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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 14 Recap: Still Gotta Mean Something

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 14 Recap – “Still Gotta Mean Something”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap the “Still Gotta Mean Something”, Season 8, Episode 14 of “The Walking Dead”

  • Morty

    Hot Damn, Psycho Rick is back!
    Psycho Rick is the coolest Rick.

  • TrentC

    Are we seeing Chekhov’s helicopter for Morgan? Is this the method that transports him southwest to meet the Clark family?

    Sherry is an excellent prediction for the mystery passenger. Just think of how Negan can further torment Dwight using her.

    I think Henry said sorry simply because of his recent behavior when his little kill switch was on.

    I thought Jadis’ cool bachelor apartment was Ikea based as well. As Jess said where do those clean sheets come from?? The lamp?

    Loved Jessica’s Rick imitation. Rob is the master imitator, but you’re at least Carl level in the same forum.

    Jadis and Negan will become a thing. Jegan…Nadis? And will Lucille be jealous?

    Speaking of things what did Jadis hope to accomplish with that rolling walker? It couldn’t move its head in any direction so does it just sit there and drool menacingly on people?

    • Pink Pearl

      Every time I podcast with Rob, I wonder if I need to be working up impressions.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      WRT rolling walker: on Talking Dead they explained that the front of the cart thing folded down, so you could lower the walker’s mouth on to someone. Which is gnarly, but was completely unclear from the episode.

      • TrentC

        Thanks J-me. Ya they do some jarring editing on this show at times. One scene Negan is tied down on a tarp, next scene he’s holding a gun and looking at family photos holding a lit flare.

    • Andiamo

      So we got some Negan backstory like you were hoping for. Unfortunately not much more than Rob and Jessica already mentioned in the comic book section. It doesn’t offer much in the way of helping to understand Negan’s psychology, or what made him the man he is today. I would like to see more about the Savior origin story.

      I’m wondering, are we at the point in the post-apocalypse that the pre-apocalypse lives aren’t that illuminating in helping to understand people? Meaning, the ways that they’ve survived and things they’ve done since it all started have had more impact on understanding who they are now.

      For example, if we recently met Rick, the fact that he was a cop with a wife and kid wouldn’t really give any insight into why he is the throat biting psycho he is today. It’s still interesting to know who they were, but like I said it becomes less and less helpful the longer they go on.

      • TrentC

        Yes it becomes a sort of so what thing when it comes to your past. That’s the part of the show I love. What rules do people make and what new lines are created when it comes to morals and decisions? Even the season two dilemma of settling at one place like the farm or staying on the road was a big question for the characters. Me, I would have to hunker down and create a constant defensible position just so I could sleep at night.

        The kill switch conversation touches on this too I think. At times it’s best for a character to kill everything that moves. There are no points for kindness when every new encounter can kill you. Conversely, if you give up too much of your humanity, does that type of surviving mean anything more that just your next meal?

        There was a subtle part of this episode I liked. When Morgan stumbled onto Rick in the woods, Morgan said something about not being right. (in the head) He held his bo stick up for while indicating he may be a threat. At the same time Rick doesn’t lower his gun. We’re supposed to fear Morgan because he’s becoming unhinged, yet Rick has that pistol pointed at Morgan for a pretty long beat. The moment (for me) is under all of the bonding those two may have done, Rick is still unsure and not willing to take a chance, even on an old friend.

        • Andiamo

          Your Morgan/Rick thoughts are interesting. I was seeing some similarities between them in this episode. They were both on the same page in killing all the Savior POWs. They will both do whatever it takes to stay alive. They’ve also both heard voices (Rick’s phone calls at the prison.)

          I think the main difference may be that Morgan is conflicted about what he’s doing, so it’s literally driving him crazy, whereas Rick is the poster child for cognitive dissonance, so he’s been able to keep one mind for the most part. At least he appears saner, so we hold him more accountable for his choices than we do Morgan.

          It’s possible that Carl’s letter will finally make him take a breath and have a some self reflection, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing for Rick, at least initially.

          • TrentC

            I read a book of short stories written by people who fought in Vietnam. One entry was from a fighter who traveled to various skirmish points in the jungle by helicopter. He did over 30 missions in 12 months. Rather than give details about every mission, he talked about being in a constant high state of alert and alluded to some pretty severe PTSD symptoms before that became a common term. He said he couldn’t ‘turn it off’ no matter where he lived post war.

            Trying not to insult the military with this comparison, I suspect characters like Rick and Morgan have a similar mindset. They’ve lasted over two years (?), living in a state of never ending threats to their lives, from walkers and other people.

            I imagine when Rick reflects during a quiet moment, he remembers the times where he either relaxed his paranoia or showed mercy, and in most cases someone died as a result.

            I used to think Morgan’s clearing outbursts were a little cheesy, but then I imagine myself in that world. I’d have to clear entire areas before I could even consider sleeping for the night. The overwhelming idea that 90% of the population may be wondering around looking to bite you really screws with your state of zen.

