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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7 “Heads Up” Feedback Show

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer the listener feedback from The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7, “Heads Up”.

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  • Matthew Murphy

    Loved the airing of grievances. It’s never too early to get in the Festivus spirit. I’m in the same camp in being kind of annoyed by Glenn’s “death.” But I’ll keep watching. Great show guys.
    Also I would love to see a Heroes Reborn season 1 recap to see what you guys thought of it.

  • Sean LaBua

    “Take that swing” …as a comic reader, I see what you did there Josh 😉

  • Tim Forbes

    I hope we can put the Glenn discussion away now. I am tired of hearing about the same thing every week.

    • TrentC

      Could not agree more. If that Glenn scene played out in consecutive real time – They were on the dumpster, Nicholas shoots himself, they both fall and Glenn scoots six inches under the dumpster while the zombies are munching on Nick. Maybe 20 seconds total? As Rob mentioned, they should have started and finished the scene within one episode, two episodes maximum.

      We have to think that Glenn is part of the A-1 elite survival team. In shape, knows what to do when the chips are down and does not panic.

      I’m reading that people are saying TWD jumped the shark, I’ll never watch again, that was a horrible thing to do to us! When really, all of the main characters have been in bad situations before.

      Case in point. We leave Rick in the motorhome, surrounded by Wolves and a huge pile of walkers between him and Alexandria. He arrives home, not a word is spoken about what happened or how he got away from certain death, yet we just accept it because it’s Rick. They didn’t show us how he found a resolution from the bad spot he was in, yet we blindly accept it, because he’s Rick.

      Glenn is a bad ass too, give him the same grace.

  • Steve Davis

    Was that George Lucas who called in at the 10 minute mark? Sounded exactly like him!

  • Steve Davis

    I give you The Two Towers. One is the church tower and the other is some kind of observation tower. It would have been cool to that tower tip over and fall on top of Spencer to simply prove that shimmying over a grappling hook wire above zombies rarely works out….

  • Alexis

    The Alexandria fence with outside supports is defiantly structurally sound but I think it also represents how naive the Alexandrians are. The fence & supports are great at keeping out Walkers but are easy to climb for now the main threat in this world… fellow survivors.