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Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 9 Feedback Show | Rock in the Road

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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 9 Recap: Rock in the Road

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) are answering your feedback about the midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead”.

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  • Megan

    Rob with the deep cut historical reference for the win!

  • TrentC

    The Father Gabriel conundrum. Okay, do we all think that he went willingly with the person in the car? If so, how come the short note? Perhaps he was worried the Saviors would see it?

    Whether he was forced or went willingly, does that excuse Gabriel from taking all of the food from Alexandria? Doesn’t that action mean that everyone from Alexandria has to leave now and follow the food?

    If we assume the group at the end of the episode are not the Oceanside people, are they leftover Wolves? It seems like Gabriel is trying to unite the two groups, without explaining a word to Rick and the Alexandria folks. He can’t say – ‘Hey guys I know of a group of about 50 people who have weapons and want to to fight…they’re just a little hungry right now and need a snack.’

    Rick could be smiling because Carol is there. I really hope it’s because someone from the past shows up.

  • Shonna

    I love the goonies line, Rob you are awesome!

  • Adam Bradford

    How is Rosita, who according to TWD wiki, has been in the military, be so proficient at disarming bombs, but can’t hit Negan from 10 feet away with a pistol?

    • Adam Bradford

      lol, you talked about this write after I wrote it.

  • Lance Davis

    During the Alexandria/Kingdom rebellion meeting/forum, when Morgan is pitching the idea to capture and imprison Negan as opposed to killing him,– I don’t see that possibly going over very smoothly at all. I can’t envision Negan going ‘gently into that good night’ and being captured easily whatsoever. He is too insulated. This has the prospects of being one hellacious Battle Royale when all is said and done!