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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap: What’s Your Story?

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4 Premiere Recap – “What’s Your Story?”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “What’s Your Story?”, Season 4 Premiere of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • TrentC

    51st state?

    I liked this episode and the direction the show seems to be going in. I thought the John Dorie character was well done and Maggie Grace is always a pleasure to watch. I still consider her the vacuous, spoiled blonde girl from Lost, so seeing her change gears is nice.

    It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed FTWD. Hopefully this season won’t degenerate into a – Who’s going to make an unexplained/dumb move this week? sort of show.

    This may not be popular with some…I missed Madison! I guess the flood separated her from the others a couple of years ago. Do we get a Madison flashback and will it feature a large sausage party complete with turkey and all of the trimmings? Because that’s how Ms. Clark rolls.

    • XmanIce

      I liked the episode too until I saw Strand, Nick, and Alicia. I hoped they all died. I like Madison, she would much better without her ungrateful kids though. And I just never liked Strand.

      • TrentC

        Until I saw the cast lol!

        I like Strand! He was 1000 times more cool when we didn’t know much about him and he wasn’t leaving the 10 million dollar boat in some pirate port.

      • Charles Bikle

        I like the cast, but I do agree with you about her kids. In a real apocalypse, I’m inclined to think that most families would REALLY stick together and not wander off from each other every 5 minutes for absolutely no reason.

        • XmanIce

          That’s the baffling part. The kids had no issues living with their mom before the apocalypse, but now there’s a ZOMBIE apocalypse and bad humans so they have to runaway from home.

  • Charles Bikle

    The new characters are interesting and once we got Morgan out of the junkyard (the slow, irritating pacing, so this was probably Scott Gimple’s contribution) things picked up.

    • TrentC

      I get the same sense that Gimple is behind some of the idiotic choices the characters make, along with some of the boring introspective stuff.

      I think Morgan is a good character on the surface and could be great. Instead we get this guy who is more unstable than 100 year old nitro on a warm day. Show him struggling with killing once or twice for sure, but it doesn’t have to happen weekly.

  • Morty

    I would imagine fuel is a precious commodity in Z-Land, yet they’re driving a vehicle around aimlessly that probably gets 1 mile per gallon.

    • TrentC

      Yep big backstory needed for how Al gets her fuel and ammo.

      The Lever…must use a fair amount of shells in what has to be a shower of lead in a mostly general direction. Impressive, but I would run right up next to the vehicle when that noise starts.