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Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 Recap | Forget


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LIVE on Sunday, March 8, 2015, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review the Season 5 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, “Forget.”  Rob and Josh will recap everything that happens in the episode and answer all of your Walking Dead  questions at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT.

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Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 Recap | Forget LIVE Podcast

Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 Recap | Forget LIVE Podcast

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  • Charles Bikle

    If Daryl can outfit the motorcycle with stock pipes or decibel-killers, I think that’d make the bike a much more attractive option. Also be a good idea to convert the engine to run on alcohol and diesel as well, if possible.

  • Brett Barsanti

    Will Daryl run into Morgan as a recruiter? Also, why do you think that Noah was so uncomfortable at the party? Did he see Rob there and feel awkward about a possible confrontation with his number one fan?

  • ryan webb

    For a show with so few couples everyone seems to love to play matchmaker.

  • I really thought for a second there we were getting a Me, Myself & Irene cow scene with Buttons

    • toast

      I was expected Daryl to think, “Dinner” and shput! put a crossbow bolt in the horse.

  • Stylez

    Not that you guys need to follow the talking dead’s nicknames, but in the face of the douche redundancy, I would go with the nickname coined by hardwick, Porch Dick

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    I just finished watching this episode. Probably the most boring episode in the entire series so far. Damn, really nothing happened.

  • Stylez
  • Derek_Sye

    A character hasn’t tried to have sex with a woman therefore he must be gay… FML Seriously, I have a huge amount of respect for both of you, but you really disappointed me here. This is why every movie/show has to cram a romantic subplot in to prove that the main character has a case of the “not gays.” Did you ever think that perhaps Daryl’s sexuality just isn’t relevant to the story they are trying to tell…. Regardless, I love RHAP! One silly moment won’t change that.

  • I feel like there is some coloration between he “A” stamp an the walker that has the “W” carved in to its head. not sure what it is but it stood out to me.

  • toast

    Nice lower key episode.
    I love that its point seemed to be that most of our characters are damaged and perhaps dangerously insane.

  • Harry Schaefer

    Thanks Carol, now I can never eat another cookie without also having a nightmare later that night about getting torn apart by walkers…

  • Petzl

    I thought Carol played that totally wrong. So, the kid caught you in armory/commissary. Instead of going full Michael Corleone on him, she should’ve played it off like she was mainly there for the “commissary”– just to make more cookies. “It will be our little secret. If you tell, i won’t be able to make more cookies.” Long term, threats like that won’t be effective on a child; for one, he’s going to cower every time he sees her. At some point, he’s going to spill, which will be a disaster for Rick & Co.

    • Charles Bikle

      Yeah the parents are definitely going to notice something, especially in light of the dad being an actual doctor(although with an implied drinking problem).

    • Carol Gillis

      Yes, I thought that as well. However, she was clearly caught with the guns. I think that she did what she could in that particular moment.

  • Linus Wesley

    I think this episode was great and that the show could be better than ever if they actually do try to settle down in Alexandria. As fun as it has been to see the group on the road, I think it’s immensely more interesting to see the rebuilding of civilization and dealing with the politics and unusual circumstances of it all.

    Isn’t it the only logical way for the show to move forward and evolve? I’ve just always thought that as a series, this is what the Walking Dead could and should be building towards, rather than rehashing the same formula of running into zombies and/or bad guys, fight them, move on and repeat.

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    Rick is just going to say ‘claimed’, and get the girl

  • Matt The Golem

    Where would you rather be – Alexandria or Arlington, Iowa ?

  • Tim Forbes

    Out of all the characters we have met at Alexandria so far, which one is your favourite?
    Personally, I really like Aaron.

    • Charles Bikle

      I like the passive-aggressive Porch-Doctor.

  • Carol Gillis

    Just loved this episode. Now catching up with your recap. Man, Daryl can just break my heart with an eye squint. Loved his outing with recruiter dude. And the horse, Buttons, that scene just killed me. Great frigging episode. But where the heck was Eugene? And Glen? They couldn’t get them in the background at the party?

    • toast

      Daryl needs to meet up with Saul’s Mike. I think they’d get along pretty well.

      • Carol Gillis

        I had better catch up on “Better Call Saul”.

  • Carol Gillis

    6:05 – Very on the money, Rob with your comment about the struggles after coming back from war. Goes to the ending with Rick on the wall sensing the walker on the outside.

  • toast

    Thanks for clearing my head on the theme of this current story.
    It’s clearly Returned Soldiers. PTSD. Returning to “normal” life.

    Probably a wise move not letting Sash sit in a tower with a sniper rifle.

  • Carol Gillis

    I was really hoping that Daryl would save Buttons and that they would become best friends.