  • Mimi

    I agree with Rob that it’s really frustrating when characters act out of character. That’s a writing problem, of which the show has plenty. ( Another Ex. The Wolves: big, multi-episode build-up that amounted to pretty much nothing.)

    Finally, I am sure this is an unpopular opinion, but I do not see the chemistry between Rick and Michonne. They always gave off a partners/best friends vibe to me. With all due respect to the shippers out there, I don’t see it.

    • Morty

      I’m not a Richonne shipper by any means, but given how tight they are with respect to everything else in their lives and the overall environment in general, it just seems like an unsurprising progression. I mean, she’s a lady, he’s a dude, and let’s face it, the pickings are slim in that world.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    This was a fun podcast – with all of Rob’s nit-pickings and Josh’s reactions to Rob gave me all the giggles! You guys make a great duo — Our very own RHAP’s Rick & Daryl~~~ xD I totally ship #Job

    Clearly this was a more light-hearted episode, especially compared to last weeks bloodbath – this one would have made more sense to air on Valentine’s Day…LOL…and last week’s premiere should have been the mid-season Finale!

    Plus, probably the only good thing about Walker Deanna appearing out of nowhere was that we got to hear more of your Deanna impressions!!! Cracks me up everytime….so so goood~~~XDDD

    My only question is that scene between Maggie & Enid – what was that all about? It felt very out of place….and so far very forgettable…LOL…Do you guys think it’s foreshadowing something bad happening to Maggie or Enid later? It looks like Maggie’s death is pretty imminent right? Will it happen in the next few episodes….or do you think they saving it for the Finale?

  • Charles Bikle

    I really wanted to hear Rob’s Eugene skit…

  • DT73

    This was the first episode I did not watch. I have been a fan since episode 1. I was drawn to the show by the level of special effects, which I still think the true artistry of the show lies. I don’t care about hook ups on the show. In my opinion they have overlooked the level of sex that would probably occur. I feel the show is going nowhere. Its pretty much a “plug-and-play” template for any plot. I think they are overlooking the macro story, although I get the “kill or be killed” view of the world is a reflection on how we behave today. I get that. What I don’t get is that you want to convince me that no scientists, molecular biochemists survived and are working on a cure based on bacon fat or something. No NIH or UN or any institution survived? Really? Everyone but these characters are now walkers? Are you sure France has not already cured this based on an all cheese diet?

  • DieJerks

    Love the nitpicking rob. It’s nice to hear a voice of reason when it comes to this show. I sit through this show every week because my girlfriend loves it. Your opinions are often bang on with mine. If anything I’d like you to be harder on the show

  • Bart Braswell

    Hashtag should have been “just the tip”