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The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead Feedback Show: Crossover Sunday

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The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead Feedback Show – Crossover Sunday

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler answer your feedback from Season 8, Episode 16 of “The Walking Dead” and the Season 4 premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead”.

  • TrentC

    Congrats to J.D. Wigs for getting to be part of The Talking Dead show.

    Hearing that JDM has a huge beard and they’re filming now tells us we’re probably going to get a time jump next season. Is letting the poison spider live with you for a couple of years really a good idea?

    Couldn’t agree more when you guys were talking about how the TWD finale was edited. Too much time dedicated to events that played no role in the story, too little time fleshing out some pertinent scenes.

    A couple of weeks ago we met Georgie and I’m trying to figure out why. So when she reappears at whatever future moment we can say – Hey, there’s the music lady again? It served no purpose and could have been included on a future show easily. Same thing for the Eugene kidnapping. Lots of energy expended just so he could end up back in the place he started.

    TWD has such a great original idea and good actors, it’s a real shame that eight seasons in they can’t get some good scripting ideas and editing. The premiere for FTWD was instantly better because it looked like they did the retooling necessary to interest viewers. I was dropping off as a fan until the premiere.

  • Emmy Snow

    I don’t think Rick was shot, Negan hit him with Lucille when he came around the tree.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Would’ve been great if they killed off the Clark family in the premiere. They’re an anchor on the show.

    • XmanIce

      I was really hoping the family would be killed off. A character reboot is just what’s needed.