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Walking Dead Season 1 Rewatch, Episode 6: TS-19

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The Walking Dead Season One Rewatch, Episode 6: TS-19

Please Note:  We’ll be spoiling a number of Walking Dead developments which have occurred between the premiere and now.  Don’t listen if you’ve ONLY seen the premire and don’t want the series spoiled.

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) continue the six-week quest to go back to the beginning of “The Walking Dead” with a special Season 1 re-watch series of podcasts.  This week the guys are re-watching the 6th and final episode of season 1 of “The Walking Dead”, “TS-19”


  • TrentC

    You guys brought up a good point about each season’s finale. CDC blowing up, Hershel’s farm catching on fire, Woodbury, the prison, Terminus. Any time there’s been hope for the future it gets eradicated from the show.

    Thinking…the cause of turning into a zombie must be an airborne thing. Logistically speaking everyone in the country doesn’t eat the same food, drink the same liquids, come into contact with the same things.

    There must have been a start point or root cause of the virus. Which leads to one of two endings for the show. They either find a cure or everyone dies in the final episode. Even if they do spin-offs (I’m looking at you Fear the Walking Dead), will the long term viewers want to stay on the same merry-go-round?

    Random question – In zombie movies, some of the infected crave brains specifically. In The Walking Dead why do walkers eat the flesh of people? Does it give them energy? Healthier teeth, shinier coat? Is there an effect at all? Just wondering since half of the walkers don’t even have a digestive system anymore, so what’s the attraction to flesh?

  • Charlie02123

    This whole rewatch has been a lot of fun. Thanks for the great podcasts.

    Also, I took the survey you mentioned. Hope that helps.

  • Adam Bradford

    Enjoyed the re-watch recaps guys, but I’m going to miss the live recaps when the show comes back. TS-19 is one of my favorite episodes, but I think my favorite is still the Season 5 premiere where Carol went full badass on Terminus.

    • TrentC

      Yes my favorite episodes tend to be the bigger ‘set pieces’ that have occurred.

      One of my favorite scenes was when Bob was sitting with the Terminus leader guy, half of his leg was cut off. The guy was eating (and feeding?) some of Bob’s leg! Bob-B-Q!!

  • Charles Bikle

    Here’s an article from early 2016 that possibly reveals some details on Darrabont leaving TWD.

    • TrentC

      Tax credits and he didn’t go to the tone meetings…budget concerns dropping from 3.4 million to 3 million per episode when the show was killing in the ratings, in multiple countries.

      Not a word about artistic integrity, vision or plot direction (although I’m sure that was in there too), the issues seemed to be someone didn’t like Frank.

      Maybe he was a dick to work with? Oh well, what could of been I guess..