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Wayward Pines | Episodes 5 Recap

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A lot was revealed during Episode 5 of Wayward Pines (“The Truth”), and AJ Mass (@ajmass), Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) are here to cover it all on this latest episode of Post-Show Recaps.  As #112, #113 and #114, they break down everything they learned in this week’s Wayward Pines Orientation, including:
  • Ethan’s encounters with the Abbies, and how his survival skills may trump his marksmanship skills
  • Teresa’s first day at work, from successfully closing on her first assignment to navigating the waters in dealing with her creepy new boss
  • Ben’s induction into the First Generation of Wayward Pines…and his surprising lack of facial expression
  • The Burke family’s various encounters with the truth, from Ben’s Orientation to school, to Ethan’s first-hand experience outside the Perimeter, to Teresa’s laundry room interview with Wayne Johnson (not to be confused with Dwayne Johnson)
  • Their own reactions to the “4028” revelation…and some of their additional theories about what else is going behind the scenes (i.e. Craigslist kidnappings)
Stay tuned for further Wayward Pines coverage in the upcoming weeks!

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  • Stylez

    Episode 6 can be found on the dark net fyi

    • TeePee77

      I was confused, because there was only an episode 5 recap. I watched episode 6 last week as well. It does explain a lot.

  • Charles Bikle


  • Charles Bikle

    With everyone dying from car accidents, it must be tough for anyone from Wayward Pines to get auto insurance.

  • christyk

    Nothing about this makes sense. Why can’t they tell everyone the truth, exactly? It’s better for them to be paranoid and living in an Orwellian nightmare rather than face reality? If they were specially chosen then shouldn’t they be able to handle it? And why is that nurse so mean? Why can’t they get better pictures of the Abbies? They have helicopters and cameras. The Abbies run about in broad daylight. But 2 people were killed taking a crappy picture? Makes no sense I say. So many things make. no. sense. My head might explode.

    • christyk

      I just watched the next episode and the explanation is lame and still makes no sense. Pilcher could come up with something better than fear control if he really wanted to help people. The only explanation is that Pilcher is a wacko and his decisions make no sense. Terrible plot.

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Finally a review I can stomach for more than 5 minutes. Dr pilcher’s convo with burke’s boss took place b4 the 2k year nap and everyone else was harvested/selected between the time of the lecture and 2014.