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Walking Dead Season 1 Rewatch, Episode 4: Vatos

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The Walking Dead Season One Rewatch, Episode 4: Vatos

Please Note:  We’ll be spoiling a number of Walking Dead developments which have occurred between the premiere and now.  Don’t listen if you’ve ONLY seen the premire and don’t want the series spoiled.

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) continue the six-week quest to go back to the beginning of “The Walking Dead” with a special Season 1 re-watch series of podcasts.  This week the guys are re-watching the 4th episode of “The Walking Dead”, “Vatos”


  • TrentC

    Andrea to Amy while fishing – I think you have a bite..

    Nice pick up by Rob and brilliant line.

    I didn’t mind the side plot of Vatos because it illustrated the don’t judge a book by its cover idea. Same thing comes into play during later scenes with Woodbury, Terminus and Alexandria.

    This podcast reminded of how Andrea had to deal with her dead sister. Scenes like that made me a fan of the show.

  • Stylez

    I would be a little less worried about one of the old people wandering out an letting a walker in than I would be worried about one of them dying of natural causes and infecting everyone.

    Also was pretty funny hearing Rob try to say cauterize.

  • David Grimm

    I can’t wait for Rob to find out what happens to Morales & his family in the next episode. Josh & Rob, in next week’s podcast, could you please make up a brief fan-fiction story for what becomes of that family’s unknown fate? Assuming they even made it past a few miles…

  • Matthew Murphy

    Following the Vatos crew would’ve been a better spin off than Fear the Walking Dead. Either way I hope they meet the same fate canon or not.

    • TrentC

      My opinion only of course – If we made a list of every sub group we’ve encountered in The Walking Dead…from the Vatos Gang, to Hershel’s Farm Folk, to the Claimers…hell, even the Hospital People, they are 10 times more engaging and interesting than the Fear the Walking Dead crew.

      Fear the Walking Dead is like making a movie about a horrible serial killer and having it fall so flat, that seven year old children fall asleep as they watch.

      • Matthew Murphy

        I’d say most everyone agrees with that.