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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15 Recap: Worth

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 15 Recap – “Worth”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “Worth”, Season 8, Episode 15 of “The Walking Dead”

  • Morty

    I knew who the girl was instantly. How do you forget a woman with a large bar code tattooed on her neck? Sheesh!

  • Bry_Lander

    1) Wow – Dwight betrays Simon, gets tricked into sending a fake map to Rick, and then getting outed by Laura. Tough day.

    2) Eugene was already beyond redemption, but now is even further beyond redemption. You don’t come back from target vomiting on Rosita. I don’t see how he evaded Rosita with his hands bound, she was only stunned for a moment, she should have been able to put a round squarely in the back of his head from about 25 feet.

    3) How is it that Aaron can survive years into the zombie apocalypse without possessing the common sense to bring a canteen of water when he goes on an excursion?

    4) RIP Simon, my favorite bad guy since Merle died.

    5) The most disturbing part of the episode is that Negan crushes his walkie-talkie at the end. Uh, there aren’t currently any walkie-talkie factories operating, dummy, you may want to be careful with the ones you have.

    6) Carl’s notes were sort of emotionless and bland. For a kid on his deathbed, you would think that there would be something more than just flat, listless appeals to stop fighting.

    • Matthew Murphy

      If only Rosita hooked up with a guy who knew how to dodge vomit.

      • TrentC


        Oldest move in the book and she fell for it.

      • Bry_Lander

        At this point I’m thinking that they aren’t going to follow the comic and bring us a Rosita – Eugene relationship on the show, lol.

        • Matthew Murphy

          Yeah there’s definitely a contrast between the two. I’m just looking forward to see Rosita get ahead in season 9 episode 8.


    I’m out on any episode that starts w a letter from Carl.

    Carl was the worst part of this show.

    He’s dead. That was a great writing choice. Now let’s move on.

    • Bry_Lander

      As a fan of the comic, I completely disagree. Carl was integral to the conclusion of the Negan story and the upcoming (I assume) Whisperers story. Now the show is veering off into some unknown storyline that the show writers (instead of the comic writers) will devise, which has thus far largely been a disaster (for example: Jadis and the garbage people)


        In the comic Carl is a well written competent character.

        • Bry_Lander

          Most of the characters on the show ended up being badly written in order to adjust to the strengths / weakness of actors or according to the whims of the TV writers. Andrea was a critical character with a lot of depth and big part of the comics for a long time, while TV Andrea was a one-dimensional nothing of a character who died comparatively quickly. TV Negan is a complete buffoon, and nothing like the huge, menacing brute in the comic. Too many liberties are taken on the show that separate it from the comic.

    • TrentC

      Even his voice over reading the letter was lackluster and uninspiring. And I liked the content of his letter to Rick.


    I thought they dropped the bullet manufacturing story line since they have been using bullets with no discretion this season.

    Terrible writing.

  • TrentC

    Agreeing with the Eugene observations. At one time he was a favorite, now I’m lost in translation.

    Jessica said this episode showed an evolution of Eugene. He formerly seemed to sit on the fence between factions and now it appears he’s All-Savior. Even his hair and make up changed to a darker, more attractive bad-boy Eugene.

    Can he ever come back from the evolution and help Rick’s side win the war? Something inside is telling me he can and he will.

  • TrentC

    The Negan/Simon squaring off by fistfight was primal and brutal. So then why did they choose to go off camera right before the moment of Simon’s death?

    In my humble opinion, leaving Dwight alive and killing Simon was a poor choice. They should of reversed the outcomes based on the actors and character portrayals.

    *In Memorium music* Bye Simon

    • Andiamo

      I also thought just hearing the sound of the throat crunch was a weird choice for them, but I’m okay with it because I still can’t erase the memory of Glenn’s protruding eyeball.

      Simon was a great character and Steven Ogg was amazing in the role, but I’m really liking Dwight these days. I think he’s one of the more well drawn characters on the show right now. I’m rooting for Dwight to make it out alive.

      I do feel like we’ll get a pretty big death next episode. Who do you think is most likely to die?

      • TrentC

        I find the actor playing Dwight a little mopey and bland. I do agree Dwight playing double agent is a tense storyline.

        Unfortunately I’m jaded and think the actors leaving the series are either under contract to do something else, or are part of a larger ‘clearing’ effort each year by the writers to prep for the upcoming season.

        To answer I think Michonne or Maggie may go, more likely Michonne. Secondary characters like Aaron and Enid could get erased in a heartbeat too.

