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The Walking Dead 2016 Season 6, Episode 13 Recap | The Same Boat

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 Recap Podcast of “The Same Boat” on March 13, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) are your hosts tonight to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13, “The Same Boat”

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  • Wild_Orchid

    F, Marry Kill
    Mol from tonight’s episode
    Patti from The Leftovers
    Mama Fratelli from The Goonies

    • Gregory Brown

      F*ck, Mary, Kill
      Gaia from Rome a.k.a. Ilana Verdansky from Lost
      Kaylee from Firefly
      Captain Janeway from Star Trek

  • Katrice Renee

    So… Now I’m scared for Glen again, because I was sure Caryl was dead.

  • Katrice Renee

    That last kill made by Rick got to Caryl. She might be the one who ends up in the Alexandria jail cell.

  • Katrice Renee

    I think Morgan has converted Caryl. Morgan put the thought in her head, the Wolf also made her rethink killing and now she’s making a list of her last kills. Caryl may turn back into the Caryl from the comics making room for someone else to take that role.

  • The Guilty Remnant would be fantastic adversaries to any group in this world. Showing up to remind everyone that the zompocalypse was most likely their own fault in some way, and that they should never forget that the world they live in now is punishment for the sins of humanity and they don’t have the right to try and make happiness for themselves. Damn it now I really want a Leftovers/Walking Dead crossover.

  • Nice job Alex!! Very funny the both of you as always. You might already know this Alex, but Carol wasn’t all acting last night, Rob was right. It all started when her daughter was killed- she got hard to mask that pain. Lots of psyche stuff, but maybe now she’s ready to be a woman again not a ninja warrior. I think being the “character” of Momcarol in Alexandria blurred those lines for her, she started becoming that woman too. I hope we’re all wrong about no one can be happy on this show. If Carol gets killed… well that’s just not something I want to think about. 🙁

  • LMAO, I just read your bio on here Alex. Wow. You’ve lived a life!

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Carol and Maggie know they aren’t the victims, they recognize that they murdered those people in cold blood( last episode) and they are struggling with what remains of their former notion of morality. They were perfectly capable of escaping, they just needed to be underhanded and willing to end lives to achieve this goal.


    Carol’s change happened in the two weeks she wasn’t on the show including the time jump before the mid season break. All unknown to the viewers. Great writing.

  • Derek_Sye

    I don’t mind slow episodes if there is at least some movement from a character perspective. This episode just didn’t grab me though. All we got was a bunch of red shirts and Carol seemingly starting to regress into the weaker character that was so boring in season 1-3.


    I’d go after that lady’s supply of cigarette lighters/fluid.

  • Infinity8

    I think the change happened for Carol when she shot the Wolf and realized he was going to help Dr. Denise. The look on her face afterwards, and her attitude since, has been one of regret and self-reflection.

    It was asked are Carol’s reactions real or are they manufactured to throw them off? – My feelings are that she fed into her already existing anxieties, fears and moral struggles she’s experiencing.

    I also think that she was being 100% honest when she finally answered what was scaring here – the knowledge that she would once again have to kill people. Her existential crisis seems to be perfectly timed. She’s very much expressing the thoughts many in the audience are having “Are we still the good guys?” Paula says no, but I don’t agree.

    I feel that the world, as Stephen King writes in the Dark Tower series, has “moved on”. The rules have changed, people have changed. When we live in a civilized world we have the “luxury” of morals and ethics and proper ways of behaving. But, IMO, in the Walking Dead universe they are faced with “Live or die” on most occasions – even if it feels different with solid walls, a bed and a community church.

    Negan’s group has demonstrated that they are a real threat to the on-going survival of our Alexandrians. If you want to survive you have to take out the threats. It’s kind of like this – they know that Negan’s group comes in, takes HALF on a monthly basis AND, to make sure you understand they will kill you if you don’t, they pick at least one person to kill.

    So my question is this: If it’s not OK to kill the Saviors to protect your home and people, who are you willing to sacrifice to the Saviors in order to protect your sense of morals? Whose life is worth losing so the Alexandrians don’t have to worry about if they are the good guys or not?

    Because they WILL find the Alexandrians and they WILL do what they do to everyone else. So who’s life do you give up for peace of mind? And are you willing to sacrifice everyone so as to no kill any Saviors in cold blood?

    • This has been the topic argued in my house over the past few days. I have leaned on the DON’T ATTACK view, because there was no guarantee that Negan would attack. You make some very good points though.

    • Andiamo

      It’s interesting, because even in a “civilized” world morality is flexible and up for debate. Killing people is considered wrong, but that’s suspended in times of war; Women killing abusive husbands can be granted clemency; Death penalty arguments abound, etc. It’s often up for debate when it’s deemed necessary for survival or for the betterment of society. The difference is that in the zombie world the goalposts are moved, and also ordinary citizens are the one’s doing the killing, so the question of morality becomes much more personal and intimately felt. Sorry for the tangent, your comment just made me think…

      To your question, In my opinion it was a little early to attack. So far Negan’s group knew nothing of the Alexandrians, and all Rick’s group really knew of Negan’s is that they’re ruthless extortionists. From what I remember, they didn’t kill anyone until Hilltop shorted them. There was no reason to assume that if Negan found Alexandria that they would just slaughter everyone. It’s more likely to assume that they would’ve tried to cut a similar deal as Hilltop. At that point, when they had more info, Rick’s group could’ve taken them out.

