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LIVE on Sunday, March 1, 2015, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review the Season 5 Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, “Remember.”  Rob and Josh will recap everything that happens in the episode and answer all of your Walking Dead  questions at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT.

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The Walking Dead 2015: Season 5, Episode 12 Recap, Remember LIVE podcast

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  • Charles Bikle


  • Brett Barsanti

    Who in Alexandra do you think will: make the rules, follow the rules, and break the rules?

    • daryl is no collar for sure

      • Brett Barsanti

        So far I’d say:
        White Collar:

        Blue Collar:

        No Collar:
        Glenn (killed the pregame walker and is getting in fights)

        Too early to tell for everyone else

        • toast

          I was going to throw a cliche Asian Guy occupation at Glenn and make him White Collar, but he was a Pizza delivery dude pre-zombies.

    • Charles Bikle

      Well, technically it looks like Rick & Michonne will have roles in making up the rules – I suspect that Rick is thinking about marginalizing ROTC douche or try to arrange for him and his buddy to have an “accident”, while outside the city.

  • Can’t believe no-one picked Rick’s beard in the death draft

  • So much going on, I have a long response post here. Sorry folks.

    1) Baby Judith’s Hungry/weak baby game is on POINT, her limp, slumped body in Rick’s arms was a PERFECT droopy baby poster. Great acting on baby’s part…lol! Youngest Emmy Winner yet!

    2) It’s clear that Carol was pretending to be a weak subservient woman, from the point she put down the gun acting like she had no idea what she was doing, to telling Captain Janeway, I mean Deanna, that she misses that dear man and she misses making dinners and caring for him. She going deep undercover so that she can get into the places they let female caregivers go, hearing info and seeing things most don’t because she can be seen as unimportant. Very smart. I’m loving this angle.

    3) Carl and Enid sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n…KILL THE ZOMBIE Stab! Stab!!…g, first come love…ANOTHER ZOMBE! Kill! KIll!! lol! Ah…young love in the Apocalypse.

    4) Rick is super hot, I never thought of Andrew Lincoln as that hot before but after 5 seasons I guess that’s changed. Seeing that hotness peak around the corner. Daaammmmnnnnn. I’m all about that face, bout that face, bout that face…

    5) Michonne has to know their people are too dangerous for this place, I feel like she’s lying to herself and trying to fit a tetrahedron into a round hole. It almost feels like throwing a spiked ball through tissue paper. Like Spencer, Alexandria has zero changes to win.

    6) Am I the only one trying to figure out how many bedrooms in those two houses and what the sleeping arrangements would be?

    7) I almost feels like Captain Janeway WANTS Rick and crew to take over. I hope that we get to keep Alexandria in some form. I hope there is always a Safe-Zone for our crew to be able to run back to for recuperation and rest every now and then.

    • toast

      Enid’s either Joaqim Dead, or a new character in the band. Replacement for natural attrition. Or another death on Carl’s conscious.

      • Charles Bikle

        My gut instinct is that Enid is actually a spy for another group of survivors – that’s who she was going to report to when she snuck away and it’s prolly why she doesn’t get close to anyone that her people are probably going to kill anyway.

  • Charles Bikle

    I think you’re going to see Rick’s group get split apart over the whole “We’ll just take over” thing. Michonne,ex-Father Gabriel and half of the group really seem to want to fit in with Alexandria for reelz.

  • toast

    We’ve have several Woodberrys since the death of the Governor. Places that look like safety, but end up to be insane and homicidal.

    When this plot thread started we rolled our eyes on the couch. Okay, we’re doing it again. The sanctuary will be run by cannibals or insane Parking Inspectors or something.

    But now, this place may be really a honest attempt, if a little incompetent.
    So, how does it all screw up in the next 5 episodes?
    We (my daughter and me) reckon Rick and the gang are going to eff it up for them. They are the source of insanity this time, and will somehow destroy these peoples nice safe community. Rick’s Gang are the Villians.

  • Tim Forbes

    Can we call all guns on the show now ‘sweet ass biscuits’ after Aiden?
    Also, would you like to see a Rick and Michonne buddy cop episode?

  • Nicki Roy

    Hey this episode is not coming up in my itunes feed. Does anybody know if this is a me problom or a psr problem?

  • Jim Crumley

    I like the questions alluding to the lovely grass in the Alexandria compound. I really think that with the scarcity of food (ROTC douche said they go on 50 mile grocery runs).

    Do you think they will get serious about this problem? Will we see a return of farmer Rick?