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The Walking Dead Season 6B Preview Special

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Listen to the podcast:

The Walking Dead Season 6B Preview Special

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) preview this Sunday’s premiere of the second half of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead”.  The spring season kicks off with “No Way Out” on Sunday, February 14th.  Join us LIVE at 10:15 pm ET on Sunday for our recap of the premiere episode.

Watch our Fall Finale Recap of “Start to Finish”:

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  • Sean LaBua

    YES! I’m excited for a TWD book club! I’ve been hoping Josh would do that.

  • Whodunit Killer…

    season 68?

  • Alli P.

    Very excited for the book club podcast! Also I hope Jessica can fill in on the live episode recaps if either Josh or Rob are unavailable 🙂

  • TrentC

    On the only episode of Talking Dead that I’ve watched, Jason Alexander was making some disparaging remarks about young Sam. The actor who plays Sam live Tweeted back at Alexander during the show. It was pretty humorous.

    It also featured the actress who played Deanna and she was appropriately sad for being dead and written off of the show. So Rob doesn’t have to worry, she likely won’t end up jumping the dumpster.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    It’s gotta be RonDouche right?? I want him gone so bad!! LOL
    I’m just tired of this feud he’s got with Carl….seriously there’s a lot more terrifying things to be obsessed about in this apocalypse~~ >_<

    My hope is that Ron gets eaten alive….Sam gets horribly bitten but survives somehow….and their mom Jesse also gets injured trying to save her kids….and eventually Sam and Jesse will both turn and become a walker mother-son duo! xDD

    • TrentC

      Agreed. Maybe RonDouche will be moping around so much that Michonne will mistake him for a walker and katana his angsty head right off.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        I hope that happens!! xpray 😀

  • Brett Barsanti

    A couple things:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that the same people who had a problem with the second half of season 4 are people who have had a problem with the more recent episodes of season 6. I personally love the second half of season 4, one of my favorite half seasons of the show, but I thought a lot of the first half of season 6 dragged and the Glenn fake death was ridiculous. I loved episodes 1, 2, and 4 though.

    Also I personally think that the first half of season 5 was better than the second half, the hospital stuff could drag at times, but it wasn’t all bad, and the first three episodes are some of the best of the series. I like the second half, but I think the first half was more exciting.