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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5 Recap | Go Getters

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5 Recap | Go Getters

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) are back to recap Season 7, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead, “Go Getters”

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  • Katrice Howard

    Interesting, I guess Maggie will be taking over? Soon. I’m loving that Carl and Jesus are thinking alike. Negan just make sure me want to punch the TV. Lol Half of everything, like dude, if you keep taking half then there won’t be anything left to take. Smh.

    • Matt The Golem

      Yes I think “we’re only going to take half of everything” is just to give the victims a false glimmer of hope because it’s really “we’re going to take whatever we want whenever we want”.

  • TrentC

    Alex? You said there are no Xboxes for the teens…did you forget how Carl and Enid first met? At the Alexandria Teen Drop In Center bedroom, complete with video games, Kool Aid and plenty of angst!

    Agreeing with Rob on the Carl issues. Child or not, he’s smart enough and has seen enough…to understand that he shouldn’t rock the Negan boat. And way to go dude, you totaled a working, fueled car in the process of killing a whopping 1.5 zombies.

    The roller skates and lovely intimate kiss moment can only equal one thing – Enid or Carl will be getting killed soon. C’mon Walking Dead don’t let us down.

    Jesus was going on just a locating mission, correct? Then why would he dump out the booze…to make a Molotov cocktail?

    And am I a bad person for laughing at the dart scene? I do think its meaning was to let us know that Carl has some restrictions when it comes to fighting. For the love of Jesus I hope Carl doesn’t throw a knife at Negan!

    Thanks for the recap guys.

  • yukonr

    JMO Carl was learning to use his left hand training hand eye coordination, when shooting a gun you only use one eye and if he was right handed he’d need to learn to shoot with his left hand and since they have no guns darts is all he has to train with

    I thought the Saviors were going to kill Gregory since that is what they wanted when we first saw Hilltop

    the AMC youtube channel has a preview up for next week episode

  • Morty

    I wonder if Enid feels self-conscious that her new squeeze has prettier hair than she does?

    • TrentC


  • Steve Davis

    Remember that one season finale that we needed to take the entire cast to get one person to the Hilltop!? Who knew you could get there within hours via bicycle, roller skate, or by foot without a care in the world!?

  • Lance Davis

    The only thing missing from this episode was Carl & Enid stumbling upon an abandoned Roller Rink! I am with Rob on this one, that whole Carl/Enid story arc during this week’s episode was pretty preposterous, even by TWD standards.

  • Katrice Howard

    I think Sasha needed to stay because that’s what Abraham would have done. Plus, wouldn’t you stay if you saw how crazy things were getting at the Hilltop? You definitely could not have left Maggie there alone. Also, Sasha staying at Alexandria wouldn’t have helped any…. the guns were taken remember?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I think Sasha as the new Abraham was made explicit with the shot of her sharpening a knife with the cigar in her mouth (incidentally, my other favorite thing that happened in the episode.)


    FFwd’d the Carl scenes. Did I miss anything?

    Other than Jesus returning, could care less about this episode.

    Maggie seems to be doing remarkably well under the circumstances.
    Sasha had alot of momentum last season. I feel like the show lost it.

    • TrentC

      Rick told Carl he was grounded and had to stay in and look after Judith. Carl became angry, packed his nightie, snuck out the window and went to a sleepover at Enid’s.

      Enid and Carl did each others hair and made s’mores.

      Then they went roller skating at the local rink and shared a smooch.

      Carl dropped Enid off and went out for some illegal drinks with the boys because it was Bowling Night. The boys all complimented Carl on his new hi-lites and extensions.

      Some zombies died and there were other threats and stuff, but none of it was as important as the Carl scenes.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I didn’t much enjoy this episode, with the exception of the line “My name is Maggie. Maggie Rhee,” which made me fully verklempt.

  • Matt The Golem

    Setting fires in Hilltop reminded me of Ramsay setting fires in Stannis’ camp.