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The Walking Dead Feedback Show | Season 8, Episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something

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The Walking Dead | Season 8, Episode 14 Feedback Show – “Still Gotta Mean Something”

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler answer your feedback from Season 8, Episode 14 of “The Walking Dead”, “Still Gotta Mean Something”

  • Charles Bikle

    I really like the idea of a “Beer The walking Dead” drunk podcast.

    • Lance Davis

      I concur. I’m on board 100% with this sensational concept of a Brew ‘n’ View, “Beer The Walking Dead”, podcast as well! You guys will both just have to channel your inner Sunshine Bob Stookey to push through and make it out on the other side unscathed. #PSRPowerHour

    • Lance Davis

      I would imagine by the time the fellas got a little tipsy, the podcast would then devolve into about 70% Victor Strand impressions, 25% Madison Clark impressions, & about 5% for everything else. Oh wait,–that’s the format Rob does already when sober! I might want to adjust and recalibrate those figures with the booze rate consumption + ABV factored in.

      • TrentC

        I find Madison attractive and always feel little confused when Rob launches into his breathy impression of her. And we’re going to add booze to the proceedings? No way Jose.

    • Bry_Lander

      I feel like the show would descend into a lot of emotional acting out, a mixture of crying and anger over the direction of the show the past few years…

  • Just Joe

    I love the Fear TWD/drunk recap podcast as well, but I think Jessica should be invited.

  • Morty

    You guys are nuts; Psycho Killer Rick is the most awesome Rick! I love that guy! Gardener Rick is a yawn.

    And who cares what Coral would want? He was an annoying character…and he’s dead, so it’s not as if he can be disappointed or anything with my beloved Psycho Killer Rick.

    • TrentC

      You made me spit out my chocolate pudding. You be nice to Coral now.

      I’ve always wondered…wouldn’t having only one eye really screw up your depth perception when aiming a gun?

      Like, were Carl’s practice targets on the wall pristine and unscathed, and four feet over the wall is full of holes?

      Throat chewing Rick is the pinnacle of Rick in my opinion. The height of a character arc.

      • Morty

        Nah, most people aim down the barrel with their weak eye shut anyway, so they’re basically one-eyed themselves then.

        Throat-chewing Rick is indeed Peak Rick; we need more of him!

        • TrentC

          Thanks, makes sense about shooting.

          Similar to Jessica, I usually have both eyes closed and mouth open yelling a la Rambo when shooting my various submachine guns.

          You notice Rick will chew out a man’s throat for Carl, yet won’t even burp Judith? He should be a-Shaned of himself.