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LIVE on Sunday, March 22, 2015, Rob Cesternino and  Josh Wigler review the Season 5 Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, “Try.”  Rob and Josh will recap everything that happens in the episode and answer all of your Walking Dead  questions at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT.

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  • Screen time for Rosita! She must have made one hell of a tuna casserole for the writers.

    On a serious note though. Rick basically tells Jessie “you continually letting yourself get hit and not sticking up for yourself is exactly the attitude of why you Alexandria lot are going to die if I weren’t here to save you.” I think victims of domestic violence have every right to be a bit offended at this show directly linking victims of domestic violence to being weak. Something to discuss on the feedback show maybe, cause I don’t think it’s a good look for The Walking Dead.

    • I think Carol serves as the counterpoint to that.

      Rick definitely has an agenda in wanting to think of Jessie as “weak” and in need of rescuing.

    • Infinity8

      I think that the people he was offending were those that allow domestic violence to occur in order to selfishly keep a surgeon around in case they needed him. I think that he was saying that in Alexandria they’d rather have a wife and kids beaten than address the abuse and face a confrontation/losing a doctor.

      This is a town where they’d rather let Captain Janeway’s Son and BFF lose a few people every time they go out on a mission than confront the son and bff on their tactics and cravenness. I think that Rick sees this as an entire town of deniers. They are selfish.

      Keep in mind, the first time someone takes the chance to ask the wife if she would like the husband taken care of…she says yes within 10 minutes. That speaks volumes. That town gave her no outs, no options, they wouldn’t even try to acknowledge to her what’s happening, just let her and the kids deal with it so they could maintain their sense of normalcy.

      That’s the crime this entire town is guilty of…denying the truth of their existence at every turn.

      • toast

        Deana is trying to restore civilization. She doesn’t want killing. She doesn’t want Rick’s brutal justice. She doesn’t have a solution to this problem, but going directly to public executions ain’t it. And Michone doesnt want that either it seems.

        Rick is so caught up in his dark bleak view of life that he can’t snap out of it. He needed a whack on the head. He was enjoying that let out of murderous violence. He was grinning.

      • Rick was certainly chastising Deanna and the town over letting it go on, but I got the impression in his conversation with Jessie that Rick was not only including Jessie, but using her as an example of the failures of Alexandria. If TWD is aiming towards a Rick villain turn I can understand it, but it’s getting harder and harder to root for this guy if they still want him to be the hero.

        • Infinity8

          I think Rick looks at everyone and he sees them dying. He sees Terminus/Beth dying. I think he sees Alexandria as the last hope and he saw Pete as an example of the festering human decay that can destroy the rest.

          I think a community that allows a spouse and children to be beaten nightly, with no options or out for the family, in order to maintain their own sense of normalcy is faulty and doomed, and represents the worst in humans. Sure, he isn’t murdering them for food, they are just allowing a father to murder little bits of his kids and wife each night so the rest can feel safe.

  • I’m totally with Rob on the whole Pete story line, which is just painful. It’s the execution of how that character’s been presented that’s been so bad. He’s like the stereotypical TV drunk! I also wondered about Tara’s state given the drunk surgeon operating on her. Really wish that I started listening to these podcasts earlier!

    • Charles Bikle

      I think there should have been earlier scenes showing a different side to Pete – maybe showing him as a kind and capable doctor, maybe fixing Noah’s leg- anything to make him a little more complex as a character.

  • Infinity8

    1) I’m so shipping Carl and Enid. Which means Enid’s about to die.
    2) Anyone notice the walker count is increasing rapidly? There were about 15 walkers coming up to that fence, according to Captain Janeway their walker population is very small and at the beginning of this 2nd half almost no walkers were around. Could on of those Walker Herds be on their way on top of everything else?
    3) I got the vibe from Captain Janeway that she’s onto the cravenness of her son’s BFF in that video re-watch.
    4) Craven BFF is the one who stole Rick’s gun! PS, he’s gonna try to Lee Harvey Oswald Glenn I think. 🙁
    5) I think Michonne saved everyone when she knocked Rick out. Regardless of how accurate Rick was his delivery method needs some fine tuning.
    6) I love Aaron and Daryl’s Bromance, Oscar And Felix of the Apocalypse!

    • homertownie

      What is the over/under that Enid doesn’t last the season?

      • Infinity8

        I wish I knew stats/sports betting enough to provide a hilarious yet on-point response. Instead I’m stuck with this: I think her odds of survival this episode is high. I say that cause we know nothing about her. It’s when we get to know the characters that they like to kill them.

  • Linus Wesley

    I love that they have Austin Nichols (from One Tree Hill and John From Cincinnati) on board as the remaining son douche Spencer. So far he’s barely said anything but I hope they’ll give him more screen time and some juicy stuff to work with.

  • Linus Wesley

    A couple months ago, it was announced that Tyler James Williams (Noah) had been cast as a regular in a new Criminal Minds spin-off.

    So is there any chance that an actor who recurs on The Walking Dead and who gets another job while still on the show, is not about to be killed off?

    I feel like it’s a big spoiler but there’s not really any way of not being spoiled if you read the news. Any thoughts on this?

    • Martin Hess

      When has celebrity gossip become news? And indeed, if you go out looking for additional information, you just might get it.

