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Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 10 Recap | Them


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  • Brett Barsanti

    Who would you guys have as the guinea pig (water tester) of the group first, Eugene or Noah? Also do you think that Abraham hitting the water out of Eugene’s hand shows they are bros again and are you disappointed that we have not really had a followup to the Eugene/Abraham story yet? It’s weird how go with the flow Abraham has been, he’s not even questioning Eugene’s idea to still go to DC even though Eugene already lied to him. I guess he just doesn’t care much about anything anymore.

  • Dave_Bakker

    What’s going to happen with Judith? She’s frequently carried with only one arm; she’s often in the arms of someone in the middle of a battle with zombies and in this past episode, Carl lays her on the ground all alone while he helps hold up the barn door. Have the writers written themselves into a corner with Judith?

  • Kelly Berryhill

    Is Aaron leading them to the Promise Land? Before God’s chosen people left Egypt, there were plagues of frogs and locus which were shown in the show. Then the Angel of Death passed over the chosen people, who were unharmed. This is much like our people being unharmed by the tornado. Suddenly Aaron show up, the mouthpiece for Moses in the Bible. Is he taking them somewhere? Are they special?

    • Good catch, that’s a really interesting interpretation of what’s going on. Let’s see if we find more clues.

  • KB

    I think you forgot the Breaking Bad pilot……
    Jesse Pinkman:
    Nah, come on, man. Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass all a sudden at age, what, 60, he’s just gonna break bad?

  • Jim Crumley

    Never heard of a hair shirt? Josh and Rob are apparently not REM fans. Not surprising, but it does make me feel old.

    Slightly more seriously, the radio stuff from last week made me think of African civil wars. I know that a nebulous “Republic” was mentioned. Made Tyrese’s Dad was an immigrant?

  • Tim Forbes

    I really liked this episode as it dealt with a type of survival we haven’t really covered before. I also thought they developed and made characters like Sasha and Maggie a lot more interesting. Sasha has actually become one of my favourite characters on the show. Other than Carol, she is probably my favourite female character at the moment. In fact, The Walking Dead has really improved in their writing of female characters and actually making them likable in the last couple of seasons, compared to the days of Andrea and Lori anyway.

    • Petzl

      I’m not a fan of this plot arc. It makes no sense.

      So, the best plan they can come up with is: drive until gas runs out, then walk until they fall over from thirst? The only food they gather is: feral dogs that run across _them_. When they do find shelter for the night, it’s completely by accident (Daryl coming upon the barn), and then only because it happened to start raining. When they get in the barn, no security is set up.

      Also, on this trek, some of them are carrying nothing, no supplies. The rest have small bags. Just how are they surviving at all? Logistically, this expedition makes no sense.

  • heymikeymike

    Do you think we’re going to ever see Morgan?

  • homertownie

    Isn’t the show getting lazy with the killing of zombies with half-hearted knife strokes that would barely cut butter going through skulls of zombies with cool sounds, meanwhile the zombie doesn’t even try to raise their arms?