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Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Episode 16 Recap | Conquer


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LIVE on Sunday, March 22, 2015, Rob Cesternino and  Josh Wigler review the Season 5 Episode 16, the season finale, of The Walking Dead, “Conquer.”  Rob and Josh will recap everything that happens in the episode and answer all of your Walking Dead  questions at 10:45 pm ET / 7:45 pm PT.

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  • Stacey Lopes

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  • Tom Oosterbroek

    I liked the episode, but for a season finale, it felt pretty darn tame.

    • Tim Forbes

      How was it lame? Do you remember the previous Walking Dead finales? Most of the time a lot less happened than what happened in this one. What more did you want from a finale?

      • Charles Bikle

        Not enough Father Gabriel.

        • Martin Hess

          No. Just no. The prayer circle should have never happened. Sasha should’ve painted the room with his brains.

          • Charles Bikle

            That would have really pissed off all of us Father Gabriel fans.

          • Martin Hess

            What are you a fan of? Literally Noah has more positive and less negative traits than FG. Are there any redeeming qualities he has? Do they outweigh the negative ones?

            I understand why FG is necessary for the plot to move forward, but overall, he sucks.

          • Charles Bikle

            Us Father Gabriel fans appreciate the way he’s willing to tell it like it is and I personally, feel that FG is a more interesting character than Rick, Daryl or Carol.

            If those 3 and the rest of that group were to die, I’d be perfectly happy to see the series follow Gabriel & Nicholas instead.

      • Tom Oosterbroek

        It was tame, not lame!

        It could have been any other episode in the season. Other than Morgan meeting up with the group, and the conflict that might arise from his ‘All life is precious’ thing when just seeing Rick execute someone, there is nothing that really happened in the episode, nor anything that sticks in my mind as something I can;t wait to see in the next season.

        And even then. Morgan may be changed, but I would be really surprised whether that will cause a big rift between them.

        So yeah, not a bad episode, just nothing that gets me too excited for season 7.

        • Tim Forbes

          Oh crap. Sorry about that. I read lame.
          Still disagree with that somewhat but fair enough.

    • toast

      I admired that it didn’t do the obvious Kill everyone and Destroy the place finale.

      It set things up very nicely for next season.

  • Daryl Allen

    Is a dark room really that far fetched? They have electricity to run the lamp. Besides that you just need some basic chemicals and a small room that’s “dark”. I doubt that dark room materials were heavily looted at the onset of the apocalypse so any camera supply store would have had what they needed.

    • Linus Wesley

      Yeah for sure. It’s not like they have a shortage of empty rooms in town and like you said, the materials needed could easily have been picked up somewhere along the way.

  • Derek_Sye

    I love you Rob, but the show clearly wanted you to sympathize with Reg. I feel like you might have a negative perspective on him because he came off somewhat subservient to his powerful wife. I only suspect this because, after listening to your podcasts for years, I have gotten the impression that you might be not be extremely comfortable with the idea of strong women. I hope that I am wrong, but if not it might be something you want to try to work on Rob. Anyways, thanks for the great show as always!

    • david

      I too was sympathetic towards Reg and admired his idealism but I take umbrage with your opinion that Rob’s contrary opinion might be because Rob isn’t “comfortable with the idea of strong women.” I also have been listening to Rob for several years and think this assertion is unfounded. Rob spends the entire hour shouting Carol praises, particularly her transformation from abused housewive to calculating badass. Also, he clearly admires many confident and strong Survivor and Big Brother contestants. He’s also comfortable enough to allow some of these women to take over their exit interviews or appearances because he’s cool with being second fiddle and because he knows good radio. (He’s much like fellow Long Islander Howard Stern in that regard). I wonder what Nicole would make of this?

      • Derek_Sye

        Like I said, I hope I am wrong. It is just a feeling I have gotten after listening to literally hundreds of his shows. Not trying to say that Rob doesn’t respect women, but I think he is more comfortable with traditional gender roles. I have known many people with the same issue, it doesn’t make them bad people. It is just an issue to work on.

    • Carol Gillis

      I believe that Rob’s championing of Carol and Michonne, to name just two, disproves this theory. Maybe he just didn’t like Reg. I don’t think that Reg came off as subservient to his wife, more an equal part of the whole. He indicated to Maggie that he would talk with Deane and I believe that he had a great deal of influence. He was definitely an idealist and a kind hearted fellow. That came across as well.

      • Derek_Sye

        I hope you are right. Regardless, I am a big fan of Rob’s and I am glad that we got such a great season of Walking Dead to hear from him about.

    • Martin Hess

      Derek, did the showrunners tell us to sympathize with Reg? I don’t think they did. He was of the old world. His expertise wasn’t essential and he was the spouse of a leader. His tenderness doesn’t belong to the new world.

      You feel Rob might have a negative perspective of Reg for being subservient to his powerful wife? First off, you don’t know what is going on in Rob’s head. Second, planting a sexist narrative into Rob’s head couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      Get off your moralist high horse. There is a difference in giving respect based on merit – Michonne/Carol and giving earned criticism based on actions – Head of Alexandria. Construction guys are wusses. Scavengers (douche son, nicholas) are dying left, right and center. A clear case of spousal abuse is ignored. Nothing is working correctly there apart from Aaron’s scouting. She did keep her authority after shit went down. However, that is most likely due to the utter lack of leader material left in Alexandria.

