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The Walking Dead Season 8, Ep #2 Recap | The Damned

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Recap of “The Damned” from October 29, 2017

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese break down Season 8, Episode 2 of “The Walking Dead”, “The Damned”

  • TrentC

    I believe the dual mandate was the intended narrative of the writers. Some people on Rick’s side feel that everyone must die, some people believe mercy should be shown to Negan’s underlings.

    I’m not normally a Morgan fan, but watching the actor go back and forth between those two ideals was impressive.

    Aaron’s group and the shootout – Was that pretty much a whole episode shoot out? There was enough time for the dead to turn into walkers. Color me confused about the ammo situation. Seems they’re using so much to accomplish so little. And poor Aaron’s boyfriend Eric. That dude has a closet full of red shirts and nothing else.

    And Morales? That was such a deep pull into the past I felt like I was wearing short pants again and playing with a yo-yo.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    So much for a Morales crossover between FTWD and TWD

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I disagree. My immediate thought was “Oh, they’re bringing Morales back so we know who the hell he is when he shows up on FTWD.”

    • Matthew Murphy

      Hoping it’s Abraham.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        I think that would make the most sense, since we know he was in Texas when the Zombocalypse started, and we would actually be happy to see him again.

        • Matthew Murphy

          Hopefully. This show can’t afford to do a crossover with any of the bad characters from the regular Walking Dead.

          • J-me not Hi-me

            I gave up on FTWD halfway through the first season. Could not summon any fucks to give about the characters.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Oh I agree. Worst spin off cast I can think of. I’d rather watch the cast of Joey face the zombie apocolypse. The main family we’re supposed to care about are atrocious. Aside from Strand and Salazar of course. It gets better as the show goes on, but you’re still stuck with the abysmal Clarke family.

          • TrentC

            cast of Joey…lol! how about Different Strokes?

            Whatchoo talkin ’bout Will……AAAAHHHHH Kimberly no, stop eating Mrs Garrett’s brains!!!

            Madison rocks, c’mon now admit it. If she hooked up with Rick and had kids, they would be named Daryl.

          • J-me not Hi-me

            Has she learned how to make a facial expression?

          • TrentC

            She does the look of concern very well. And she looked beyond happy at the Christmas Sausage Party fantasy sequence.

          • TrentC

            lol! Don’t hold back and sugarcoat it.

            I stuck with it, if only to see how loopy it gets and hear the associated podcasts.

  • Megan

    This episode was not good IMO. My dad said “they either have too much shooting or too much standing around.” This time it was the former. Also, that ending montage?! What on earth was that? Very un-Walking Dead.


    20 min in. Did the last episode suggest the shooting out the glass attack was part of and ongoing coordinated attack? I thought Rick made a speech the marked the end of a phase.

    Lots of shooting. Plenty of bullets this season.

  • Fernando Castro

    Jerry killed what seemed to be a new kind of walker in the woods that appeared weirder than most. Any ideas on its origin? Potential seed for something completely non-war related later?

    • TrentC

      I recall Jerry killing the walker. What did you find weird or different about it? I missed it or didn’t pay attention closely.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Its ears were pointy. It looked a bit like Nosferatu.

    • Pink Pearl

      I noted that as well, and I wasn’t certain if Ezekiel’s comments on its weirdness were actually foreshadowing something or if it was just a passing commentary on the utter grossness of some of these walkers. I suspect the latter, though.

  • J-me not Hi-me