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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 6 Recap | Swear Recap

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 6 Recap | Swear

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) answer questions from the Post Show Recaps listeners about Season 7, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, “Swear.”

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  • Morty

    Maybe it’s because Tara isn’t one of favorite characters and I had such low expectations of this episode, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. So, I gotta disagree with you guys. I really liked it.

    I was curious what became of Heath and Tara, but far more than that, I found the idea of an entirely new community intriguing…assuming we get more of it. A couple of those characters show promise of being compelling.

    • TrentC

      I thought it moved the plot along in one way. The new community is the new gun supply.

      Question – Was Tara being taken on that walk with the two women to be executed? Seems strange that she offers to take out the walker if that was the case.

      • Agent__Zigzag

        I think Tara guessed it at some point before offering to kill wLker. Not sure if from beginning or later. Then used offer to kill Walker as a way of snowing she still believed them & getting some distance from them. A head start.

      • Morty

        I had to rewind that bit and watch again, but yeah, they shot at her first before she ran. I don’t think she was entirely aware of their plan until then.

      • Katrice Howard

        Am I the only one who thought, when Tara was talking about killing Neegans people, that this was going to be the new community’s dead husbands? That would have been an awesome twist.

  • Bry_Lander

    1. I have found that the casting of characters with actors who are overweight to be little sloppy. If the TWD world is roughly 3 years into the zombie apocalypse; food is so scarce that there would be zero tolerance for overeating in any community, and those who existed outside of a community would likely be skin and bones. And yet there are characters like the fat guy from Season 2’s “Nebraska”, Denise, Olivia, and Tara, who are consuming perhaps a few more calories than what is minimally necessary for survival. Seriously, how is Tara remaining full figured while living on smoked fish heads for several days? Do you think that the producers should be casting actors with more realistic body compositions, given the realities of the setting? (No body judging here – I enjoyed watching Tara battle gravity as she ran throughout the episode, it is more of a question of character authenticity.)

    2. Wouldn’t it have been a better strategy for Tara to feign that she was staying at Oceanside, hang around for a few weeks, gather intelligence on the community (in terms of size and number of weapons), dine on some more delicious fish stew, and then quietly slip away? It was fairly obvious that they weren’t going to just let her walk away.

    • Morty

      Denise and Olivia really bore that out about the food shortage!

    • Katrice Howard

      Sad to say I agree. I like the way Tara looks as a person, however, as a character starving in this show, she should definitely look the part. I believe she had just had a baby when she shot this episode tho. She was clearly pregnant when Tara left with Heathe last season. She was smaller when she began the show.

  • Lance Davis

    Here is how I would rank TWD Season 7 episodes so far (from best to worst)–

    1. Episode 2

    2. Episode 1

    3. Episode 3

    HUGE drop-off then:

    4. Episode 5

    5. Episode 4

    6. Episode 6


    One of best episodes of season.

    Tara is hot even if she played this a little slap sticky.

    TWD suffers because it leaves the main story line and omits characters for weeks. I liked this episode, but can we have 5 minutes at Alexandria, 5 with Carol and Morgan, 5 at Hilltop, and 5 w Darryl to bring a little more continuity to the story?

    We used to leave people for a week at a time, now we are leaving people for 3 and 4 weeks. I have too much going on to remember exactly what everyone was doing when I last saw them.

    I’m finding I enjoy the show based on how much I like the featured character.
    I really liked this one w Tara.
    I liked the Dwight episode (I still like Darryl).

    I’m tired of Rick and I hate the actor who plays Carl.
    The worst episodes where the premier and last week because those two have become nauseating.

  • jan

    Can they just stop introducing new communities? The current cast is already way too big. It’s hard to get attached to anyone when you see them only once per month.

  • Katrice Howard

    I enjoyed this episode. It’s nice to see a new community and a community of all women and children and how they are surviving without their fighters. I’m surprised Neegan didn’t try to marry one of them. I’m also surprised Tara didn’t want to stay, but then again I understand wanting to go back home to Denise.

  • Katrice Howard

    I believe there definitely was a preview of Tara hiding in that ditch in the very early preview of Season 7. Also with The screen shot of Tara coming down on someone with that gun. It IS nice to take a break from the others at Alexandria, but I believe this episode was a set-up for something coming in the future.
    However, on the flip side, I agree with the hosts that pulling from the main story can get confusing. I watch this show with my mom and when the episode started she was enjoying it. Then a commercial came on and it happened to be a promo for this seasons TWD. My mom said “wait… what show are we watching again? I don’t remember this girl.” LOL I had to remind her about the out post and how Tara left with Heathe.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Has anyone seen that show aftermath on syfy channel? Have watched first 4 episodes and while the first 2 were decent, episodes 3 and 4 were unbearable. Does it get better?

  • Adam Bradford

    I’m getting really tired of the same tropes playing out on The Walking Dead. We had the dozens of walkers that came out of nowhere when the sand pile collapsed, we had the the terrible aim of everyone shooting after Tara, we had the mistaken identity of a zombie who thought was a loved one, and the thing I hate the most, we had someone needlessly running into a horde of zombies. I mean, I know those two women were supposedly coming to the bridge, but why would Tara jump down into the zombies on the bridge when they could have lured them to their position of advantage on top the semi trailer and picked them off one by one!? These last two episodes our definitely two of the worse in the show.

  • J-me not Hi-me