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The Walking Dead Season 8, Ep #4 Feedback Show | Some Guy

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The Walking Dead Feedback Show | Season 8, Episode 4| Some Guy

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler answer feedback questions from “The Walking Dead” Season 8, Episode 4.

  • Good morning!! First Hattie just wanted to clarify that Episcopal priests do take confession. In fact especially in the south and east in some of the older and churches you will still find the confessionals. It is a dying (pardon the pun) practice in this religion, but for some its still important. But sadly I do think this is some contrived way to make it so Neegan doesn’t die in the end, but ends up in Morgan’s prison with Father Gabriel now his advocate. Why waste a good Jeffery Dean Morgan people.

    Okay so anyways, also when I saw that helicopter out of the blue, my first thought was what if this was the US Army reconviened coming in to end this boring war, and the rest of the world is now gotten straight except all these folks fighting and now they are about to get checked like the ridiculous weirdos they all look like. Then I thought of FTWD of course.. could this be the crossover? And in my mind, out of the helicopter pops the perfect crossover character, who’s going to negotiate a treaty here. Who would that be? Well, none other than………………………………………..

    Strand!! Now how on earth would that look, if Strand popped up on that show?? lolol, but of course all my dreams are shattered now that you’ve enlightened me on the fact that its just the boring garbage people. Thanks a lot. Happy Monday!!