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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 9 Recap: Honor

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 9 Recap – “Honor”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” and discuss the shows various timelines and how the series handled the death of Carl Grimes.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I COMPLETELY agree that half of the characters have #killswitches and it drives me crazy. I assumed at first that Carl’s vision of a peaceful future was a coping technique since he wouldn’t be there to protect the people he loved, but then when he went further and said he shouldn’t have killed the kid at the prison I was like, “the hell you shouldn’t, no one has ever put a gun down more slowly then that bastard.”

    • TrentC

      I found the writing a little wonky during Coral’s death scene. Carl outlines how Rick had to do certain things in order to save people… primarily Carl and Judith.

      And then Rick regurgitates the progression almost word for word, saying he did it all for Carl and Judith…like he never heard any of Carl’s previous dying words lol!

      He wasn’t my favorite actor, but Carl’s death still feels clunky and surreal.

      And Holy Smokes could they put any more Tabasco Sauce in Rick’s eyes?? My eyes were watering…

      • Andiamo

        The last scene explained: Negan, out of ammo, attacks Rick with a bottle of Sriracha, and Rick spares him, as per the words of the Prophet Coral.

        What was up with the stained glass hanging in the tree? Makeshift Church of Carl on the spot that was Alexandria?

        • TrentC

          Haha ha, battle of the head chefs. Here’s some sea salt and nice lemon wedges for your eyes Rickster!

          I’m not sure on the various ideas in the visions. Gotta be symbolizing something in Carl’s world.

          Speaking of which, we should pour out a cup of chocolate pudding in honor of young Carlclops.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    The cutting back and forth between the two stories was definitely distracting and a strange story telling choice, but it was nice to have breaks in my ugly-crying over Carl.

    • Adam Bradford

      I agree. Very distracting to have Morgan’s dilemma of killing a guy know one cares about intercut with Carl dying; they should have shown them separately.


    I fast forwarded through 60% of the episode. I want the plot to move forward. I could give a sh*t about the Carl In Memoriam segments. I could give a sh*t about Rick and Michonne emoting and absorbing the death. In the meantime, nothing is happening.

  • Snuffeldjuret

    Never stop referencing Utopia :D.

  • Ray Carter

    rick with the stained glass is after all out war