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The Walking Dead Feedback Show | Season 8, Episode 11: Dead or Alive or

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 11 Feedback Show – “Dead or Alive or”

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler answer your feedback from Season 8, Episode 11 of “The Walking Dead”, “Dead or Alive or”

  • Matthew Murphy

    Honoured to get a personal Madison impression thanks Rob . Even when the show isn’t firing on all cylinders these podcasts are always fantastic.

    • TrentC

      Except, when making eggs…

      red peppers>green peppers
      raw peppers>cooked peppers

  • TrentC

    Thanks Rob. I googled the same story to discover Maggie’s pregnancy announcement from the episode Nov/2015.

    Since Nov/2015:

    Morgan comes back.
    Carol makes cookies and frightens children everywhere.
    The entire Savior story line.
    The entire Hilltop story line.
    The entire Kingdom story line.
    Rick & Michonne become a thing.
    Glenn has died, came back, and died again.
    Carl has been shot in the eye and healed.
    Carl’s hair has grown another six inches.
    Carl died.
    Judith got her learner’s license.

    I know we’re supposed to suspend disbelief and just roll with it, but couldn’t they give the actress a small baby bump pillow, or have her say she needs to go scavenging because she’s craving chocolate covered Doritos?

    Maggie’s ultrasound, actual size –> (.)