Westworld Finale Preview With Josh, Jo, Jay, Jack and Mike

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Welcome to Westworld! Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) will discuss the new HBO series about an old west theme park built in a futuristic world, populated by robot hosts and human guests. Theories, analysis, and overall madness is sure to ensue.

It’s time for a bonus podcast! Josh and Jo were guests on the Jay, Jack and Mike Westworld podcast this week, summarizing their feelings about the show so far and planting the flag on some finale predictions. Their podcast is featured in our feed for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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  • Bael Bard

    Jo, i know you love your tinfoil, but sometimes it feels like you are throwing theories in withought giving them any prior thought. Like “Abernarthy is based on William because he looks exactly like Ed Harris” (he really doesn’t) or “Dolores is based on William’s fiancee”. Both Dolores and Abernarthy existed before the park even opened, decades before MiB looked like Ed Harris, years before William or his fiancee entered the park.

    • Tusk

      It could be his son’s death, because of some physical malady was what motivated Arnold to pursue creating an artificial intelligence that was complex enough to be able to allow for transference of conscientiousness from human to host….Feeling helpless to save his son motivated him to create, in essence, a key to immortality, something which could very well be what the corporation is after

      • TrentC

        Bingo. Bernard realizes ‘his’ son’s death is the cornerstone of his programming.The first thing I thought of was that Arnold lost his son, and that’s the reason for his secretive work on the hosts. The ability to transfer or download a human’s consciousness would in effect, allow them to be immortal.

        Ford’s reveries are a part of that. Maybe they’re his version of a probe into Arnold’s work. Or on a darker level, maybe the reveries are Ford’s method of undoing Arnold’s work.

        Part of the mystery to this TV series, is determining what the mystery actually is. The consciousness transfer is something so big and worthwhile for all concerned, it would certainly explain the multiple timelines and complex backstory we’ve seen. The third time I saw the scene with Bernard and his son, I felt it was key and it fueled my fond memories of BSG when they downloaded prior memories into each new version of their ‘hosts’ on the show.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I really like the Charlie-Charlotte theory but I have one problem with it: I think Charlotte is too young. Isn’t Arnold supposed to have died thirty-five years ago? No way is Charlotte that old.

    • GeekFurious

      That’s Jo for ya. She loves theorizing. And she doesn’t care how ridiculous it may be. And we let her because the doctors said she could kill us all if she realizes she’s a host.

      • TrentC


  • TrentC

    Very enjoyable podcast, it’s nice to hear five people talking and not stepping all over each other. The nerd cinqo-force is real and I like it.

    My ‘big’ theory is below, agreeing with another user who posited the same idea.

    I don’t agree with some of the podcaster’s predictions for the finale, I feel the show is going to leave some things vague, while doing a surprising reveal we haven’t thought of yet.


  • Im curious if anyone else noticed Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale last nights finale she blood on pants ( up her crack) very noticeable on her rear end as she came own the escalator and then again in Fords office. I cant believe the wardrobe people or someone didn’t catch that.