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Wayward Pines | Episodes 8 & 9 Recap

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We’re in the home stretch of Wayward Pines here on Post-Show Recaps, so kick back with a drink (check for discarded tracking devices first) and join Curt Clark (@curtclark), AJ Mass (@ajmass) and Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) as they cover Episode 8 and 9, and find themselves one episode away from the series finale.

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  • Infinity8

    Hmmm, I really wish you guys didn’t pick apart this show so much. It’s kind of crazy the level of nitpicking that goes on. I think I’d rather folks NOT review something if they dislike it so much. If all you are going to do is pull it apart and sarcastically mock it…why continue on? Someone said in the previous podcast that they were Hate-Watching. Well, by this podcast episode I found myself Hate-Listening. The Post-Show recaps on this show have been a real bummer.

    • Stylez

      I agree. I’m taking the show for what it is. Sure it has a little more holes in it than other sci fi shows (you could even lump the walking dead in there), but every cheese is a little hole-y, doesn’t mean you need to forcibly point out every single one when you knew you ordered swiss. Still a fan of all three of yah and the show, so I’ll continue to listen, but I don’t ever think I went into this show expecting everything to be realistic.

  • AndyMcGill

    I also think you are way to cynical in your reviews. This show at least moves the plot forward, unlike the 80% of sci fi shows that create a mystery in the first episode that it takes many seasons to explain…one….slow… hint…at ….a… time. That is a huge plus in my book.

    And I almost throw up when you essentially say “I hate this because it didn’t go where I expected it to go.” or “I hate this because I don’t know where it could possibly go now.”

    After the terrible debacle that was “Lost”, the public will no longer watch a show that says “here is a mystery — wait 7 years and see if it even makes sense — and then we will say it was all about the characters.”

    I enjoy you pointing out the plot faults and inconsistencies that are rampant in any sci fi show, but why in the world do you criticize it for “it didn’t go where I thought it would go” or “I don’t know where it could possibly go now”??????

    P.S. I don’t want to be so negative about your podcast — you guys are getting better every week and already better than 80% of the similar TV show podcasts out there, but don’t become a cynical critic that hates everything that isn’t how “you would have written the story or filmed it”.

  • MikeIn Cleveland

    I’m going to agree with the first two post that you guys are being way to critical in your review of the Wayward Pines the TV show. While I agree trying to tell a story that took 3 books to cover in just 10 episodes hasn’t completely work at lease we haven’t had to suffer though filler episodes. I have actually enjoyed the mini series and found myself eagerly watching week after week.

  • Charles Bikle

    I kinda like the critical review-recaps of the show; there are too many TV cliches in the series and the second half of the season feels incompatible with the first half.

    As an example, Nurse Pam started off as a completely different and more villainous character than what she is now and that change is nonsensical and jarring.

    Characters on this show seem to act and do things for the sole intent of keeping the show moving.

  • Mike Bloom

    Hey all, I really do appreciate the criticism about our…criticism. I do apologize if we come across as extremely negative. Know that we do all enjoy watching the show, warts and all.

    And if it’s any consolation, we just recorded the finale podcast today and I was very positive on the episode and series overall.

    • AndyMcGill

      I don’t think you understand my criticism. You can either understand the criticism and get better or reject it, but don’t be a critic that can’t take criticism.

      You need to first demonstrate that you understand what the show is doing. They are much more experienced writers and directors than you are, and they spent years developing this story. They are telling a story their way.

      The podcast site is “post-show recaps” and most people are looking for at least a review of what was actually on TV and to understand the nuances of the plot that they might have missed. Sure it is humorous to briefly poke fun at plot holes in any sci fi show, but there is a limit of being interesting and you guys are way way way way past that limit.

      I doubt you guys ever realize how much of the time you spend re-writing and re-directing and re-casting the show — it is probably more than half the show. Try measuring it once — it will shock you.

      • Mike Bloom

        Hey Andy, I apologize if I misconstrued your earlier statements. I can definitely understand where your (and other listeners’) constructive criticism is coming from, and I know I’ll take those words to heart as I continue to podcast outside of Wayward Pines.

        We recorded the finale podcast on Sunday, so it should hopefully hit the page and the feed in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy it!

  • vera lux

    I wholeheartedly like the critical aspects of the podcast. One thing I want from a podcast is for the hosts to hit up the same things that grabbed my attention during the episode–especially the “C’MON!!” moments and there were no shortage of those on this series. This podcast does a way better job at that than the other WP podcasts. If you want to hear someone cheerleading the show, trust me, there is no shortage of that.

    I enjoyed the last episode, including the ending. That said, I am the only person on earth who likes the ending to Battlestar Galactica, so I might be an outlier on these sorts of things.

    My major criticism of the show comes from trying too hard to obfuscate the truth in the first few
    episodes. So many things just don’t make sense in retrospect (rotting house bodies, anyone?).

    In conclusion, why didn’t High-Five Fisher didn’t know about the Ark?

  • Eart

    The way you guys complain about the episodes feeling different makes me think you’d be happier recapping some crappy procedural instead. In every episode, the third guy the detectives talk to after the first commercial break is the guy who did it. Yeah! Sameness! Predictability!