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Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 11 Feedback Show | The Distance

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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer a number of questions from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Distance”.

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  • ryan webb

    When Aaron asked Noah how he hurt his leg didn’t he lie when he said he was in car accident with his dad? I thought he hurt it with Beth going down the elevator.

  • peter

    Josh’s diatribe on those who do not believe two men kissing is ok to show has no place on your podcast. I personally have no problem with it my neice is lesbian and a newlywed, I couldn’t be happier for her, but him saying for any listener who doesn’t agree with him to leave is a cruel display of intolerace for those whose religioous beliefs lead them in a different way. Judgement is judgement live and let live they have the right to their opinion and as a society I feel we e have a responsibility to respect others especially when their beliefs are deeply rooted in faith. Those who dismiss the acceptance of gay s and judge them solely on sexuality are abhorrent also, but there is a vast mahority of people who fall in the middle. Intolerance of others beliefs, especially dismissal out of hand like josh made only hurt the cause of acceptance of gays. In an entertainment podcast like yours I.don’t feel interjecting political views, especiay intolerant ones is helpful or entertaining to any one. Love all that you do just my two cents

    • Josh Wigler

      I appreciate what you’re saying, Peter. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, absolutely. But there is a line. I saw some very vulgar, hateful and hurtful responses to the scene online — on our YouTube page, even — that completely crossed the line. I was speaking to those people, and maybe didn’t make that clear enough. I stand behind that sentiment: The people unleashing the types of comments I was seeing, the people who stand behind those comments, should steer clear of my stuff.

      Hope that clarifies things a bit.

      • peter

        Thanks for clarifying a real shame that some people spew hatred especially with social media being anonymous it is so cowardly. I try to ignore those idiots giving them attention is rewarding them . Judging people based on anything other than their actions and heart is wrong, but unfortunately with freedom of press, comes freedom for ignorant morons to expose themselves. Keep up the good work. Listened to the evolution of strategy loved it great job by you and rob.