      Rob had been critical of Rick in the past. Just because he’s a strong leader, that doesn’t let him reign unchallenged. People are having doubts. His psychosis is apparent and so is his lust for power.

      • Derek_Sye

        “First off, you don’t know what is going on in Rob’s head.”


        “Second, planting a sexist narrative into Rob’s head couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

        Yet, somehow you do know what is going on in his head? Interesting…

        • Martin Hess

          1. Correct – and yet you spout very offensive, character assaulting assertions. What does that make you?
          2. It is a figure of speech. Of course Rob could be secretly sexist up to his eyeballs, but there is evidence against it.

          • Derek_Sye

            1. It makes me a fan of Rob. I made a comment, that was specifically to Rob, for the purpose of helping him see something in his character that he might want to work on. I wouldn’t bother taking the time to write the comment if I didn’t respect Rob and want the best for him.

            You on the other hand seem to simply want a fight. There internet is full of people looking for a fight, I wish you the best of luck in finding a match.

          • Martin Hess

            You expressed an opinion to “help” Rob, most people reading it discarded it, because it was unsubstentiated. Other people refuted it. My tone was a bit aggressive admitedly, because I too am a fan of Rob and I do not want him to change for the worse.

            I do not care to argue for the sake of arguing. I replied to you, so in case Rob happens to read your comment, he doesn’t think too much of it.

            Good day sir.

  • Tim Forbes

    Great episode and probably best finale of the show. However, some of this podcast was really frustrating and Rob especially didn’t seem to understand anything even the simplest of things. He seemed to miss a lot of things like Aaron finding the note etc.. Enjoyed the podcast all season but Rob nit-picking was becoming too much and I had to listen to the podcast in portions as it was becoming painful to listen to Rob saying ‘I didn’t get..’ or ‘Can you explain to me..’ about 20 times in a row. Although, Josh calling Rob out on the dark room nit-picking was hilarious. Anyway, I am looking forward to the next season and the podcast very much.

    • toast

      His “I don’t get why Glen didn’t kill home” line kept bugging me. It was the friggin point of the whole season! The decision to stop the fighting. To choose to accept these people are frightened children and bend a bit and teach them, rather than the easy obvious solving the problem with a bit of killin’.

    • Derek_Sye

      If you don’t like nitpicking you are probably listening to the wrong podcast. There isn’t much else that is more central to “the Rob that sucks” than picking nits. (Possible exception of “sucking kneecaps”)

    • Tom Oosterbroek
  • Tim Forbes

    Out of the surviving Alexandrians, who is your favourite and most excited to see what they do next season?
    You can even power rank them if you want: Deanna, Nicholas, Spencer, Aaron, Eric, Jessie, Sam, Enid, Tobin.
    For me, Aaron is easily my favourite character they introduced this season.

    • Inigo Montoya

      I’m with you on Aaron, but I also like Enid. I can’t wait to see what the writers have install for her and Carl.

      • Derek_Sye

        I really hope they don’t spend too much time on it. I’m not sure I could think of something more disappointing than the Walking Dead turning into Dawson’s Creek.

    • Charles Bikle

      TOBIN !

  • Charles Bikle

    With Michonne’s sword having been used to kill Hershel & Reg, they should rename the show “No Katana For Old Men”


  • toast

    I’m mildly unhappy about that.

    • Josh Wigler

      It’s true, no season two Strain podcast. Antonio and I have talked about covering the premiere, but we’re out on the weekly recaps.

  • Carol Gillis

    Brilliant episode. Now just settling in to your recap. There is still good in this world.

    • Carol Gillis

      And what is going to happen with Glen and the prayer circle with the Padre? Ah, I will now listen to your take on this. AND MORGAN!!! Dude is amazing with a stick.

  • Carol Gillis

    Just at Rob’s comment about Reg – didn’t Reg tell Maggie that he was going to put a good word in for Rick? Yes, he was definitely not cut out for this “world” but I think that he was pretty rational and was against the whole “exile” thing.

  • belinda

    That last bit was the show actualfax doing a tribal council, made me think of SanJuanDelTerminus. 😀

  • Frank Ashton

    I found it interesting that Glenn has apparently never actually killed a human on the show. Did you guys realise this? It explains how he just can’t kill Nicholas both times.

  • I’m glad that Glenn didn’t kill Nicholas. It would seem really out of character. I enjoyed this finale and think it ratcheted the tension very well. I just wish we had more near the end! They set things up well for more, but it would have been nice to move the story with the Wolves and Morgan a little further.

  • NatalieKuchik

    I caught some of the season 5 marathon and I know the answer to the dark room – In the episode where Aaron is held captive in the barn he said that in town they found a camera shop, which is where they got the camera and I am assuming developed the film. The pictures he shows them in the barn were not Polaroids. They were the exact same size and quality as the ones the Wolves find. No dark room in Aaron’s house, they are developed at the camera shop.

    I’m assuming the town they are near is abandoned and not overrun because Deanna did say the area was evacuated and there’s very few living, and dead in the area.

    Cannot wait for next season! You all did a good job covering it this season 🙂

  • Martin Hess

    Putting huge metal sheets several feet into the ground and supporting it with beams doesn’t require architectural prowess. Manufacturing the walls could be tricky though.

    Father Gabriel is the worst. If I were religious, I might take offense.