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Wayward Pines | Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

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In this recap of Episodes 3 & 4 of FOX’s Wayward Pines, AJ Mass (@ajmass) is joined by the new sheriff in town, Curt Clark (@curtclark), as they answer the phone and report to whoever is in charge on the various goings-on in the sleepy Idaho town.  And we promise…Mike Bloom simply retired.  Nothing unfortunate happened.  Honest.
During their discussion, AJ and Curt cover not only Theresa and Ben Burke’s arrival to Wayward Pines and Ethan Burke’s ascent up the town’s career ladder, but they also chat about:
  • Our first glimpse into the structure behind Wayward Pines, from the special interest taken in Ethan’s future to the underground Monsters Inc-like warehouse that Ethan sneaks his way into
  • The Wayward Pines educational system, dedicated to shaping young minds through high fives, insider information and hypnotherapy
  • The on-going battle between Ethan and his antagonists, from the now-retired Sheriff Pope to Ethan’s new #1 nemesis, Nurse Pam
  • Ethan’s struggles with his new-found role, which comes with files on key figures in town, the responsibility to held the occasional Reckoning, and (we can only assume) plenty of ice cream
Join us in two weeks when AJ and Curt discuss Episodes 5 & 6 of Wayward Pines!

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  • susan appleby

    Guys, great podcast, though I admit I’m iffy on this show and some of the horror elements of the reckoning. Your recap helps me decide if I should watch.

    I love how Curt finally gets a show that can’t be cancelled mid way through the season, barring some unfortunate catastrophe. Great job with the survivor poll too, Curt, though I’m glad the pool wasdead wrong on my boy Woo, who I think made it into the mix fairly easily. Woo is like Joe to many viewers. Young, good attitude, and very good looking. Still, you were extremely accurat with your take on the accuracy of the poll. Thank you for all your hard work with that and this podcast.

    Can AJ do a 12 archetype cast of this show? Love hearing AJ on any podcast.

    Final note, this didn’t show up in my podcast feed. Maybe something is off? I don’t use iTunes directly, but I use podcast republic, an android app that works with iTunes. I listened on the on-site player.

    • The show was mis-titled originally when entered into the feed. It should be back now.

  • MadeInNY

    I like your show and find it worth listening to for your insightful commentary. But please turn down Darth Vaders respirator! If the show is hard to listen to its very tiring. I shouldn’t have to struggle to listen. Guys. You have one job, be audible.

    • Sorry, nothing I can do about it. My computer refuses to recognize external microphones, despite the best efforts of the Geek Squad. Open to crowdfunding a new laptop, though.

      • MadeInNY

        I appreciate your dilemma. Bad quality, or room noise isn’t that hard to listen to. But it really sounded like someone was breathing into a mic. If you’re using a laptop built in mic that doesn’t make sense. Maybe it wasn’t you. If you haven’t please listen to the show, maybe next time you’ll be able to mitigate the problem somehow. Thanks for responding!

        • I’ll keep adjusting and looking for solutions! Definitely appreciate the feedback.

    • Stylez

      I’m not the type to complain about the audio quality of my free product. Just me. Sure it could be better, but if you enjoyed it nonetheless ……

      • MadeInNY

        I’m not sure that it being offered for free or not is at all relevant and means you shouldn’t tell the creator that they could do better.

        I’ve spent a lot of time in Restaurants, and every manager I’ve ever spoken to would rather that you let them know if there was a problem with your meal rather than just say nothing and go away unsatisfied never to return. And they are always disappointed with just how many people, don’t ever let them know there’s a problem. They never give the restaurant a chance to do better, to make it right.

        My intentions are not to complain for the sake of complaining, that would be stupid. I offer my opinion in the hope that they can do better next time.

        Free or not. If you take the time to make a podcast and put it out there in the world for people to download and listen to it’s not being presumptuous to think that you want to produce a good product that people enjoy. How do you know how to improve if no one tells you when there’s a problem?

        My philosophy is things will go wrong, there will be problems. You don’t get a strike for having problems. You get judged for how you handle the problems. The responses I got from Curt definitely show that he’s interested in doing better.

        • Stylez

          I hear you loud and clear, and I definitely get your opinion. However, I think he’s aware of the problem and he’s trying to solve it. He’s a grown ass man and can fight his own battles, but I’d rather not be negative saying it was a struggle to listen to or tiring. And if you don’t want to see where I’m coming from in terms of the free standpoint, your restaurant comparison (you PAID for the product)… You said he had one job, to be audible, but this isn’t his “job”. I’m not saying constructive feedback is a bad thing, you just came at it from a very negative angle and was rude IMO.

          • MadeInNY

            Thank you. I can be blunt and it comes off as rude despite my intentions. I’ll try to consider that in the future.

  • Dylan M

    Another almost unlistenable podcast thanks to Curts computer. Love it…..

  • TeePee77

    I am liking the show (Wayward Pines), so far. I love the podcast. Keep it up! I don’t mind the breathing machine either. Thank you both for your hard work!

  • Stylez

    Episode 5 was a game changer, really hope I dont have to wait till episode 6 to hear from you guys!

  • TeePee77

    So, people are thawed out from hibernation chambers and there is no two-way time travel? Is that right? Didn’t Sheriff Pope go back in time to get Theresa and Ben?