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Welcome to Westworld! Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) will discuss the new HBO series about an old west theme park built in a futuristic world, populated by robot hosts and human guests. Theories, analysis, and overall madness is sure to ensue.

Just as these violent delights must have violent ends, so too must the Welcome to Westworld podcast come to an end… for now, at least. In their final podcast of the season, Josh and Jo break down the season finale, “The Bicameral Mind,” and all of its many glorious reveals. They speculate on what Ford’s plan means for the future of the series, what the heck Samurai World is all about, where the park is truly located, and much more. Plus, they answer your feedback questions and comments, as they bid adieu to Westworld until the show returns in 2018.

Check the links below for Josh’s Westworld finale interviews published on The Hollywood Reporter:

Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy (co-creators and showrunners)
Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores)
Ed Harris (The Man in Black)
Jimmi Simpson (William)

And click here to read the BuzzFeed article about the photo of Logan’s sister.

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  • Petzl

    SPOILERS assumed, ok?

    So, I really don’t get the big finish in this episode. The way for a robot to assert its “humanity” (in the face of the way they are dehumanized by their being raped/killed at the hands of the humans) is to counter-attack and kill all the Delos upper management? Doesn’t that demonstrate that, while possibly conscious, they are nevertheless conscious serial-killing inhuman robots and must be destroyed at all cost?

    All that will result from this is that the actual Army, from outside Delos, will come in with heavy weapons and wipe them _all_ out. (Unless, this resort is on Mars or something, which is unlikely.)

    So, practically and morally, a violent robot uprising with a goal towards “massacring all the humans” makes absolutely no sense. And for that reason alone is an unsatisfying ending.

    In particular, is _that_ really the wise lesson that our sensitive Dolores attained? “Kill everyone?” Wouldn’t nonviolence be much wiser? Confront and perhaps even overpower the Delos management: but only to dialog with them, present your demands, and demonstrate just how “human” and you are– by not killing them (the way they so capriciously kill you).

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Because, “These violent delights” (The abuse and delights the humans took upon the hosts) “Have violent ends”.

    • TrentC

      I haven’t listened yet and agree. I was underwhelmed by the maze reveal, most of us suspected the multiple timelines featuring William/ the man in black, and the ending was puzzling for the reasons you’ve listed.

      The humans or the Delos board specifically feel that the hosts are just machines without consciousness. What better way to prove that than to program a handful of them to commit a large senseless murder.

      The Maeve storyline about her sneaking out to achieve her goal was much more thought provoking and scary in my opinion.

      Still love the show and rank it as a favorite, but the season’s mysteries seem to have much more depth and potential when compared to how it actually wrapped up.

      I can’t help but smile at the irony. In the end, Ford was supporting the hosts as Arnold was, yet he programs someone like Dolores to go on a shooting spree. Isn’t the entire underlying idea that the hosts should have their own consciousness and make their own decisions, and not be programmed by their makers?

  • Gilbert Brown

    Sengoku World, maybe?

  • GeekFurious

    Some people seem confused by that ending and seem REALLY confused by the maze. And I get it… you watched it once with high expectations and the show didn’t do what you thought it was going to do so you think it didn’t deliver. But watch it again. Because the ending is pretty perfect. The maze was for the hosts not the guests. The final narrative was for the humans to demonstrate the hosts have been given free will to deliver justice to their tormentors. What happens next? That’s what free will is about.

    That’s what the maze was… that moment (some of?) the hosts become real thinking beings and stop being controlled. That’s why Maeve gets off the train. She’s made her first real decision. Up to that point, everything she did was programmed.

    • TrentC

      I understood the maze analogy and thought it was apt, just didn’t think that the built up mystery around it was justified. It represented the host’s minds and how they can look inward to discover true consciousness, no?

      I didn’t see the final scene as any form of free will. Wasn’t Dolores programmed to shoot the board members? If the hosts were given free will and delivered justice as a result of their own decision at that point, I would completely agree. I may have missed it but I’m sure Ford and by proxy Arnold years ago, created the Wyatt persona which caused Teddy and Dolores to kill both humans and hosts. If Ford left Dolores with a choice and she killed the board members without a push so to speak, my interpretation is off.

      I’m with you on Maeve, she was the only host it seems who made her own decisions. Teddy, Dolores and the others, not so much. That’s why I found her actions truly compelling and frightening.

      • GeekFurious

        The “program” you think you’re seeing is their free will unleashed. That is Dolores reacting to her Wyatt memories. Sure, the memories are implanted but they feel real, therefor they are real. And so whatever she does with her Wyatt personality is still free will. No one is making her do it. She chose to kill Ford knowing what it meant in the grander scheme. She is the master of their destiny now. Had she not wanted to kill Ford, she could have easily decided not to do it. That was Ford’s point as well. Unleash their vengeance and let them decide what comes next.

        • Tusk

          Ford intended for Dolores to kill him and the other humans. He wasn’t going to retire and let them have his baby…”aren’t you worried I’ll take all my toys?” or something like that. When Charlotte told him he wouldn’t and that she ‘knew’ him, do you think Ford’s ego would allow her to believe that? He intended that to be his last day on earth…literally.

