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Walking Dead Season 1 Rewatch: Episode 2, “Guts”

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The Walking Dead Series Premiere Rewatch: Guts

Please Note:  We’ll be spoiling a number of Walking Dead developments which have occurred between the premiere and now.  Don’t listen if you’ve ONLY seen the premire and don’t want the series spoiled.

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) continue the six-week quest to go back to the beginning of “The Walking Dead” with a special Season 1 re-watch series of podcasts.  This week the guys are re-watching the 2nd episode of “The Walking Dead”, “Guts”


  • TrentC

    Rob – “….he was a bit of a pincushion.” Made me laugh, poor T-Dog.

  • Buck Hondo

    Just watched “The Accountant” and Sh-Sh-Sh-Shane is in it. First scene he’s in he starts shushing a guy pretty hard. I’m starting to think this is a character choice Jon Bernthal is making. “My character would probably react to this situation by loudly shushing anyone nearby.”

    Loving these Season 1 Walking Dead rewatch recaps. Not kissing kneecaps, it’s just a fact that Josh and Rob are the best in the biz!