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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15 Recap | Something They Need

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15 Recap: Something They Need


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  • belinda

    The way Rick went in and assaulted Oceanside (and Tara totally fine with it) without even trying to talk to them first seemed pretty Negan-esque.

    Like, the ladies have lots of reasonable reasons to not accept Rick’s proposal, yet the show only had that lady say an unreasonable”Negan will always win” reason as a dissenter to Rick (and thus how ludicrous?! of her to not follow rick….meh). Really not liking the whole “Rick’s right, and thus those who follow him are morally good” angle.

    • Beefcake

      Agree. The writers apparently are hoping we don’t think too hard about this storyline. Negan is a sadistic dick, but the Alexandrians don’t exactly have clean hands. They started this whole thing and they aren’t very different from Negan.

      • TrentC

        I thought Negan was going to tell Sasha – Your pal Rick killed 30 of my people at the satellite facility and in response I killed two. I’ve killed a couple more but I’m way behind on the scorecard.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I agree that the Alexandrians don’t have clean hands, but I disagree that they din’t try to talk first. That was Tara’s whole mission.

      • TrentC

        What I didn’t like is Tara allotted what…25 seconds for the talking portion? And then Rick comes in blowin crap up everywhere lol!

        Why not send in Tara with maybe a couple of other women, attempt the talk, then graduate up to the theft by force.

  • Lynn

    You mentioned the crossbow. Didn’t Daryl get the second crossbow from The Hilltop? Dwight still has Daryl’s.

    • Latasha

      Yeah, Richard gave Daryl a special Kingdom Crossbow. I believe it was the episode before Richard’s demise.

  • Charlie02123

    You asked about Rick forcing Dwight to kneel at the end. I think it’s just a convenient device for Rosita to step in and explain that Dwight was the one who saved her from the Saviors. If Rick is going crazy, it usually means a different character will get their hero moment by calming him down (like when they first met Aaron, or when Rick pulled a gun on everybody in Alexandria).

    • TrentC

      Also maybe to show us a little flashback about how Sasha got caught/Dwight helping Rosita.

      What I don’t get is that Dwight visited the place him and the wife used to live at, how come he’s still not out looking for her?

  • Beefcake

    Sasha was playing Eugene when she asked for a weapon to kill herself. The reason she smiled at the end of the scene was because she had tricked him. The reason she frowned when she got the pills was because she couldn’t use a pill to attack Negan.


    Thought the Sasha scenes fell flat. Not sure what they were going for, but didn’t land and didn’t justify the time and intensity.

    Generally – get on with it. Spending time with one community then leaving for a few weeks then going back to the community is feeling very redundant.

    • TrentC

      Josh gets total points for ‘Ropey Dave…oops I think I got that wrong.’

      Agreed, the Carl introspection was lacking. I thought he would at least say – I killed my Mom, or I see my Mom, or Enid are you aware I know how to spell matricide? : )

  • HomerBrannon1

    Dwight better give Daryl his vest back.

  • TrentC

    I’m allergic to cats too Rob. Worst kryptonite in the world.

    Were Rob and Josh actually debating whether Sasha was going to use weapons supplied by Eugene for killing Negan? I thought that was made apparent when she eventually got the pills and was totally let down because it wasn’t a gun or a knife.

    She’s still on a suicide mission and getting a job on another show doesn’t help her longevity arc here.

    I’m still holding out hope that Eugene is playing the long game!

  • Damian

    The whole Tara sequence was hard to watch. All of her scenes this season are so poor and awkward. She sneaks in undetected and then Rick and his crew bully these women out of their guns.

    I don’t understand how Negan is so forgiving. Rick kills all his men and says he’s going to kill Negan but Negan lets him live. Carl shows up and shoots up Negans guys no problem (ditto Sasha). Rosita takes a shot at Negan who is only saved by the grace of Lucielle and she is also allowed to live. I know a lot of this is in the comics but it makes no sense in the show.

    • Craig

      Along with that, how do his men stay with him when he has basically shown he cares nothing about their lives?

  • Rania

    The “little birdie” comment is nagging at me – was Negan full of crap when he said that to Sasha, hoping that she would spill the beans if there happened to be a plan to attack the Saviors? Or is there someone we can’t trust giving him information? Who knows about this plan that could have told him? Did Gregory say more to Simon than we were shown? Or is Dwight involved somehow? So many questions about that one little comment!