          (Of course there’s always the possibility Ford made a host version of hiimsef so either Dolores killed A duplicate and Ford is in hiding somewhere, or Ford is dead and there’s a possibility a Host Ford is out there somewhere)

          • TrentC

            That was my prediction. They can have Ford return for guest spots either in flashbacks or by telling us that was a host version of himself.

            A future season finale could feature someone finding the real Ford and discovering his secret.

        • TrentC

          I must have missed it because it seemed she was still under Ford’s control when she shot him and started shooting the board members. If she was free to make her own choices at that moment it was indeed a very creepy scene.

          If this is the case then there’s something that J&J brought up. Were all of those people inherently bad (probably not) and she killed scores of random people because of what other people did to her?

  • Tusk

    So I guess they’re going to have to recast Maeve’s daughter. Anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones knows about young children cast in major roles. S2 WW is in 2018, odds are good the actress who played Maeve’s daughter will have grown significantly

    • TrentC

      The Walt Factor. That little dude grew something like 34 inches in between seasons of Lost.

  • Valeri Valirian

    I’ve been wondering if those two are either emotionally biased, prejudiced, stupid or just lazy to read LOST’s dream theory … failing again to notice the references: the church, the station under the church, Dolores/Alice/Jack, the stabbing wound(MIB fighting Jack, MIB fighting Dolores), the maze location, the dreams, the metaphor/lie, the Micalangelo/Caravaggio painting and the human mind, the WestWorld island, themes of resurrection …
    so all you managed to get from the church scenes is that it’s reminiscing of the LOST Finale??? LoL, how blind are you really? I don’t mind disagreeing with the theory, but f–g even mentioning it, once? … filling two hour podcasts, scratching your tongues, laughing … it’s a f–g 88-page theory!!, all details, examples, it’s not worthy of your podcast, or what? If we get into a discussion personally, pro and against Jack’s Dream Theory, I will ANNIHILATE you both, return you back to school, invalidate all your petty Lost analyses, cause you actually know jack shit! ..Oh, the lesbian has a ‘quote’ crazy ‘quote’ theory about planets …omg, this is not called “crazy” it is called “STU-PIIID”! Wanna read a real crazy theory, read this:

    All In Jack’s Head

  • Valeri Valirian

    Wiggler only finds satisfaction in writing articles about his OWN brilliant theories. Like his theory about the color purple in John Snow’s eye. So amazing. Looks in the mirror one day, oh, “I am so good!, came up with this extraordinary idea, noone else got it, I will write a full article about it”…But this person, with 80+ page, elaborate detailed theory about Jack’s dream…”so ridiculous, won’t even mention it in a podcast”…watching WestWorld with all dreams, Alice/Dolores, reading same quote from AIW…still same shit, doesn’t ring a bell at all. At least try to finally read this theory? No, it’s awful! Wigler prefers hearing his own voice, surround himself with equally ignorant people so he can shine.

  • Valeri Valirian

    I can understand for other people, not knowledgeable as you are about LOST, to be oblivious. And long time passed now … it’s not like I haven’t informed you on the post Finale clues: Cowboys And Aliens, StartTrek, Theseus trailer, Once Upon A Time’s Island episode “Good Form” (at least that), Leftovers’s “Guest” and “International Assassin”, CC’s the Returned(obvious connection), at least one more that I forgot and others that I haven’t seen or noticed … all filled with references to resurrection/Christ/dream state/same stab wound/tattoos/appendectomy scar(all in the theory). And now WestWorld Finale – Dolores(Alice) actually sitting on a chair in their version of the LampPost station(the dark and light part of the church), saying she was in a dream, with the stab wound from the fight with MIB, which, mirror opposite to Dolores’s other self, would be in the appendix area (Jack’s mirror scenes with the scar), “center of the Maze”, the doctor’s workshop where everything was conceived (Island, robots) … hell, even the creator of this show is the one responsible for “Person of Interest”, a show pairing Ben with an actor who played Christ in a movie, and has the initials of Jesus Christ (although that’s rather, more or less, coincidental). With a reference to Ben and the Caravaggio’s Christ(Jack) in the church painting… So, tell me, Wigler, are you going to continue ignoring this? BTW, you are not ignoring me personally, I don’t care, don’t wanna talk/write about this, but you’re potentially ignoring the biggest secret of LOST. And I am not the only one either, who claims LOST is a show with false conclusion, that is to be resolved later. As crazy as this idea may seem to you. Amazingly, this theory was declared plausible by the well-respected guru of the, now inactive, numbers forum(4815162342.com), nicknamed zombiesoiree. And a bunch of other forum people. That was back in 2010, at a time when the theory was developed to less than 1% !!! Oh, sorry, you don’t remember this forum …long time ago, I guess, you were too busy being the “guru” of your own podcast at the time.

  • This series is a big disappointment.
    The only good thing in it was Ed Harris.