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The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Feedback Show | Mercy

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Feedback Show for “Mercy” from October 22, 2017

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer your feedback questions from the Season 8 premiere of “The Walking Dead”, “Mercy”.  In addition, Rob and Josh discuss the 2-hour “Talking Dead” celebration of 100 episodes.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I think red eyed Rick is sad in the side timeline because he lost his Morty.

    On a side note, hard to believe Sonequa Martin-Green got the biggest pop on Talking Dead when I didn’t even notice/miss her character in this premiere. Merle had a bigger impact in the second episode and was more memorable than her entire run on TWD, I’ll even throw her run in STD into that mix. She’s a good actress but all of her characters are duller than a night under a dumpster.

    • TrentC

      I think the podcasters are right. Rick tries to show mercy to Negan and that allows Negan to kill someone he loves. I like the Judith pick, but will go a little further…how about Maggie?

      • Matthew Murphy

        Yeah I was just joking I like that theory, makes me like the premiere is a lot more.. Although how could anyone in the Walking Dead survive without Maggie, the greatest leader in fiction or reality?

        • TrentC

          And the only woman to lose weight while being pregnant for 37 months.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Lol. That’s the one good thing about Lori, she got pregnant and boom, next season she has the baby in the first half, and than gets killed off so we don’t have to see her ever again. Obviously Maggie is 10x better character wise. I’ve always enjoyed her on the show, just never understood her randomly becoming a leader. Maybe it’s built up bettter in the comics,

          • TrentC

            Yeah I’ve never read a TWD comic so I don’t know the character progressions. I did see the Glenn/ Negan comic panels after that episode was aired.

            The Maggie is a leader of Hilltop idea seems forced to me and agreed, I really like her character. Too bad she wouldn’t revert back to being a badass. I have to mention it again. I don’t think the show can support two infants/toddlers. Either Maggie doesn’t have the baby or Judith hits the road. TWD Daycare Center would be nice to see, but not pragmatic moving forward.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Yeah, it seems like one of the kids is in trouble.

  • TrentC

    I feel the same about the Rick future scenes. One is an ideal, the other with him crying is reality. Judith would be a convenient character to lose for a few reasons.

    My Negan hot take – We find out he suffered a tragedy where maybe his wife and children were killed. He was abused and/or tortured and barely got away alive. This then shaped his formerly quiet and pleasant disposition into what we see today.

    Love the dual podcasts with Jessica and Josh. Jessica says a lot through understatement, Josh says a lot by saying a lot. I enjoy both versions, thanks.

  • Tim Forbes

    Michonne and Rosita were injured and nearly died in the Season 7 finale, that’s why they did not go with Rick and the rest to the Sanctuary.