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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5 “Now” Feedback Show

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer the listener feedback from The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5, “Now”.

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  • Steve Davis

    Josh, you’re going to Belize?

  • Nicole

    The volume control conversation was the BEST!! It made me giggle so much. I would say more please. ;]

  • Joe Solarte

    I think in addition to the arrival of Jeffrey dean Morgan as nagan that Tobias from FEAR THE WALKING DEAD will show as well. 3 years is enough time for him to go from SoCal to the east coast and be changed by the experience

  • TrentC

    Now that Rob is busy…

    re: Glenn

    Glenn is alive for no reason other than how they filmed the scene. Why else would they use that awkward chest-down angle towards his face? As Josh mentioned, his lower entrails were being pulled out of his sternum.

    So now only one of two outcomes will occur. Glenn gets away and reunites with Maggie, or, Glenn gets away for a brief time only to killed for real this time, on camera and up close. Cue the cacophony of tears from the fans on the fake out dual death.

  • Edwin Johnson

    Have to say I disagree about Hardwick. I think having him watch ahead or get an in depth knowledge of what is to come has no advantage. He’s the host of the after-show, but he’s just the host of the after-show. He does have knowledge of the comics to some extent though.

  • Charles Bikle

    I don’t agree with the comment that you two are too critical of the show; I like hearing different opinions, even those I don’t necessarily agree with.

    I think the “tone” of the Post Show Recap podcast is at least partially derived from Rob & Josh’s time reviewing Big Brother & Survivor, where the contestants and those shows themselves, are put under scrutiny for good & bad decisions.

  • Charles Bikle

    I have to agree with the guys, I wish the producers of TWD (The Walking Dead), would stop screwing around and give us a straight answer as to whether Glenn & Nicholas are dead or not.