The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 8 Preview: 10 Questions about the New Season

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Get Ready for Season 8 of The Walking Dead with our Season Preview Podcast

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese attempt to predict the answer to 10 questions about Season 8 of “The Walking Dead”.

  • TrentC

    Oooh, a pre-Walking Dead podcast. Thanks so much Rob, you’re just killing it this season with content. You are the Rick Grimes of podcasting.

  • Charles Bikle

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this podcast, it’s that Sonequa Martin-Green can NOT be trusted; first she screws over Negan & then starts her shit in StarFleet.

    Seriously, what is her deal ?

    • TrentC

      Yeah man I cried when she just about got Negan.

      She should be on the USS Betrayer.

  • Angus Kart

    Please get somebody to normalize the audio, Rob’s is so low that Jessica is uncomfortably loud when it’s turned up to where Rob is at the proper level.


    The thing about the garbage people is, while they may have been forced to become garage people at one time, now that they have some choices don’t they know and want to live like “normal” people? Not that much time has passed since the zombies first appeared.