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Wayward Pines | Episodes 6 & 7 Recap

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Episodes 6 & 7 of Wayward Pines may have just wrapped up, but Curt Clark (@curtclark) and AJ Mass (@ajmass) are just getting started as they chat it up about the opening episodes of this back half of Wayward Pines.  Things seemed to take a nosedive for our hosts this week, in terms of suspension of disbelief, but they power on through as they discuss the key questions, including:
  • How is it the Powers That Be know there’s a plot to blow up the fence…but not know who is behind it?
  • Could Ethan have done a worse job explaining the “truth” to Teresa and Kate?
  • Where can Wayward Pines go from here, in the absence of any seeming antagonist?
  • Plot 33: Important plot point or useless plot device?
  • Was that not the most awkward biology class ever?
  • Were the laws of physics broken, ignored or both regarding the explosion of the Music Box Bomb?
With only three episodes left, will Wayward Pines redeem itself?  Or will it continue on what AJ and Curt think of as its downward spiral.  Stay tuned!

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  • Charles Bikle

    Episodes 6 & 7 feel very disconnected from the earlier episodes and what we saw in them – Pam’s sudden personality change doesn’t make sense to me, same thing with her brother, Dr. Jennings/Pinscher and Kate the FBI/Toymaker/terrorist- I guess a lot of their actions could be explained, but it still feels unnatural – more like real world behind-the-scenes network influence than story progression.

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Great job guys, was laffing out loud at work several times as I listened. I’m with you on some of the very predictable actions by the characters this episode. Was yelling at the screen “Ethan it’s a diversion!” When he “caught” Kate and her group by the fence. Will finish it out tho, I’m in too deep to just give up…. Kinda like Lost.

  • Infinity8

    lol! I’m not entirely sure why you guys continue to recap something you dislike so much.