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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Feedback Show

While Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) is away, Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) summons Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) to answer questions from the Post Show Recaps listeners about Season 7, Episode 1 of The Walking Dead, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”

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  • Matthew Murphy

    Hells yeah, my favourite podcast on Post Show Recaps. Please make Alex a regular on at least the feedback show.

  • Matthew Murphy

    A loose Lucille? Well I know how Buster Bluth would go in this universe.

  • TrentC

    Relating to some of Josh’s critiques. I thought the twenty minute wait was acceptable in terms of setting the stage for what was about to happen. They gave us a huge spoiler in the season six finale, saying and showing that a main character would die. If we have to wait another few minutes while Negan tries to break Rick and in effect, keep us in the dark for little longer, I’m all for that kind of foreplay considering the gravity of what’s about to happen.

    I wholeheartedly agree that we should have seen more of Glenn before his death. I think the lack of any pre-Glenn death scenes was simply to heighten the shock value.

    Conversely they could have killed Glenn in the opening five minutes. But wasn’t that what most of the world was expecting? I’m sure the production team was aware of the past negative feedback, so this was their response. We’re going to pump fake you, then do a double pump fake, then we’re going to threaten to maim one more character after we’ve broken you, the viewer, just so it really sinks in.

    I realize TV is completely subjective and I try to respect opinions. If it didn’t feel right to you, it wasn’t right. Yet I find myself bristling at some of the criticisms towards this season opener. A common one has been – ‘This didn’t propel the story line forward in any way.’ Excuse me? In two episodes they have introduced one of the most terrifying characters on the show, demonstrated his influence and scope, not to mention his power with respect to followers. They have finally put Rick’s group in a position of real subjugation. Even when things looked bleak in Terminus, Rick stated – They’re screwing with the wrong people. When Rick’s group was battling the governor they still had a plan when faced with a force that featured a tank. Negan is different, so much more intimate, intelligent and horrifying.

    For the people not wanting to watch further episodes because they felt the violence was too upsetting. As mentioned, if it was too much for you I respect that. But I try to remember that we’ve seen Carl as a child kill his Dad’s best friend, we’ve seen Rick head shoot Carol’s daughter, Carol killed a child who was not a walker, Carol also burned two people alive who had the flu, the Beth scene, the surreal Bob-B-Q scene where a person was eating part of Bob’s leg as he sat with Bob discussing the act, the Terminus tied up and head clubbing scene, and the recent killings of Negan’s people in the bunker, for no reason other than… just in case they may commit a future crime.

    Having Glenn and Abraham speak after getting bonked on the head may have seemed like too much, but the entire reason behind the demonstration was to break Rick. A guy who would be a tough nut to crack. Maybe the writers felt that we the viewers, are a little like Rick? We’ve been through a lot and we’re likely a little jaded when it comes to violence in that world. For what it’s worth (great song..), they elicited a response and it was a strong one.

    Thanks Alex and Josh, always enjoy hearing from you.

  • BearMustaine

    I think that Negan was trama bonding Rick..Letting Carl keep his arm made Rick feel so grateful to Negan even after the guy spent an entire season break psychologically torturing and murdering them…Rick has been Stockholm syndromed.
    For sure Glenn died because Daryl’s loss of control undermined him, Negan had no choice but to make an example of someone imo.
    I just watched the show and I almost googled who died in Walking Dead, I was that sick of waiting for the Ep to tell me.

    • TrentC

      Speaking of Stockholm Syndrome, I see Daryl appearing to become one of the Saviors. Then at one point, maybe even a season later, he reverts back and goes full on Daryl against Negan and his people.

      • BearMustaine

        I don’t Negan will ever trust him.Daryl was still full of piss and vinegar when they threw him in the back of the van, everything that happened hasn’t broken him yet. I just hope he doesn’t end up as a psychopath’s play thing for this season…maybe Carol and the horse guys will save him,that would be fun.

        • TrentC

          Yeah Negan has two strong willed guys in Rick and Daryl. He can’t leave them alone for too long, no matter how many demonstrations he does to break their will.

          To me it feels like a long fuse has been lit and it’s just a matter of time before revenge is taken on Negan.

          Carol was removed from the group once again and nearly died this time. As much as I’d like to see a Terminus redux with her blowing up Negan’s crew, I don’t think they’ll do it again. Then again, now that Morgan can shoot a gun..