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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 10 Recap: The Lost & The Plunderers

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 10 Recap – “The Lost & The Plunderers”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap the “The Lost & The Plunderers”, Season 8, Episode 10 of “The Walking Dead”

  • James Griffin

    I appreciated a more subdued Neegan in this episode. For me, I took him much more seriously, and the impact of his words seemed to ring more true. Thanks again for all your hard work, Rob and Jessica.

  • TrentC

    I enjoyed this episode, both the format and what happened within each segment.

    Found myself straying over to Negan’s side a couple of times when he was talking about his mandate to kill only one person and save the rest. When he said ‘because it works!’, a little chill ran down my spine.

    Rob was positively gleeful about the episode and I must admit I was right there with him. The Garbage scenes while sad and shocking, also felt like housekeeping in a good way. When Jadis said – We are the paint, all I could think of was the conveyor belt of gore and agreed – Yes you certainly were paint. The actress playing Jadis did some good work here, I felt sorry for her by the end.

    Jessica mentioned the Pulp Fiction parallels in storytelling and I felt the same way about the camera shots during certain scenes.

    • Bry_Lander

      Yeah,early on when Michonne was killing walkers there were some of those of quick / jerky zoom-ins on her that reminded me of Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” and the TV show “Kung Fu”

      • TrentC

        I’m happy someone else recognized the technique. The quick zooms in and out were pure old school grindhouse.

        For some reason that actually lessens the seriousness of the scene for me at times.

        Still, 1000 times better than a full episode of gunfire that ultimately leads nowhere. Give me grindhouse every time.

    • Andiamo

      I thought the Jadis actress did a good job in this episode too. She seemed adequately shocked, horrified, scared, etc. I bought it. I also liked the little backstory we got. It’s an interesting idea that post-apocalypse a group of artists decided to create a whole new way of being, kind of like a living performance art piece. It’s unfortunate that this performance was mostly annoying and bratty, but the idea is interesting.

      I think Jadis telling Rick that they were the paint (figuratively) is what gave her the idea to grind up the corpses and literally make them the paint. It seemed intentional to me. Jadis’ Blue Period is over, it’s all about the Red Period now.

      • TrentC

        I had the same feelings. It was a unique idea once we found out the Heapster’s artist backstory, which fit well with the nickname Heapsters by the way. Too bad they couldn’t pull off the front half with the strange talk and having them never commit to a side, or really doing anything meaningful throughout the story other than be annoying.

        It reminds me of the Oceanside Gals. There’s a great idea in there, yet they keep being relegated to being a resource piece on the board, rather than another group of fully fleshed out characters.

        Blue period/red period lol…I’ve missed you Rosita.

        • Andiamo

          Yeah, I know they have about 47 main characters they need to worry about, but it would still help to care about Oceanside, Garbage, or even Negan if we knew more about them.

          “group of fully fleshed out characters.” At least that finally applies to the Garbage People now. (Eww, sorry.)

          Missed you too. For real. I’ll jump into the Survivor waters soon. I was waiting for a loving, motivational push from Probst like he gave Donathan, but I don’t think it’s coming. Side note- Have you been watching Counterpart? I know you like the spy/mystery/sci fi. I’m really loving that show. If there was a podcast request box that would be my #1 suggestion.

          Oh, and keep calling me Rosita and we’re friends for life. (If you meant gorgeous badass and not side character no one cares about.)

          • TrentC

            I think the Jadis scene was great and part of what makes The Walking Dead so good. The absolute horror of what people have to do to survive in that world. I hummed Never Tear Us Apart by INXS while watching…

            I wasn’t aware of Counterpart. Reading a little it looks good, thanks for the tip. I’m currently going through Altered Carbon and enjoying that.

            Yes, get back on that Survivor horse. At first I thought the theme would be cheesy and cornball, and it is, but I’ve also found it very enjoyable. If they’re going to have twists galore, why not go all in and bring back things from the past so superfans like me can get into it.

            So, did you shed a tear over Carl? Who’s going to keep an eye on Judith now? I had to make an eye joke, apologies.

            Take care Rosey

          • J-me not Hi-me


          • TrentC

            Andi started it with this:
            “group of fully fleshed out characters.” At least that finally applies to the Garbage People now. (Eww, sorry.)

            🙂 I’m easily influenced

  • Bry_Lander

    One of the most frustrating aspects of Season 7-8 is the constant effort to make new alliances. Instead of focusing resources on actually fighting the war against the Saviors, Rick’s group wastes a ridiculous amount of time trying to pointlessly entice inept allies to join – meanwhile, their colony gets burned to the ground and key group members like Carl are getting killed. The garbage people were useless and already double-crossed them (and shot Rick) once and didn’t Rick’s group already confiscate all of the guns from Oceanside?

    • TrentC

      I had the same question about Oceanside. I recall Tara showing up, having about 60 seconds to get them to agree, then Rick and company came in blowing stuff up and killing everyone.

      I was surprised to hear Rick say last night about the Garbage People – There’s nothing left, they don’t have anything we want. He kept going back to Jadis like she was a magnet. I thought at one point during the progression there would be a romance.

      • Natrone Beans

        Well jadis has offered. Maybe to deal with his grief he was looking for a garbage people threesome with jadis and michonne.

        I think rick was turned off by the nightie.

        • TrentC

          Didn’t she shoot him as well? lol! Maybe Rick likes that type of relationship..

  • sunny

    Last week’s episode seemed to set up the big question of the season: once we get to the final showdown between Rick & Neegan, will Rick be able to take Carl’s advice and let his mercy rule? But here we are, less than 12 hrs (?) after Carl’s death and Rick couldn’t find mercy for even Jadis who, while certainly a douche, did far less than brutally bash in the skulls of two of their allies. So how can we expect Rick to show Neegan mercy or accept it as plausible when he does?

    • TrentC

      My prediction is that Rick shows mercy to Negan and another cast member dies as a result, setting up season 9 to feature Terminator Rick.

      • sunny

        i agree that’s what will happen but just would have made more sense if it was preceded by mercy for jadis

  • TrentC

    Jessica made a good observation about Simon. The guy can move one individual part of his face with each comment or reaction during a conversation. It was like watching Mr Potato Head set to Dueling Banjos at times. (this is a compliment).

  • jonsby

    I love your show and never miss it!
    Like you, I also wondered why the heck Rick keeps going back to the stupid garbage people! They are like the moldy hoagie sandwich that Homer wouldn’t stop eating, though it made him sick
    Maybe the show is showing that Rick and Neegan are really the same person, both relentlessly returning, trying to win and redeem the garbage people, but ultimately both destroying them.
    Also, what if the show is going to kill everybody except for Rick? Maggie is moving on. Michonne could be. Carl is gone. I don’t think Darryl is as beloved as he used to be. Maybe a purge is coming.