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The Walking Dead Season 8, Ep #6 Recap | The King, The Widow & Rick

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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 6 Recap of “The King, The Widow & Rick”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap Season 8, Episode 6 of “The Walking Dead”, “The King, The Widow & Rick”.

  • ohrenclez

    Christian Serratos, the actress who plays Rosita had a baby recently…guess you were spot on with your „serious injury“ theory 😄

    • Matthew Murphy

      Her character is also terrible so it makes perfect sense to have her on the show as little as possible.

  • Lynn

    Maybe part of Jadis’ pre-apocalypse backstory is that she just really liked Star Wars alot…so she made all the garbage people talk like Yoda 😜

    • Pink Pearl

      Every time I try to imitate the garbage people I just end up doing Yoda. But I thought that was just because I’m so hyped for Episode 8.

  • Bry_Lander

    1) Did Rick really need to personally visit the garbage people to arrange whatever it is that he is trying to arrange? Isn’t that a task for someone a little farther down the chain of command, someone other than the key leader engaged in an all out war for survival, where the price for losing the war is certain death (including the death of 2 kids and his sweetheart)?

    2) The Morgan crossover with FTWD makes absolutely no sense geographically or plotwise. It should have been someone that was further west when the apocalypse began, like Abraham/Rosita/Eugene, where they would realistically cross paths with survivors traveling from the west coast. Even Jadis (she strikes me as possibly having origins in the Pacific Northwest, maybe Seattle or Vancouver (that would explain the accent)) would have made for a more viable crossover character, as much as I hate the garbage people I would be interested to know her back story.

    3) I would love to see an entire episode just featuring Greg and Daryl, where it follows them through their daily hygiene rituals, so we can see exactly how Greg ends up looking like he is well-scrubbed, dapper, and ready for church while Daryl looks like he spent a brutal 12 hour day working as a garbage man in July somewhere down south.

    4) **Comic Spoiler Alert** – how could the show writers not make TV Show Greg meet the fate of Comic Greg and get his neck stretched instead of just being put in the gen pop prison area with the Saviors?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      Good call on Jadis being from the PNW. I haven’t seen that particular brand of foolishness here in Seattle, but f you told me there was an artist commune in Portland where people dressed all in Helmut Lang and did art in the nude, I would believe you.

      • Andiamo

        lol. Say what you will about the garbage people, but after some heavy disinfection, I’d wear that trash couture in a heartbeat.

        • TrentC

          Even the weird and skimpy welding attire?

          I wouldn’t sit down anywhere within a mile of that dump without wearing a hazmat suit…ewww.

          • Andiamo

            Well, that wasn’t really the outfit I was referring to, but maybe for the right occasion…

      • Morty

        You mean there’s not?

  • J-me not Hi-me

    {sigh} After a couple of good episodes in a row, we’ve reverted to everyone being stupid. In no particular order:

    1) Carl: How do you figure you’re doing Siddiq a favor by bringing him back to a community that’s in the middle of a war?
    2) Michonne and Rosita: You’re both hurt. You were benched for a reason. Stick to the plan.
    3) Michonne, Carl and Rosita: Who the eff is guarding Alexandria when you all take off?
    4) Daryl: Remember what happened last time you decided to go rogue against the Saviors? You got Glen killed. Come to think of it, Rosita and Michonne were there too, so that’s THREE of you who bloody know better.
    5) Jesus: You created this problem by going rogue (again, why is there a plan if no one is following it?) and then you’re giving the hostages food?
    6) Maggie: Why are you letting Jared live? Or Gregory? What good do you imagine comes from that?

    Ugh. I can’t with this writing.

    • BearMustaine

      Thanks for the excellent breakdown of the absolute retardation of this ep…it was one dumb move after another…gack just gack.

    • TrentC

      I wasn’t as hard on the episode as you were. I do take offense with the Rick bits, continually giving the Dumpster Divers the benefit of the doubt.

      When he first met them he gave Jadis an automatic pass, even after she tried to kill him using their zombie champion.

      It’s like he has this weird crush on her and treats them all like cute, but lovable naughty children.

      For your items 1-6, all I can say is people on TWD often go their own way and never seem to realize that as a communicative team, they could be awesome.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        It’s possible I was just extra cranky after they announced the crossover, but that’s a different rant. 🙂

        Very good point about the Garbage people. I’d be trying harder to recruit the Oceansiders to the cause. At least they have beef with Negan. And haven’t, you know, ALREADY proved they aren’t trustworthy.

        Time and again they’ve learned that going rogue is a bad plan. No one can take out an army by themselves! Well, no one but Carol. Oh shit, maybe they just all want to be as awesome as Carol! That actually makes sense to me.

  • Andiamo

    First the A on the Terminus containers, then Negan gives Darryl the A sweatshirt, now Jadis marks the A on Rick’s container. Do all the bad guys in the apocalypse get some kind of manual?

  • Matthew Murphy

    This episode could have been good but there were way too many Fear the Walking Dead esque stupid decisions. I love RPG’s as much as the next guy but I wish Rosita hooked up with a guy who knew how to use them so she could absorb his knowledge. The effect on the RPG was about as bad as the green screen last season. It makes no sense for her and Michonne who are both injured to go exploring, at least take Tobin with you as a meat shield.
    The Garbage People once again failed to pass the smell test but Rick was dumb as hell to go there at all, let alone by himself. It’s not like they’d attack Rick or any of his people after the war with Negan is won.
    Of course the Carl of it all was silly. Sadiq seems fine, but can you only free walker souls with a knife? Seems like Carl forgot he had a gun until the last minute, does he have one eye or one brain cell?
    I’ve got a bad feeling that Gimple doing FTWD will only make it worse. Season 3 was an improvement but I feel Gimple will take the terrible base and build a mountain of BS on top. Especially if they do a time jump which would be really weird especially since the show was supposed to show us the beggining of the zombie apocolypse.
    I love nostalgia, but these early show call backs are becoming too much. The helicopter felt like the same thing we’ve seen before and having Rick in a shipping container for the sake of it is silly. It’d be a good way to bring Heath back though. Have him be in one of the containers and he could have given the GP some intel allowing them to break into Alexandria. Either way I hope this episode was just a stumbling block and the rest of the season is better.

  • First, can I just say how horribly unsanitary it is to walk around let alone sit naked in a junkyard? And how is it she doesn’t cut her bare feet on anything? She’s in a junkyard!

    Ok sorry, lol, busy week or I would have commented Monday morn cause that was probably the best podcast since I can remember. I can’t believe how much I hope this show doesn’t improve right now. Everyone needs to start their week laughing so hard. So much thanks for that guys. Really great podcast as usual!