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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15 Recap: Something They Need

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) are back to answer your Walking Dead feedback about episode 15 of season 7, “Something They Need”.

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  • TrentC

    I have beach ball size ladynuts too! Negan would love me 🙂

  • TrentC

    Speaking to whether this season has been good, bad etc.

    Some moments are puzzling. Sasha and Rosita have a high powered rifle and a hidden, elevated position along with the element of surprise. Sasha is an excellent shot. This is a sniper’s wet dream.

    They wait for one whole sighting of Negan, figure it’s not a great shot and then they wait for a better opportunity? Noooo, they decide to enter a guarded compound outnumbered by what…100 to two? Negan’s plot armor is composed of our main character’s stupidity.

    I’ve enjoyed the season. At the same time scenes like that have taken me out of the moment.

    • Snazzy Bean

      It’s the kind of writing that I don’t like. When a character’s actions are driven by plot points rather than the other way around, which leads to the exact type of scene that you wrote about: why would they do that? The answer is: because the producers wanted Sasha to storm the compound.

      That being said, I don’t mind terribly. I’m ridiculously forgiving of the horror genre. I just wish I cared more about Sasha and Rosita, but neither character ever resonated with me on an emotional level.

      • TrentC

        I have the same feeling. It’s an escapist show I like and will always watch, while at the same time will critique it because of the investment.

        Yes some of the plot points feel contrived and then at times there’s a square peg/round hole feeling. I also overlooked dumpster-gate and liked season two, so what do I know?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I thought when they heard Eugene on the walkie he mentioned that people would be sweeping the outlying buildings looking for more walkers, and that Negan wasn’t to be disturbed because he’d be spending the night with his wives. Meaning, a) their position wasn’t going to remain hidden for much longer and b) they weren’t going to get another shot at Negan that evening anyway. So given that context, their decision to storm the castle was understandable, though I think temporarily retreating until the building was clear again and returning to the sniper perch was definitely the wiser idea.

    • Andiamo

      They did say that the plan changed and they decided to rescue Eugene instead. Why they didn’t run after that went south is a mystery.

      Also, since Rosita was the one with the suicide mission attitude, and Sasha was all about thinking about the future, it made no sense why Sasha was the one to go in in the end.

      So my guess is that Sasha spared Rosita, and told her how amazing and useful she is because they need the audience to believe that.

      Here’s my prediction then: Rosita lives and drops the brattiness after Sasha dies in a heroic way, probably somehow connected to Michonne being a terrible shot.

      • TrentC

        I’m going to bring logic in here for a moment. Both of those women have lived through some pretty horrible stuff and know what it takes to survive. That’s where I feel the disconnect comes when they plan to go to the compound. If they can’t do anything from a distance, how in the heck can they get Eugene out of there? I think at that point they still thought Eugene was a prisoner. Or maybe a better question is why show us the cool rifle, the great spot to shoot from, if there won’t even be an attempt?

        The Rosita/Sasha switch puzzled me too. With Rosita’s attitude she could wear a bomb in there and take out Negan.

        That’s where too much inside baseball ruins TV. Actors have lives outside of the show and I’ll leave it there. I agree with your prediction because of it.

        • Andiamo

          That one part of my prediction was a gimme. I claim no psychic powers (although I did ship Jesus and Aaron before Jesus came out and Aaron’s boyfriend showed up in the woods, so maybe a little ;))

          But the only way any of this debacle makes sense is if it sets Rosita on a different course that is somehow important to the show. And even then it better be worth it to make up for the messiness of it all.

          There’s a lot of the writing that I overlook and just enjoy for what it is, but this whole story line was just one big wtf moment.

          And Michonne has to either get herself or someone else killed given the poor gun skills reminder. Hopefully she doesn’t accidentally take out the tiger like she did with that deer earlier in the season. But that would actually be a little funny.

          • TrentC

            It reminds me of Lost, another show I enjoy. On Lost they rarely spoke to each other and always seemed to be going off on adventures alone, where one simple conversation would have saved a lot of trouble.

            This season with the various attempts on Negan’s life have been the same thing. Everyone has an individual plan, they don’t say a word and then go off and fail. You’d think by now they’ve survived as a group…because they are a group!

            Yes poor Aaron’s boyfriend gets the Survivor boot episode visibility-spike kiss of death. Bye Aaron’s boyfriend 🙁

            Thanks for the Michonne comment. Now I’m going to be dreading every scene with Shiva if Michonne is within breathing distance.

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    Aaron and Jesus will be together!

    • Adam Bradford

      Yeah, that’s a given for sure. Very peculiar how Jesus comes out and all of a sudden Aaron’s BF is back in the picture…just in time to get killed in the finale.

