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The Walking Dead Season 8, Ep #6 Feedback Show | The King, The Widow & Rick

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The Walking Dead Feedback Show | Season 8, Episode 6| The King, The Widow & Rick

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler answer feedback questions from “The Walking Dead” Season 8, Episode 6 and discuss Lennie James moving from “The Walking Dead” toΒ “Fear the Walking Dead”.

  • Tim Forbes

    I like Morgan and I like Fear The Walking Dead (especially Season 3 and mostly Season 1), so, I somewhat agree with most of what Josh is saying. I do disagree about Fear needing new creative energy though. It just had its best season, a season much stronger than the recent TWD seasons.

    • Morty

      Shouldn’t Coral only be like 8 years old then?

      • J-me not Hi-me

        In the comics, yeah. I think that’s why they’ve deliberately been vague about the time line on the show.

    • Matthew Murphy

      It needs creative energy in the sense that the Clarke family needs to go. There’s nothing good about any of them. Most of the people that tolerate the show agree that Strand and Salazar are far and away the best characters.

      • TrentC


        CHRISSY…I mean Madison is awesome!

        That Sausage-fest Christmas fantasy sequence was so meaningful. (Momma Clarke needs to get some..)

        • Matthew Murphy

          Madison one of the least rootable/likeable franchise in any show I’ve ever watched. At least Rick says fun stuff like Coral and we spilt blood. Madison and the Clarke family are a burden on the show.

          • TrentC

            Madison will kill anyone…even when it doesn’t make sense to the plot or her group at the time! She’s the Stepford version of Rick Grimes.

  • Josh, you beat me to it, as my FTWD podcast isn’t out yet discussing the crossover, but we are of one mind. I don’t know if I’ve ever agreed with a podcaster more than I do with you on this. Why do you think so many people aren’t getting this? I immediately saw that it’s a massive time jump the moment he was announced.

    • Pink Pearl

      Don’t sell Rob short on this one! He suggested a time jump on the Sunday podcast about 60 seconds after we found out Morgan was going to be the crossover character. I think the entire PSR team is on board with this theory.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    Yay, my garbage people question was addressed! Now that I’ve been mentioned on the podcast twice, “friend of the podcast” status is my new life goal.

    • TrentC

      Can we still respond to your posts or do we have to make an appointment now?

      Well done, I consider you a friend of the commentors πŸ™‚

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Thanks Trent. πŸ™‚

        • TrentC

          Noooo, thank you!

          I’ve never created a Twitter account so this is my only entry way so to speak chatting about the shows. It’s cool to hear someone’s name from here mentioned on the recaps because then I think – Hey, I sorta kinda know that person πŸ™‚

  • Matthew Murphy

    The episode title is especially terrible when The King, The Widow and Rick have been a thing for 3 episodes now and they just decide to name an episode after it. Although Garbage Smock doesn’t exactly sound like a better option.

  • TrentC

    Thanks to Josh for the Morgan time frame explanation. I initially thought he could of met the FTWD people in between season one and season three of TWD. As Josh outlined, he stayed in the south eastern area of the States.

    Still not 100% sold on the time jump bringing the two series into the same time frame. Bran…I mean Carl, will have aged at least 10 years in two years time.

    I hope they don’t try to stuff Morgan meeting the FTWD people into his past. It’s a long way to the west coast…