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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 12 Recap | Say Yes

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 12 Recap: Say Yes

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler and Alex Kidwell are back in action to recap the midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead”.  Following the Season 7, Episode 12 episode, “Say Yes”, Rob, Josh and Alex discuss the latest episode and reactions from twitter.

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  • James Griffin

    Always enjoy listening to your podcast coverage of the Walking Dead 🙂

  • Charles Bikle

    Nice job on the podcast guys !

    • aardvarkratnik

      Much better than the awful Talking Dead episode that followed tonight.

  • Charles Bikle

    PREDICTION: 2 weeks we get the 90 minute episode of the Garbage People meeting the people of Oceanside.

    • TrentC

      I hope they meet under the diffused light of a tidal wave.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I’m really glad Sasha gets to take the shot since Rosita can’t hit Negan from 10ft away. She’s quickly becoming the worst character on the show. Hopefully Sasha doesn’t die for Star Trek and they swerve us with just Rosita.

  • TrentC

    Enjoyed the episode, yet couldn’t help notice Rick’s hubris at the forefront again.

    How did he word it….Ahhh we got this, sure. After Michonne had expressed some doubt in killing all of the walkers at the fair.

    That’s the strange, yet logical part of TWD. We have two characters who take out at least 50 walkers using a hatchet and a sword. Rick has even what could have been a critical accident and they still come out unscathed. It’s like if our main characters last a long time, the dead are no longer a threat to them. It makes sense and I get it, but after a scene like that will I ever believe Rick is in trouble if there’s less than 50 walkers on the screen?

    Between the car wire gag and this episode, Rick and Michonne sure have tallied a huge body count. It must be true love.

  • Latasha

    I think the weird negotiations are for Jadis to see exactly what Rick wants or can deal with. I don’t think she really cares either way that’s why she ultimately gives in. It’s just a mind game.

  • gigi

    I really hope they do a Judith-centric episode or from her perspective– like keep it clever & entertaining for the normal fan, but pint-sized ha… that kid is a little g in making! See how she gave absolutely no f*s when Negan got a hold of her when he first encountered her at the house? and with Tara it was like, ‘gimme that shell thingy!’ then ‘why are you still talking?’ just gangsta! haha the training needs to start NOW


    the best special effect this episode was erasing Carl from it.

    • TrentC

      The comments near the end of the podcast were hilarious. Won’t spoil it but will have a hard time seeing Judith and Carl together now.


    what was Rick planning to do with the car?


    Rick faux death:

    This is where TV and Comics work differently.

    On TV, it’s just obvious Rick isn’t dead and given prior faux deaths, the entire scene is contrived.

    In comics, I could see how this might be interesting b/c as you move from panel to panel, the drawings and how the scene unfolds are interesting even if the outcome is obvious.

    • aardvarkratnik

      They were not going to kill Rick, it was obviously the deer.


    Didn’t Rick and Michonne feel compelled to take the food back to Alexandria so their friends could eat as soon as possible too?

    • TrentC

      That’s a good point. They have no food back at Alexandria and all Rick is trying to do is get his groove on for a few more days with Michonne.

  • aardvarkratnik

    Couple of things that really bug me…since walkers are so slow that you can leave them in the dust by basically walking at a normal pace how in the hell are they going to catch a deer? And since they are so rotten and falling apart that the Governor’s guys could pull their teeth with tweezers how is it that they are able to bite through an animal hide like great white sharks? Bored to tears with tonights episode, really getting so non Negan episodes aren’t all that interesting.

    • aardvarkratnik

      I guess Rick shot the deer, I thought he missed and fell of the ferris wheel.

  • DT73

    Well, I have to say that I do not watch this show anymore. I think I gave up just before the episode wherein they introduced the “Jesus” character. Seriously now, don’t you think this thing reached its peak at the end of season 4? Whichever one concluded with the prison being raided, key characters killed, and everyone scattered every which way. Much like the resulting plot lines have been scattered ever since. You did discuss one element of the show that actually attracted me in the first place and that is the special effects done on this show. You were critical of the digital effects as discussed. I think what they actually excel at is the BLENDING of both practical and digital effects.

  • Matthew Murphy

    My theory on how that walker Rosita killed became so waterlogged: the fake gun was actually a water gun and someone sprayed the zombie for fun until it became engourafed and eventually ate the foolish person.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I didn’t mind this episode at first, thought it was silly, but harmless. The more I think about it the worse it gets. There were so many bad things, Rick and the dumpster was bad enough but the roof, child mac and cheese not good. My theory is that Rick is like Woody Harrelson’s character in zombie land, searching for a Twinkie. Maybe Rick has been looking for that chili mac and cheese since the apocalypse started.

    • TrentC

      That happens to me sometimes as well. At first the episode seems ok, then I listen to Rob, Alex and Josh and they expose some of the silliness.

      The whole sequence with Rick on the ferris wheel seemed to be missing part of the scene every few seconds. He sees the deer, he falls down, the deer is shot, Rick ends up in the metal thingy, walkers eat the deer, Michonne drops her katana, Rick is now closer to the katana, throws it back to her.

      And yes, Chili Mac & Cheese is NOT good date food.

      • Matthew Murphy

        What bugs me is Michonne losses her boyfriend and child but Rick dying causes her to basically lose the will to live? Way to make Michonne look super weak.

  • Charles Bikle

    Apparently in Garbage People speak, the English translation of the name Jadis is “Cousin Oliver”.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I don’t think we need to worry about Rosita being captured by Negan. Didn’t Sasha basically say they can’t be taken alive?

    • Charles Bikle

      Negan’s rule seems to be that everyone gets one free attempt at killing him and Rosita has used up her Negan-Mulligan (MulliNegan ?)

  • Tusk

    I wish Rob, Josh and Co. were doing Legion 😛

  • Mike

    OK. I was sitting at work thinking about something and need some assistance. Where the HECK is Heath?!?! Did the writers actually forget about him or is something bigger in store? I understand the show and comics do differ in a good bit of ways but Heath is a major player in the comics. Any news would be awesome since we haven’t seen him in 7 episodes!