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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 Recap Podcast of “ALWAYS ACCOUNTABLE” on November 15, 2015

AJ Mass (@ajmass) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) pinch hit to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6, “Always Accountable”

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The Walking Dead 2015: Season 6, Episode 5 Recap, “Always Accountable” on November 15, 2015


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  • TrentC

    Best night of TV on the way with The Walking Dead, The Leftovers and Homeland.

    Tiny question pre-TWD…what ever happened to Aaron’s partner? We saw Aaron admit to his leaving the backpack faux-pas and Daryl is busy leading the zombie herd. What happened to the spaghetti maker?

    • Tom Palmer

      I swear I saw him in the crowd last episode.

    • Edwin Johnson

      He was in the Wolf attack episode hiding out with Eugene and the doc.

      • TrentC

        Thanks, I’m starting to forget what some of these secondary characters look like

  • Emily Stobs

    I know everyone complained about last week’s episode being slow, but what was your overall opinion on this one? I personally thought this probably the slowest episode so far of season 6.

  • Matt Racine

    that was a HUGE waste of a hr. this show is making it hard to care. episodes only featuring one or two characters are the reason so many people are bailing on this show.

  • Charles Bikle

    I’ll post my comments about this week’s The Walking Dead, right after this special preview clip of INTO THE BADLANDS:

    • Matt Racine


    • hahahaha, Episode 2: Overkill lol

  • TrentC

    I enjoyed this episode. Seems like they’re giving us an all points triangulation on where every cast member is in relationship to the main event of Alexandria getting attacked. Also seems like the multiple viewpoints occur during a very short time frame, maybe one to three days total?

    Couple of things. Was that Glenn on the radio at the end?


    How badly is Daryl going to kick that guy’s ass? He stole his motorbike AND his crossbow…twice!

    (I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, will get on it first thing tomorrow. Thanks Alex and AJ)

    • Edwin Johnson

      I assumed it was Tyson, proving Daryl right that he would be sorry.

  • Edwin Johnson

    I thought Tyson, Rachel and Sugar did great in this episode.

  • MtlMike

    Just to answer a question raised during the podcast: the voice on the walkie-talkie at the end was merely identified on closed-captioning as “Man”. My money’s on Glenn though!

    • Alex Kidwell

      Thanks for this!!

  • sunny

    boring, I had tuned out so much by the end that I didn’t even pick up that the truck was the patty they were looking for thanks to the podcast for that tidbit. If the show can yada-yada over how rick got out of that rv surrounded by walkers then they could easily have skipped most of this sasha/abraham stuff.

  • Matthew Douglas Joseph Murphy

    Good show guys, great job filling in for Rob. You’ve come along way from doing the bbcan live feeds.

  • A.Claire

    Thank you guys for filling in for Rob and Josh!

    Didn’t find this episode boring at all probably because I already expected they’re going to focus on 1, 2, or 3 characters at a time because that’s what it seems to be going on these past episodes. Some Terminus character-focused episodes were more boring for me. However, I do think they are somewhat doing a bad job on focusing on these characters and placing of episodes or sequence of events I guess.

    How much can you guys bet that Daryl will be reunited again with his crossbow and motorcycle or 1 of the 2? Maybe those 2 people will reach Alexandria only to find Daryl there and beg him to let them in, that would be so ironic.

  • TrentC

    Good job on the podcast Alex and AJ, thanks (do we call you the A.P’s? Alexandrian Podcasters) Loved the Glenn resolution episode idea AJ.

    I don’t mind that they came out of the gate this season with three killer eps in a row. Even a slow episode has plot points that usually show up or become important later. Norman Reedus’ interview says as much. He indicated the balance of the season will be incredible, and the smallest things (like the carving) will figure into the narrative strongly. (He will jam that carving right into insulin-douche’s eye).

    The Patty-tanker was interesting because now they may have a method to burn the zombie moat surrounding Alexandria. I think that Wade and company are a different faction that the Wolves. They seem far too organized and have guns. You missed one of the better lines from Wade on the radio – Cam got a boo-boo.