        As Jessica and Rob were discussing, I’m not sure that Negan has to die or get beaten by the end of this season. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still too much of a draw as a character. I don’t read the comics but am aware of the Rick/Negan resolution there and I’m not sure I like it.

        Unrelated pro-tip – Jeffrey Dean Morgan starred in Magic City a couple of years back. Show about a large Miami beach hotel in the 50’s and he was the patriarchal figure for two young sons. Jarring to see Morgan about 60 pounds heavier and he gives a really restrained performance. The series only lasted 16 episodes, tons of style and some substance. Bad guy played by Danny Huston was great and the actor reminds me of Survivor Randy Baily!

        Who do you think may leave the Walking Dead?

        • Andiamo

          Hmmm…Trying to avoid real life outside info and just think of the different scenarios on the board that make sense for the story (I know they don’t always operate that way.)

          1) Rick’s crying “My mercy….” moment leads me to think his mercy got someone killed. Who does he care about? Michonne, Judith, Darryl, Carol. I’d vote Michonne too. Which would be big. Possibly Judith?

          2) Morgan leaving could have something to do with him accidentally killing someone he cares about in a fit of crazy and basically banishing himself. Henry? Jerry? Ezekiel? It just better not be Carol.

          3) Dwight’s situation makes me think Tara may die while defending him/his information.

          4) Eugene’s loyalty storyline. Gabriel seems ready to go. Maybe he tries to sabotage again and Negan kills him, making Eugene rethink his newfound loyalty? (To answer your question below about Eugene.)

          I vaguely remember hearing about that series. Something tells me JDM looks better with a few more pounds. He looks so frail it was a little hard to believe he could stomp Simon like that.

          • TrentC

            Yes I didn’t want to thin-shame JDM. He doesn’t look healthy dropping all of that weight. And frail is right when we seem him get physical with someone.

            I’ve been thinking the flash forward bleary-eyed Rick points to the same thing. He’s going to give mercy and as a result someone else dies. Who is worth those terrible red eyes after Carl?

            I’ve thought about Judith leaving too. It helps clear the board so to speak for Rick to move on without encumbrances, and would be worthy of some tears. Also it would help open the door for Maggie’s Maybe-Baby and that other little spud they picked up from Savior-land.

            I don’t think Carol or Daryl have anything to worry about, especially with Morgan leaving for sure.

  • Agent__Zigzag

    Spencer Monroe, son of Deanna Monroe, former Congresswoman & 1st leader of Alexandria. Barcode neck tattoo woman who snitched on Dwight & was picked up by Meehan, wanted to sleep with/”date” Spencer an episode or 2 before he was gutted by Meehan. I remember her. But I remember things randomly or with intention. Not photographic, edetic, etc. style memory. Just pretty good. I 2nd or 3rd the request for a Walking Dead Comic podcast with Wiggler & the wonderful, underappreciated Jessica Liese!

    • Andiamo

      I think your attempt to type “Negan” autocorrected to “Meehan”, which made me laugh thinking about Dawn Meehan in TWD world. Probably not unlike Carol, Dawn would be baking bread and taking names.

      • TrentC

        lol! Dawn Meehan of the Dead.

        Meehan, vicious leader of the Saviors and president of the Parent’s Association and Weekly Book Club.

        • Andiamo

          I want to see that movie poster!

          • TrentC

            They need to put Dawn in the Rick role (not THAT Rick roll) and portray Brenda as the bad girl or some sort of leader of the walkers. Never appreciated that moment between them and what she did.

            Bleary eyed Dawn could become a weekly thing.

          • Andiamo

            Brenda could be like early Michonne. Leading around a bunch of walkers who’ve had their bottom teeth forcibly removed. Brenda was terrifying in that moment.

      • Agent__Zigzag

        Thanks for the compliment! Damn spell check. If I catch it in time I try & re edit post. Sorta a stickler for things like that.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Is vomit covered Rosita the most relevant she’s ever been? Can’t wait until they release the action figure.

    • Bry_Lander

      It would have been amazing if Eugene, while making his way back to the bullet factory after he escaped, somehow happened across Aaron while he was passed out and vomited the rest of the sardine mac & cheese on him. The writers are missing golden opportunities here 🙂

  • Matthew Murphy

    A lot of people seem to be down on Eugene but I thought this was peak Euge this week. I laughed for a full minute when he puked on Rosita. The burying himself and his look afterwards was great, reminded me of Wiley Coyote after some TNT blows up in his face. Easily one of the best episodes of the season. Glad the Oceanside nonsense only lasted 6 monutes