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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 9 Recap | Rock in the Road

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 9 Recap: Rock in the Road

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) and Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) are back in action to recap the midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead”.  Following the Season 7, Episode 9 episode, “Rock in the Road”, Rob, Josh and Alex discuss a show that featured a more hopeful tone than most of the first half of season 7.

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  • Morty

    More Jerry will fix all that ails TWD!

  • John Howard

    I sat around waiting on Youtube all night for this 🙁 Do we just not post the video live there anymore? I may have missed something.

    • @Wharfrat1625

      They wont be doing live video after the show for the rest of this season. They’ll be recording an audio only version that will drop late Sunday and a feedback show later in the week.

      • John Howard

        Why not 🙁

  • Curtis Davis

    Rick was certainly Jon Snow tonight. Couldn’t get any of the houses to join the fight

    • J-me not Hi-me

      Good call! I guess that makes Enid Lyanna Mormont?

    • Megan

      The Kingdom is going to be the Knights of the Vale riding in at the last minute to save them all…I can feel it!

  • Matthew Murphy

    They’re killing all of the fat people. I had a bad feeling about Jerry’s longevity,

  • Cindi Wigglesworth

    There was someone in the car with father Gabe. He sat up in the front seat as he drove off. It must be boots man.

  • Latasha

    I do think that this is a great mid season premier. This episode gave me what I needed. The gang was back together, they were killing walkers in cool ways, and Richonne was on one accord.

  • TrentC

    I may be the only person who didn’t like parts of the episode. Yes the tone was lighter in most of the scenes and it was good to see the whole crew all together again. And willing to fight.

    What I didn’t like was the big set piece. Yes, suspend disbelief and just enjoy the giant moving clothesline…for some reason all I could think about was – Michonne and Rick had better be traveling at the same speed and don’t waver even a foot to the left or right. It was impressive to see.

    All of that dynamite and those rocket launcher shells seemed like a huge waste of ordinance to maybe take out a wondering herd of walkers. Not a shark jumping moment, but it certainly made me ask why.

    Kind of a subtle thing. In the background when they were walking into the Kingdom, was that an acoustic version of Life in a Northern Town? Strange choice considering they’re in 110F Georgia. Love the song though.

  • TrentC

    Apologies for Frank Clark’ing this thread…I thought the huge group of people at the end were the Seaside women?

    And was Rick smiling because he saw Father Gabriel somewhere in the midst of the group?

    • Morty

      I’m not sure they’re Seaside, if only because it didn’t seem they had a hell of a lot of firearms…quite a few edged weapons and impact weapons in there.

      As to Rick smiling, I agree with you. I think he just spotted Father Gabriel.

      • TrentC

        I was trying to see if they were all female and most looked to be. I wish we had some sort of geographical map to refer to. I’d like to know where the houseboat is in relation to the Seaside folks.

        It’s gotta be Gabriel or someone that Rick knows doesn’t it? There’s no other reason to smile in that situation.

        • Morty

          Yeah, I forgot about the fact there were a few dudes scattered within the crowd, too.

    • gigi

      definitely not those chicks — for continuity they’d have at least ONE for us as the audience to recognize… also there were guys in this bunch. Rick’s just happy because after a maelstrom of no’s he’d been getting, he’s pretty much found his army [he hopes] 😉

  • J-me not Hi-me

    With regards to “Boots man”: y’all know women can wear boots, right? 😉

  • TrentC

    I think Negan knows they have that walkie talkie and is feeding them info.

    We have to reason that after they found the dead body, wouldn’t they inventory his stuff and split it up/use it?

  • gigi

    you best believe when Gregory mentioned sorghum I giggled with glee… Also, I was foolishly looking on youtube for this new review because I love looking at your handsome faces. Glad I found this tho! I bet the boots guy/chick was off-screen with a gun to Father Gabriel the whole time he was doing stuff… he was all stressed out & sweaty

  • bass-ackwards

    Can we agree this show jumped the shark?
    Request : do westworld reviews!

  • Phillip Marshall

    Am I missing the place to see videos now that the website has been updated?