    • Charles Bikle

      Yeah, a show like TWD is a little trickier than others; on other shows, a character can be written out of a show (and temporarily) in a variety of ways – gets new job, moves and gets new job, dies, etc., but on TWD, you pretty much only leave the show when your character dies – the nature of the setting strongly encourages all the characters to stay together – it’s not like Tyrese was going to break off from the group because he was offered a job running a start-up in Silicon Valley.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    This was like watching Survivor! Confessionals! Hidden Guns! Showmance! Black Widows Brigade! Rick gets blindsided! I have to agree that Maggie’s omission from the episode was bad, but otherwise it was enjoyable. Interesting that Rob dislikes Deanas husband, in the comics the roles are reversed,regardless I enjoy Deana in the role more.

  • homertownie

    This podcast was a step below the usual excellent recap. Too much “post-show re-writing” and not enough “re-cap”. So you projected what you thought was going to happen, and it didn’t, and now the first thing you want to do in a “recap” is to talk about what you wanted, not about what happened on the show.

    If you feel you are better writers than the writers, then why not wait until late in the second show to tell us your fan fiction story lines? It feels like you are not even watching the show that was on TV when the first thing you say right after the show is what you were expecting. It is like movie critics who spend their whole review talking about how they would have made the movie, but somehow nobody ever calls them to direct a movie.

    I don’t want to be so negative because the PSR Walking Dead podcast is the best one out there, in part because other podcasts do too much re-writing rather than exploring the story that we all saw.

    • Lii

      This episode was awful and disappointing, to be fair. At this point in the season, we shouldn’t be having petty nonsense on our screens like this. See? I just rewrote the show. It’s hard not to, when it builds up expectations and then gives you nothing but blue balls.

    • Thanks for the fair criticism @homertownie:disqus. I usually try to give my criticism with a grain of salt but I just don’t understand what they’re making Rick do. It seems like he is putting everybody he cares about in a great deal of risk seemingly because he is falling for Jessie.

      • homertownie

        Thanks, Rob. You and Josh have repeatedly pointed out how the writers have built up the “out there too long” problem. Maybe the finale is that Rick self-realizes that he is becoming or has become The Governor? Or maybe that is the cliff hanger? That would be interesting character arc that not many TV shows could pull off.

      • Infinity8

        Rob, I think Jessie is a symbol for all that he loves, his group. I think he sees that Alexandria allows people to die because of cowardliness, fear and lack of understanding of the real world now. I think he sees them as blinded by their suburban life. He sees kids running around with their toys and dog, he sees neighbors communing and having a good time on a porch and then Pete walks up.

        We saw Rick shaking while dealing with emotions when he told Pete to Keep Walking, same as with Abraham at the build site, Sasha in her tower and killing picture frames, Michonne unable to sleep in anything but her clothes…All of them are suffering from the effects of the war they just stepped out of, they are all still in shock IMO.

        I don’t think Rick sees this as putting everyone at risk. I think Rick sees this as showing everyone they are CONSTANTLY at risk. I think he thinks that Pete in the house is the same as Zombies in the woods. You never know when it’s gonna happen but the Zombies will kill someone if not taken care of…Same with Pete per Rick’s Cop Thinking. And I don’t really disagree with him if that is his thinking.

    • cburger

      I see it more as Rob pointing out that the show was not logically following up on the plot lines (or character motivations) it had already established, especially the previous episode’s.

      To me, this podcast was better than the usual recaps. I love it when Rob and Josh go into “Siskel & Ebert” or “Wilbon and Kornheiser” mode.

  • toast

    My fan fiction…
    Rick and the gang leave Alexandria, maybe a few people stay. Eugene for example.
    A couple of episodes into next season they return, only to find the place an empty shell. Overrun by Walkers or Humans or both.

    Rick comes across zombie Deanna, and leaves her walkin’.

    • homertownie

      I bet some of Rick’s people stay in Alexandria, assuming it still exists.

  • Charles Bikle

    Really, the ideal solution would be for them to kill Pete and make it look like a case of drunken suicide. Then, there’s no one that needs to get punished/exiled.

  • Daryl Allen

    I noticed the balloon as well, then I saw that Pete has a helium tank in his garage with a balloon filling attachment. Maybe he uses helium for medical purposes? I couldn’t find much on the internet, but it’s possible. I’m guessing that since they showed the balloon so much, and presented the tank of helium, that during next week’s episode that someone will shoot the tank maybe blow up the fence. You see the tank when Rick is talking to Jesse in the garage.

  • toast

    With Walking Dead ending, surely we are due for a return of The Strain. I miss that silliness.

  • Craig

    I won’t tie Rob to the tree for his thoughts on the episode (I agree with them for the most part), but I will tie him to the tree for not liking the 2 new Community episodes! They were awesome! Jesus wept! Wigler, since you haven’t seen the show yet, you get Clockwork Orange treatment with every season (except season 4).

    Totally agree that the death of Noah would have been a better impidus for the blowup. I must admit I have been having trouble with being mad at how the Alexandrians are running things.Rick says that they are doing things the wrong way in this new world, but domestic violence existed before the apocalypse, and who is Rick to say that they have been doing things wrong? They have managed to not only survive, but thrive in this world with running water, plentiful food stock, and a lively community. Sure they have lost some people, and there is the whole domestic violence thing, but so far things have been pretty ok. Rick’s group has probably lost more people, and many good resting places, like the prison.

    The only reason things have gotten bad in Alexandria is because Aaron brought in the group. He should really be getting a talking to by Deanna. The group would not be there if it wasn’t for him.