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LIVE on Sunday, March 15, 2015, Terri Schwartz joins Josh Wigler to review the Season 5 Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, “Spend.”  Josh and his guest will recap everything that happens in the episode and answer all of your Walking Dead  questions at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT.

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  • toast

    For some reason I want the surprise co-host to be J’Tia.
    I’m not sure why.

  • Charles Bikle

    With his cowardice, treachery and general uselessness, Father Gabriel is really becoming the Doctor Smith (from Lost In Space) of TWD.

    “Never fear, Father Gabriel is here”

    We need to see Father Gabriel getting into arguments with The Robot.

    • Lii

      Next time he shows up on someone’s doorstep babbling about Satan he needs pamphlets, though. Someone get that boy some pamphlets.

  • Charles Bikle

    I’m wondering where Pete is getting all his beer, but it occurred to me that he’s probably micro-brewing his own.

    Otherwise, as soon as he runs out of booze, won’t his whole alcoholism-deal pretty much work itself out ?

  • toast

    Well, we were waiting and wondering…. how’s it going to eff up? We knew it was gonna eff up. And now it’s effed up.

    • That’s been the collective internal dialog this entire back half.

      BTW, You’re toast.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    As someone who’s already read this story arc, I’m enjoying it more on TV, and it’s all thanks to the great acting of Melissa McBride.Comic Carol isn’t even in this story, but the way she can go from total badass, to caring Carol is amazing. I see Carol and the kids relationship kind of like the relationship in DBZ between Piccolo and Gohan. Also Noah’s deathis the best/worst character death. Another who shared a similar fate that we didn’t see as much of was Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy from season 2 who got torn apart in the RV while the Greene farm was falling.

    • Lii

      If Carol lets some roided out porch dick Saiyan kill her instead of Sam I will rage quit, tho.

      • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte


  • Stylez

    Two thumbs up to Terri for a The 100 mention! Easily one of the most underrated shows on TV right now, I feel like it’d get way more hype if it wasn’t on CW, if you like sci-fi or post apocalyptica definitely check out the first 2 seasons

    • Lii

      The back half of this season destroyed me! Recommend strongly. It’s one of the only shows on television in a long time to actually have an unpredictable narrative. (Not a clusterfuck narrative, a well done one.)

  • Tim Forbes

    Is this the strongest run the show has ever had?
    Since the mid-season premiere I think every episode has been really strong.
    Also, Eugene was the MVP of the episode.

  • Tim Forbes

    Who was your MVP of the episode?
    Mine was Eugene.

    • Lii

      Oh, absolutely. I love when people try to call him out on his uselessness and he’s just like look,I already told you that, I’m not exactly trying to front about it here.

  • Last week my roomie Nix asked what about Morgan and are we ever going to see him this season. This week I’m asking: What about Daryl? He and Aaron went out searching for people. Anyone else think that maybe Daryl and Aaron find Morgan, deem him “good” and bring him back…only for the three of them to walk into Alexandria Melt Down? So to my roomies question, What about Morgan…I say…Maybe Daryl’s gonna bring him home? (Funny that I ask this here rather than just dicussing it on the couch…lol!)

  • And why is nobody worried about Tara? She’s bleeding profusely from the head…Deanna in the previews was talking to Rick in front of 4 graves (which previously stated said Roomie Nix actually explained it’s probably the 4 they lost on excursions prior to our group joining them, but still…) maybe Tara and one other die explaining 4 graves?

    Also, How awesome is that little kid to see through Carol’s threat to the person she actually is…a fierce fighter that will protect him. I thought last week she was terrifying, now I’m thinking that kid is brilliant. He did exactly the right thing to get immediate action. Action nobody has taken in all these years since the apocalypses.

    I loved Eugene’s evolution into being a fighter. He won’t fight for himself but he will for Tara.

    Gabriel needs to die. I think Gabriel is insane. I think that he was projecting his feelings about himself onto the others. I think he wants to get the others out because he’s crazy and thinks by getting them out he will excise the insanity and guilt in his soul. I feel like his entire conversation with Captain Janeway was really just about himself.

  • toast

    Rick is the Walter White of the Zombie Apocalypse.
    Let him near your stuff, and soon everyone is going to be dead.

  • Keith Dixon

    How about this for a twist? Sam isn’t asking the gun for his mom but for his DAD. What if it’s Jessie who is physically abusing her husband and son, which drove Pete to alcoholism? Very doubtful they’d go that route but just a thought for something we wouldn’t expect.

    • I just posted the same thing!

      • Keith Dixon

        Didn’t see your comment. GMTA!

  • Ok, so what if the abuser is Ric’s MILKF and not the freaky dad?