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Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Still


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12: Still. Join us LIVE to ask us your questions after the episode.  In tonight’s podcast recap, Rob and Josh discuss the following:

  • How long were Daryl Dixon and Beth in the trunk of the car for?  Did anybody have to go to the bathroom?
  • How does Daryl make a snake look so delicious?
  • Why did Beth decide that today was the day when she needed to start getting drunk?
  • Would Beth have been better off if she was in the group with Bob?
  • What was the significance of the Washington, D.C. spoon found at the country club?
  • Was there a theme in tonight’s episode about Rich vs. Poor issues?
  • How did a dead woman’s torso end up on the top of a mannequin?
  • Is Peach Schnapps really an inferior alcoholic beverage to start Beth on than moonshine?  Did Daryl really need to break the bottle?
  • Was the house that Daryl and Beth end up at actually Daryl’s old home?
  • What was the significance of Daryl revealing his backstory to Beth?
  • In reality, how bad of an idea was it for Daryl to burn the house down in the middle of the night after drinking moonshine all day long?
  • What was the significance of Beth saying that Daryl was going to be the last man standing?
  • Are we headed towards a Beth and Daryl showmance?
  • Which of the other Walking Dead characters are we likely to see again next week?
  • Did Norman Reedus inspire all of the middle finger flipping that was seen in this episode?


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Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Still

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Still

  • susan appleby

    Daryl. That’s enough for me. Love him.

  • Jorge Alvarado

    I don’t think Daryl went to jail. I think the whole point was that he was absolutely nothing, not even an ex-fugutive, Poor guy.

  • toast

    A busy night for Roberto eh?
    A bit of Walking Dead, and Oscars and Amazing Race.
    So much podcasting to be done.

  • NatalieKuchik

    Daryl is one of my favorites but I have to say 2 things bother me about him that I know should be overlooked. 1. Every season his hair gets darker. It went from light brown in season one to now it is almost black. 2. He never seems to run out of arrows. I get he pulls them from dead bodies after he shoots the zombies but he can’t grab all of them. He still has a full MATCHING set of arrows.

    I 100% agree with Josh, do not sleep on how crazy Lizzie can get! She was going to kill that baby with no remorse until Carol found them. The look on her face while she was smothering that child was one of determination. I am also pretty sure she was one feeding the zombies rats based on how she grew attached to the ones she named.

    – I think the last episode will be all them at least reuniting. I’m hoping some cross paths prior to meeting at the safe town so we can get more than 2-3 characters per episode.

    • Natalie, we’re not supposed to think about Daryl’s arrows

    • susan appleby

      I like this sense of what happens to small groups and how vulnerable they are. And just how broken everything is and how there are just no resources and no government. I did like the scene where money and jewelry are just useless because no one has anything to sell. It makes you understand the need to try to find a larger group of people to help you survive.

    • Nick

      They did show him carving new arrows from sticks in an episode in season 2, so I guess we’re meant to assume he’s doing that constantly (even when there’s no time for it..), and getting the (matching) feathers from who knows where…!

  • belinda

    Sorry to ask here, not sure where else to.

    Would Rob and co consider covering Hannibal, if it’s a show you watch (which you should, because it’s excellent and by far the creepiest yet most gorgeous show on tv)?

    • Josh Wigler

      I am obsessed with Hannibal. If Rob’s into it…

      • belinda

        Me too! That last image from last week’s episode still pops in my head and haunts me.

        Josh, you can convince him, I know you can! 😀

    • Nick

      I second that. I love the movies, and I’m loving the series just as much. There’s definitely enough to talk about in a Podcast compared to an episode like this…

      • belinda

        I am behind and have only watched the first episode of this current run of TWD so I have no idea. Structurally it’s actually a pretty neat change to have split the groups and left the prison (even if it was because of such a goofy storyline as the governor, which has really turned me off a lot from the show as a whole, because it was such a dumb storyline with a static one dimensional character), but I think because of this current structure, it exposes what the weakness of TWD has had all along – the lack of good character arcs for the maojrity of the cast. Had these characters been built better, then this structure would work, possibly really well, compare the different dynamics between new combos of characters because of how they split up, etc. But it wasn’t like we know much about for example D’Angelo and what his place was in the prison, so do I really care how he fares now in his new group dynamic? That kind of thing. The bench is nowhere deep enough to split up the storytelling in each episode, I feel like. (If I felt bored watching Rick and Carl who probably has had more time devoted to their individual character arcs than almost anyone else, that isn’t a good sign.)

