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The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 11 Recap: Hostiles and Calamities

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) are back to answer your Walking Dead feedback about episode 10 of season seven, “Hostiles and Calamities”.

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  • TrentC

    Question about the picture in the show notes and the idea that Eugene came up with to impress Negan. They’re going to use molten metal to secure walkers to the fence as some sort of defense tactic? Wouldn’t that make them even less threatening?

    Regarding Yar’s Revenge, Who’s the Boss and a song on the backing track. I too was getting the sense all of these come from specific time frame. The year the band was formed is a huge deep cut pull, as Rob mentioned. That aside, all of the reference points are from the early 80’s. Do you think that time is meaningful to Negan for some reason?

    • sunny

      good point! maybe neegan was one of those guys who was the cool king in high school (presumably the 80’s for him) but ended up a loser in adulthood who never left his small town. He’s finding his redemption in the apocalypse.

      Or maybe he was never the cool kid and was actually tortured in high school so he’s getting his do-over of the 80’s. This scenario might better explain the extreme assholery

      • TrentC

        I never left my home town 🙁

        I think you’re onto something. If Negan was in his late teens around 1980-1984, seeing a flashback with a young Negan getting horribly bullied would answer a lot of questions. Or the first scenario about being the cool kid and then going down from there is a possibility as well.

        Hope we get a backstory featuring Negan. It would probably be one of the most interesting episodes featuring a single cast member.

        • sunny

          No hate, neither did I 🙂 home town for life!

        • J-me not Hi-me

          Maybe he was a star baseball player. 🙂

  • Matthew Murphy

    Always pumped to have a comment make the show. On a side note I don’t think Sasha is going to die this season, I think there’s a really good chance Star Trek Discovery only gets one season and more hate than Enterprise.

  • Charlie02123

    Rob, Mary Lynn Rajskub’s last name is pronounced “rice-cub.” I’m surprised that Josh didn’t know that as a fan of 24! She’s also a funny, rambling stand up comedian, and used to be roommates with Sarah Silverman.

  • Agent__Zigzag

    Can I just say that I love the idea of Talking Talking with Chris Hardwick hosted by Rob Cesternino! I mean we have Media has on Fox News Channel & Reliable Sources on CNN that “cover the coverage” so to speak. Knew that Hardwick had Nerdier Podcast but never listened to before. Guess I should find out what I’m missing. Wished they had made Talking Bad a regular feature & not only for Season 5. And made Talking Saul a full time program. The Chicago Tylenol Murders was a deep cut! Hadn’t thought about that in like 10 years since I randomly came across it on Wikipedia & reminded me. Love RHAP, Postshow recaps & all the work Rob & assorted hosts/crew/staff do!


    Like Die Hard II

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I’m going on record again to say I don’t think Eugene has a master plan outside of JSS. But, let’s be real, his life at the Sanctuary is better then his life in Alexandria. The Sanctuary is fully stocked with food and creature comforts and has a doctor (well, had), plus Eugene is less likely to be hurt because no one is making him do guard duty. Furthermore, he’s one of the top dogs and treated like a valuable member of the team. Conversely in Alexandria he’s treated like a joke, Rosita is a full-on bitch to him, and he lives in constant danger of being killed if one of the brave characters decides to try something heroic. I don’t even think he really has much of a connection to any of the Alexandrians other than Tara. In short, I think it’s far more in character for Eugene to switch allegiance to whoever he thinks can keep him safe, which in this case is Negan.

    • TrentC


      I’m going to directly oppose your theory and say Eugene has got more loyalty than that. Abraham took care of him for months and stuck with Eugene, even after Eugene admitting his large lie. Eugene witnessed Abraham’s brutal death and I think he wants revenge.

      There was one tiny part of this episode that supports Eugene having a plan against Negan. The girls convince him to make the poison, he realizes their intent and says – I’m not giving it to you, and says the attempt is too dangerous if it doesn’t work.

      Yet he still made the poison. He didn’t have to make it or keep it at that point. If he gets caught with it, he’s in deep doo-doo.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Dude, I hope you’re right. It would be one of the rare occasions in life when being wrong would give me pleasure. 🙂

        • J-me not Hi-me

          [Posting this after “Something They Need”]. {sigh} Dammit.