    It’s probably obvious to say that the overriding theme of season six is – If you help people, you’ll get screwed. Have we seen any of the characters lend a hand to someone, starting from Rick at the end of last season, and not get thrown into the meat grinder in some way? Daryl found that out this episode. I just realized we’ve never seen him break his crossbow or lose it, or have it stolen (?) before now.

    On the mechanics of Glenn – On the surface it appears to be a heavy handed method to inspire viewers to keep watching a season until the end. I’m going to give these writers more credit and say that whatever resolution that happens will be satisfying. He could be long dead and this is the biggest trolling the series has done, or it could be a simple thing like a group rolling up to that alleyway of walkers and they blast some sort of horn to distract the horde.

    As you guys mentioned, they have to do some building so I didn’t mind meeting the insulin gang. Rick’s people have survived the farm, killed the prison people, the Governor’s group, the hospital group, the happy cannibals, tamed the Alexandrians and now fought the Wolves. I hope the insulin gang come from a strong group. When that guy said – I’ve killed lots of walkers, at least a couple of dozen, it must have taken Daryl quite a bit of self control not to giggle.

    thanks guys

    • no good deed goes unpunished. The fat guy vs Shane, Governor vs Army guys….its been the theme for quite a while imo

      • TrentC

        Yes agreed and hopefully Daryl doesn’t get screwed for being kind to those people. Oh, I forgot…they stole his motorbike and his crossbow, they are the walking dead now for sure..

  • Tom Palmer

    Really wish there was a bookclub for this Walking Dead like with Game of Thrones…

  • Tom Palmer

    Can we all admit that Daryl really isn’t that much of a badass? If it was Carol in this episode, she would have killed both groups, new and old, and found out where the Kneeling group was stationed.

    • Edwin Johnson

      He’s the reformed bad boy; the Dixon with a heart of gold. He wants to see the good in people. He sized them up and figured they were desperate people in a bind, but also good people. He’s like Mac from Always Sunny. He did an ocular pat down and determined their threat level was minimal by apocalypse standards.

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      I think it’s a good thing Daryl is not the same as Carol…..One badass Carol is good enough, right? >_<

    • it’s an inconsistent and implausible character development. That he would be a bad ass tough guy sorta in the normal world and when all hell breaks loose he becomes nicer and more compassionate? incongruous…. utterly unrealistic that we kill each other now in the regular world and several anti-killing Morgan and Eastman would sprout up in the zombie world…makes no sense….

      • Charles Bikle

        Very good points, but keep in mind, that the growth we’re seeing out of Daryl now can be attributed to being around more positive influences (Aaron & Carol) and fewer negative ones, like his brother Merle.

        In fact, Merle’s absence is probably a big factor.

        • Good point…I think Carol’s and Ricks and hopefully Glenn’s evolution are the truest most realistic of how jaded we would become in the ZA!

  • Tom Palmer

    Checkhov’s Rocket Launcher? Who gets blown up? Walkers, Wolves, new group, or Alexandrians on accident?

    • TrentC

      Perhaps they sprinkle some gas from the new tanker truck on the zombies outside Alexandria and then use the rocket launcher to blow it up?

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Abraham + Sasha = Sasham

  • Caelan

    You guys did a good job filling in for Rob and Josh. Very insightful. I don’t know if you realize this Alex, but you say “you know” in almost every sentence!

    • Alex Kidwell

      Something I definitely need to, you know, work on. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!!

  • Rosita is amazingly hot …way hotter than Sasha…no argument there….

  • Trev

    Not every episode can be full out zombie hordes and raiding packs of Wolves. Yes, the dragging out of the Glenn story is a bit of trolling by the higher ups but come on it’s a weekly tv show not a movie where everything has to be wrapped up in 90 minutes or less. Let the story develop and enjoy some of the side roads that it takes. It’s called character/story development.

    Has anyone mentioned to the fill-ins that the plastic wrapped bodies in the woods who ate Insulin Girl were in a greenhouse? I thought that that was fairly obvious. Oh well.

    And it’s a RPG…..not a bazooka.