  • Charles Bikle

    What if Enid (“JSS”) is the mole and always has been secretly working for Negan (maybe only Simon knows this) in Alexandria, even before Rick & co got there ?

    • TrentC

      And then poor Coral has to put her down. One of my eyes is already tearing up thinking about it.

    • Adam Bradford

      I would love that. Just not sure the writers of TWD are that good to come up with it.

  • Charles Bikle

    re: Why does Negan put up with Rick & Co.

    Looking beyond the issues of plot armor, I guess if you had to rationalize Negan’s decision to give Rick & his group so much leeway (especially since they keep trying to kill him !), maybe Negan realizes that the Saviors are built up on a framework of thugs and that the whole thing would collapse into barbarism when he (Negan) dies and he see’s the teamwork, loyalty, efficiency & resourcefulness of Rick’s group and desperately wants to move the Saviors more in that direction and have more “Rick Grimes” in his organization and fewer “Rapey Daves”.

    I think (well, not really) that Negan wants the Saviors to be his legacy and outlive him and he see’s Rick & his group as the logical successors, that’s why he cuts them so much slack for all the assassination attempts and the collateral damage caused by them.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I think Negan is a smart business man, and there’s a certain percentage of loss he will endure while a new group figures its shit out. He said in the season opener that he wants people working and providing for him. There looks to be a lot of mouths to feed at the Sanctuary, after all. Once it becomes clear that a group isn’t going to fall in line, they are eliminated (see for instance the library group that was wiped out last season.)

  • Charles Bikle


    Andrew Lincoln has already been signed for an as yet-unnamed project on the SyFy channel and has a few upcoming film projects.

    Just Kidding
    April Fools.

  • Wild_Orchid

    I’m sorry but what did I just hear? Negan is essentially forcing many of these women into marriage. When you take away someone’s ability to legitimately and fully consent what do we have?
    We know of at least 2 occasions in which Negan has done this. One with Sherri’s sister(marry me or die w/o diabetes meds) the other being forcing one of the wives to marry him or have her mother die without her life saving medication. So while Negan may not be as textbook as rapey Dave, he is every bit the predator. Don’t give him a pass because he’s not committing “domestic violence” Negan is every bit the slimeball and as far as I’m concerned rapist. He may give the illusion of consent but not all of those women felt like they had much of a choice.

    • Andiamo

      I totally agree. The whole conversation came across as pretty cringeworthy and tone deaf to the reality that psychological coercion and threat of danger to the women and/or their loved ones negates the ability to freely consent every bit as much as physical force does. Negan actually is committing domestic violence by the legal definition.

      When Negan says “We don’t rape” and “We’re not monsters”, I didn’t think it showed that he can be a decent guy sometimes, it showed that he’s delusional. By making the distinction between he and rapey Davey, he allows himself to believe that he is a decent guy, and even a protector of women. It’s the same delusion that allows him to see himself as a “Savior” and his home a “Sanctuary.”

      I know Rob and Alex are both thoughtful and conscientious guys, I just think this one was a real miss.

      • TrentC

        The moment they displayed his multiple wives who were forced into his servitude, Negan gained the slimeball predator award. He can’t go back from that.

        Along with the whole – I’ll kill anyone I feel deserves it thing, there’s no question of redemption or levels of decency.

        What are people like Rapey Dave doing there in the first place? Because Negan deemed him ‘fit’ and gave Dave the ability and access.

        Negan’s morality is like Hitler saying – We use fast acting gas… because I’m not a monster.

        • Andiamo

          Haven’t a lot of his guys seemed pretty rapey? Maybe they become that way because of Negan.

          We’ve seen him constantly throwing their lack of power in their faces, he also uses the women as a prize for the men at times.

          Since they have no real power inside the group, some of them really go overboard exerting their power when they’re faced with people who they perceive as even more powerless than they are.

          It’s also possible the group just attracts a**holes.

          • TrentC

            Negan knows the tendency in group dynamics when sh_t is hitting the fan. Large percentage of people need and will follow a leader, very small percentage will step up and attempt to lead. During the apocalypse he probably offed a few contenders while gaining his solid gold reputation. I really would like to see his back story. If they can show us 90 minutes of Morgan and The Cheesemaker, they should give us a similar episode dedicated to Morgan.

            I see what he does with the women as another form of control, using them as a reward system for the guys. To answer your question in a roundabout way, I think he’s creating rapey guys. And I believe you’re right with the power observation and how people behave within that structure. These people, mostly the men, have been kneeling every time this guy walks by, while also witnessing him torturing and killing other people in the name of the ‘greater good.’

            I still contend that his whole following of people will collapse if someone takes him out. They are the less-than alphas who think they are alphas…until something happens.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rob you were spot on about the cosplayers on Walking Dead. They didn’t even seem like they knew a ton about the show.