      • Infinity8

        They killed a teenaged boy, beat him to death I front of the Hilltop to show them what the saviors do if you don’t comply with their demands. Which teenage child should have get willing to have them kill in order to justify attacking them? That’s how I see it. Unless your willing to allow your people to die for principal…you go and kill their asses.

        • Andiamo

          Okay and if another group happened to see Rick’s group sneak in in the night and kill Negan’s group while they slept, should that group then follow Rick to Alexandria and kill them all because they assume they’re a bunch of lunatics who may be a threat to them in the future? Maybe. But no, because Rick’s group are the “good guys.” Well how the hell can anyone tell anymore?

          You said Negan’s group has demonstrated that they are a real threat to the on-going survival of our Alexandrians. I just don’t think that’s true at this point. And that’s the crux of the issue to me. I don’t think anyone (except Morgan) is saying that it’s morally wrong to attack a group that is a direct threat to you. But I also don’t think Rick would’ve taken on another group’s fight or waged a preemptive attack in this way if they weren’t so desperate for Hilltop’s supplies. So let’s not pretend this was all about imminent danger.

          • Infinity8

            Lol! I must be slow, I don’t know the word your thinking of! Lol

            I believe in the Walking Dead world you don’t get many second chances. If another group saw what the Alexandrian’s did, and killed them all, without any context & without any threat to themselves it would kinda seem arbitrary but it would be not suprising in the Walking Dead universe .

            But The Alexandrians do have context for Negan’s group. They have multiple encounters and testimony from the hilltop folks. I feel that Negan’s group are a danger worthy of compromising any remaining old school values.

  • Andiamo

    It should’ve been obvious that Primo was not Negan, otherwise Paula would’ve been much more quick to make the trade. Did that just not occur to Rick, and he actually thought he was shooting Negan, or was it that once the guy said he was Negan he knew wouldn’t get any info from him?

    After that brilliant psychological chess match between the women it was frustrating to see Rick come off looking like a brutish dimwit. Maybe Maggie is the better leader after all.

  • Tim Forbes

    I disagree that the show is highlighting that Morgan’s philosophy doesn’t work. The fact that the Wolf managed to change before he died shows that Morgan was correct in some way.

    • Andiamo

      I guess it can work at times, but it’s not always practical. Each person would need a jail cell, a one-on-one counselor, and a lot of time.

  • Tim Forbes

    The second-half of this season has been very strong with 5 really good episodes in a row. Has this season’s second half been better than season 5’s second-half? (which I thought was really strong too).

  • Andiamo

    I think Carol was acting in the beginning to try to gain the upper hand, but when she realized she was staring at the worst possible version of herself in Paula I think some of the fear became real. She was afraid for Maggie and she was afraid of herself.

    It kind of reminds me of the whole Cookie Maker Carol facade. Everyone in Alexandria knows she’s a badass, and she doesn’t need to keep doing it, but she’s still picking out cardigans and making cookies because at some point the act became real, and she remembered that being a mother is a part of who she is and enjoys being.

  • Andiamo

    This was my favorite episode of the whole series, so I’m a little comment happy. Apologies.

    There seems to be a really big difference in the way the women and men in Negan’s group behave. They didn’t want to kill or hurt Carol or Maggie when Tourniquet Douche wanted revenge. (Laura even took out TD to stop him from hurting Carol.) Laura wanted to let Primo fend for himself. They were opposed to the men ambushing the truck. They made it pretty clear they had no respect for the way men do things in general. So what gives? They don’t seem like one unified group.

    • Infinity8

      It was my favorite episode as well!! lol! So good!!

      I didn’t take from this that the woman have no respect for the way men do things, I took this as no one in the Saviors group really cares about each other. Chelle said her boyfriend was an asshole, Paula said the guy who was about to die was just a bed warmer and Smoker Chick was already a dead person walking and didn’t seem to care. None of them had anything to live for except living.

      I saw them as a group where nobody cares for each other except for the value they have in keeping themselves alive.

      • Andiamo

        Yeah I got the sense too that they were only really in it for themselves. But they seemed particularly dismissive of all the men, and not at all towards each other. Your examples kind of add to my point.

        There were a lot things that stood out to me: The women were always aligned in how the situation should go (and in opposition to Donnie) They were clear they didn’t want to kill or hurt Carol and Maggie. They were willing to let Primo die, they left Donnie to die, but when he hit Laura, Molls went to comfort her. Laura then made a comment about how men can’t handle pain. They also thought it was stupid of the men to ambush Darryl, Abraham and Sasha, and Molls said “they probably made a big show of it too.” There were a lot of snide comments about male arrogance, like calling Rick a prick who probably thinks they’re stupid. In the beginning when Donnie wanted to kill them he told Laura she didn’t have any balls, Molls replied “she’s lucky she doesn’t have a gonad sac to trip over.”

        I’m leaving stuff out because my comments are getting ridiculously long, but if you watch it again there were actually a bunch of times that the women bonded over feeling stronger and smarter than the men. I could be reading this wrong, but I got a creepy feeling that there is something not right about the way the women are treated in this group.

  • Stephanie Watts Gonter

    Hey guys! Your podcast hasn’t updated in my subscription…any idea why? I’m going into withdrawals!!