        But yeah, Hannibal is pretty amazing. Honestly it far exceeds teh movies for me. It’s a show that isn’t like anything else. I mean, I was happy watching True Detective, which is a good show and all, but Hannibal sort of blew that out of the water with the premiere. (They’re pretty different shows, of course, but the subject matter is similar – and the whole antler thing of corse – which brings about the comparison in my head).

  • Paul Borges

    Are you a wrestling fan Rob? 2 references in one week

    • Ha ha, I don’t remember what I said but I used to really be into it when I was a kid and then all through the 90’s

      • Paul Borges

        There was Stone Cold reference in this one & a Rock one in the BB Canada preview with Brian Lynch. I’m the same as a kid & again in the 90’s. I’ve gotten back into again the past year or so. I think it’s on the verge of another boom. Purchased the network, love watching the old stuff & the round table shows with old timers, if you need a recap about what’s going I’ll help you out… Haha

        • Ha ha, yes Daryl is the stone cold of Walking Dead… but he ATE a rattlesnake.

  • susan appleby

    Ok. So I asked about people knowing about not having to be bitten to turn, because I thought the hanging people committed suicide not knowing they would turn. Even if they were murdered, I don’t understand why murderers would take the risk of creating more zombies.

    I don’t understand what happened in that country club at all.

    • What I read from a commenter on youtube was that they said that the country club employees revolted against the country club members. I’m not sure when this happened, but it makes sense.

      • susan appleby

        Thanks. I completely missed that plot point.

        I wonder if the staff decided to hang the leaders of the country club members and then all hell broke lose when they zombified. I don’t actually see wealthy people staying home and going to their country club at the apocalypse. Usually they would be the ones in the humvee driving out of town. Maybe they were only relatively rich and not rich enough to have a place to hide.
        Guess we will never know. They are all zombies now.

  • Carlos Vidal

    I am ok with a slow paced show if it makes its marks all throughout the show but here it seemed like the best part was the beginning with the trunk and the very end with the fire and the middle could be very forgettable.
    Maybe the writers wanted to see how a Daryl spin off show would work – answer not so good

  • Linus Wesley

    I hope that this Terminus place they’re headed towards will turn out to be where the next group of bad guys are, rather than the safe haven it’s billed as.
    Any good guys would be foolish to set up signs and maps like that, inviting anyone to come live with them without any way to check them out first. It seems very risky and would (will?) probably end with a really bad group coming along and wanting to take over.
    However if bad guys have put up these signs as a trap, to lure in survivors that they can rob, torture for information and do other evil things with, it would make more sense and be more fun.
    They really should take some more time before finding these characters a “new prison” where they’ll stay for a long time. Kill off an important character at the end of this season, get back on the road and arrive at Washington or wherever they wind up midway through next season.
    Josh, you’ve read the comics and know the storylines they can draw from before presumably getting to another safe place, what do you think about this?

    • susan appleby

      Given this show, I’m thinking you will get your wish. I think these individual episodes help set up what would drive someone to a place called sanctuary, even though they can’t and don’t trust strangers. Otherwise, it would be hard for me to believe that these characters, after Woodbury and the prison, would go near this place. They don’t have the best luck with strangers.

  • Ejay18

    i thought Daryl grabbed the money to use for starting fires.. obviously money is useless in their world now.. the whole episode itself you see the two of them grabbing seemingly random things then you see them using it for survival purposes.

  • Ejay18

    obviously i just listened to the podcast now even though i’ve watched this episode ages ago.. it’s just fascinating for me how differently i saw the episode from how Rob and Josh did. as i wrote in my other comment i had a different idea on why Daryl kept taking the money.. and i also have a different take on why the question about the prison set Daryl off. in my opinion what happened at that scene was that Beth said she’s never been in prison and expected Daryl to drink.. Daryl hated the fact that she had an assumption of what kind of person he was and that’s what set him off. i actually think he was never in prison