            They’re making a big thing of Rick reading Carl’s letter so I assume the same thing you mentioned. It will probably change Rick’s path going forward for better or worse.

    • Lance Davis

      SPOILER ALERT: I believe this FTWD “Morgan” Teaser confirms that he makes his trek from Virginia to Texas simply by running on foot. Morgan is going to be kind of like a post-apocalyptic Forrest Gump, jogging cross-country via abandoned country roads.

      • TrentC

        Holy Forrest Gump, he’s going to clear his way to Texas by running?

  • Andiamo

    This was a pretty solid episode! They bounced between a few stories which were all pretty well done, and they had some good mysterious moments too (Negan’s passenger, the helicopter, Jadis’ apartment.) Just a few stupid things, like Negan managing to get his hands loose, or Jadis letting him go, but overall I don’t have much to complain about.

    IIRC, Jadis said that that area had garbage strewn around where she would find things to paint on, but it wasn’t in heaps. Maybe I just assumed that this was something before, since we know there is a helipad and solar panels, but my vote is that they built the heaps to cover whatever was already there. Maybe a military bunker of some kind?

    Jadis kept looking at her watch, so I don’t think Negan’s flare signaled the helicopter. I think there must be a predetermined time that the helicopter comes by, maybe dropping supplies(?), and if she wants them to stop, or if she’s in trouble, she shoots up a flare. My guess is that it’s connected to Georgie’s group, since they didn’t seem that worried about where their next supplies were coming from.

    I thought Negan’s passenger was probably the female Savior who knew that Dwight turned on them, but I like the possibility of it being Sherry much better. That gives Dwight a bigger dilemma, since he said he stayed with Negan to keep her safe.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I think it was the blonde female Savoir. Or I guess she could have met up with Heath and they’re off having “people who inexplicably disappeared” adventures.

      • Andiamo

        I agree I think it’s more likely that it’s the Savior. I feel like Negan would’ve had a bigger reaction to seeing Sherry. I just think Sherry would be more interesting to see back.

        “Adventures of people who inexplicably disappeared” would be a good replacement for “The Red Machete” when that exciting story is over.

  • XmanIce

    I don’t think Jadis intended to kill Negan. I thought she just wanted to keep him scared and occupied until she left on the helicopter. He made a good point that she must not have wanted him dead since she left him with access to a bunch of stuff like the gun, flares, ect.. But then the story is stupid it’s hard to tell. It’s like the writers aren’t even trying to use logic. Also, I wish they would make Michone a badass again. She’s been useless this season so far.

    • TrentC

      This is a little jaded. Without hearing any spoilers I predict we’re going to see Rick exercise mercy at one point, and the result of that will be the death of another big character like Michonne or Maggie. Depending on contracts, TV and movie deals outside of the show.

      • XmanIce

        After losing Carl I don’t know how Rick could recover if he lost Michone. Even though relationship is the worse pairing in TV history. They have zero romantic chemistry and I cringe whenever they kiss.

        • TrentC

          The thing that makes me suspect a big character will go is we still haven’t seen bleary eyed Rick in real time. I may be confused, but I don’t think he’s fulfilled that part of the vision yet, even while he was burying Coral.

          Maybe he’s having a big sad because Morgan left?

  • Brandon Alexander

    Rob and Josh, since this episode and season overall has been such a nod to the history of the TWD series, how about an off season podcast of the top 20 TWD episodes ever?! I think it would be fun for you guys too as you could reminisce on some of the older times you guys seem to prefer as opposed to the Negan era which you guys have been somewhat down on.

    • Andiamo

      Jared douche was the best douche. Better than cabin douche, porch dick, and all the others who came before. I’ll miss wanting to punch you Jared douche.

      P.S. Cabin Douche the commenter gets major props for his “In Memoriam” Wand-off entry. He may be the best douche of them all.

      • TrentC

        Jared was the long haired, bearded guy that Morgan recently held onto until walkers ate him?

        If so, he’s minimal douche in my opinion. We may have to have a douche-off or do power rankings.

        • Andiamo

          Yes, that’s him. It may be a little recency bias, but I’m sticking with him being the douchiest. Remember the way he acted during the cantaloupe transactions with The Kingdom? Even Gavin yelled at him and made him walk home. He was a punk, a fun punk, but still a punk.

          • TrentC

            Yeah I guess he’s had a history of smiling like a creep in bad situations, and I hate those douches the most.

            Okay you’ve reminded/convinced me. He’s a front runner in that category.

  • Matthew Murphy

    After the tweet from Jess last week I can’t unsee the Toy Story connection with the Red Machete, especially when I know it ends up in the hands of one Andy Lincoln.

    On another note, I’d like it a lot if Jess and Josh did a Walking Dead Comicbook podcast detailing just how much the show shot itself in the foot by killing Carl. I know Jess isn’t isn’t fond of The Whisperers but I think it would be interesting. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past the show to make Jadis into a Whisperer. She already loves art, what’s a little cosplay on top of that.