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Welcome to Westworld! Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) will discuss the new HBO series about an old west theme park built in a futuristic world, populated by robot hosts and human guests. Theories, analysis, and overall madness is sure to ensue.

This week, the podcast arrives a little bit late as Jo has just returned from her trip to Hawaii World. She makes sure to give her hot takes on the premiere (spoiler: she liked it lots!) before diving into theories derived from episode two. Are William and Logan exactly as they appear, or is there a twist to their storyline? What are the repercussions of Maeve’s awakening — and, just as importantly, what’s causing the awakening? Josh and Jo are officially on “mole patrol,” among other topics discussed in the podcast.

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  • 2dog

    The first show I thought would be more to it like a movie, I enjoyed it but was hoping for more to the park.
    Then I remembered they want to make years out of this show.
    I loved the second show, I hope it will be with us for a long time!
    The acting of all the characters is so impressive, her father, Dolores, Maeve ok all of them!
    Now listening this this podcast wow, I’m not a gamer or into Lost but I do like to challenge the mind
    Listening to you guys re different levels of this show…….LOVE IT Thanks 🙂

  • K ¥ L € $ ┼ R &

    THIS PODCAST WAS AMAZING. Both of you have just transformed by extreme interest in the show into an obsession.

  • TrentC

    How about this? Ford has been creating the hosts for years and has discovered that they can learn, adapt and are in essence, a form of life? So he creates the reveries to start unlocking their memories, with a more nefarious long term plan of eventual freedom from being trapped as hosts.

    I like the multiple time lines being shown theory and think that Dolores Chehkov’s gun plays into this. It’s a gun that can harm visitors and was given to her by years ago by William/ the man in black. (depending on if they’re the same guy).

    Maeve’s flashbacks/forwards remind me of reincarnation and play into the overall idea of the hosts evolving and somehow becoming independent and sentient of their surroundings. The man in black has been given breadcrumbs to unlock a mystery, and I feel that Ford is guiding him to help with the overall plan of ‘releasing’ the hosts. This is something I’m musing about, not a Reddit or net theory, so I could be way off.

    Jo and Josh you make a good pair, thanks for the podcast and thoughts on this great new series.

    • Andiamo

      About the gun, I was looking up the different quotes that Abernathy was saying when he was glitching out. One of them is this:

      “By my most mechanical and dirty hand…….I shall have such revenges on you both. That all the world shall- I will do such things. What they are yet I know not. But they shall be the terrors of the earth.”

      These are actually two separate quotes, but they were spoken as one. The first part is from Henry IV and it’s spoken by…..(wait for it)……Pistol!!

      I rewatched that scene and something else I thought was interesting is that Dolores seems to be guided by her dream. She wakes up, goes outside, and right at the spot where she finds the gun she says “here?” She then pauses (as if waiting for an answer) and starts digging. So whom is she asking? Is there some collective unconscious of hosts? Is she accessing her own memory by being in a waking dream?

      Okay sorry for the long reply. I’ve clearly found my new obsession.

      • TrentC

        Good gravy have we got another Mr Robot in terms of hidden references and Easter eggs? Yessss.

        It took me less than 60 seconds to read your ‘long’ reply, never a worry. Love to hear what other people are thinking about.

        I caught that moment with Dolores as if she was responding to someone else. No theories from over here, but creepy..

  • Angus Kart

    FWIW, “HR” = Human Resources, not “Human Relations”

  • GeekFurious

    Josh & Jo going all-out! We didn’t all get to experience LOST together when it was new, but maybe THIS is the great mystery show of our time… that you two can podcast about together. 🙂 If this is what we can expect every week from you two, bring on the next five years!

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      YUP, i didn’t get to do this at the ground level with Lost, and I’m so excited to be able to do it with this show, and have Josh and Jo leading the way (plus Jay & Jack on their pod, are we allowed to mention them? cause it really does feel like we are redoing the lost podcast thing).

  • Avery Gordon

    I really like the idea of William being a young MiB, but I think the theory is easily debunked by the scene between Ford and old Bill, the hosts used to be dramatically less advanced and more easily distinguishable from humans. If William really is a young MiB the hosts in his narrative should not be on the same par, technologically, as the hosts in the MiB’s narrative.

  • Swamp Fox

    Too much Lost talk.

    • GeekFurious

      Never too much LOST talk. Hell, not enough. Need more.

  • Andiamo

    Great Podcast! I’m so excited for this show and your takes on everything.

    As for the young boy, I also thought he was supposed to be a young Ford, but that little boy was clearly not human. This makes me think that at least some of the hosts have been created in the likeness of actual humans, and perhaps implanted with the real memories of real people. This could be the “subconscious” that Bernard was talking about when Elsie asked him how Maeve could dream if they purge their memories. He said they retain certain memories even after a purge, unless they are overwritten.

    It’s also possible that instead of different timelines, there could be more than one host that represents each person at different stages in their life. And to pile on to that mess, it’s possible that there are also “good” and “bad” versions of each person.

    It seems to me that just as there are deeper levels to the game, there are also deeper levels of consciousness to the hosts. I like what Josh said about the analogy of a video game hack. I think the Man In Black has figured out that instilling terror in the hosts overrides their facades and allows him access to that deeper level, giving him the answers he needs to go deeper into the game.

  • Tusk

    They aren’t “Nightmares”, as I understand it.

    I’m pretty sure he says they are ‘understood’ as nightmares by the host, the program is a fail safe for when memories of past “lives” leaks into the Host’s attention, they then can brush it off and refer to it as a ‘nightmare’ so as to not get confused when ‘past lives’ suddenly come up.

    For me it makes no sense, these guys can do so much, create sentience, world build, but they are unable to completely wipe out memories of past lives…unless Ford intended that they not be completely wiped out? 😛

    Also, Maeve’s nightmare doesn’t make sense IF it is a memory of a past life, because that would mean that the guests are the Indians doing the scalping? It could also be that her confused memory is mistakenly imaging the man in black as the Indian, which would explain the indian changing into the MIB when he enters the cabin

  • Jaxicat

    I remember my Dad taking about some old TV show or film where the cowboy always ordered milk at the bar. Hopalong Cassidy maybe? Anyway when I saw the milk on the show, it reminded me of that and I wonder if that is what they are referencing.

  • postpostshowrecaps

    Great podcast, congrats.

    About episode 2

    How did they get to the old school train?…
    -the wardrobe room with the white and black hats must have been part of the old school coal train.(they just switched trains)

    Why so many escalators?…
    -other than aesthetics..escalators are stairs when power is down. a building without stairs is just a death trap.

    -Those ‘surgeons’ are not doctor surgeons….they are TECHNICIANS

    -The ‘industry’ term for a ‘glitch’ that can be triggered later is a ‘WORM VIRUS’

    – nice theories on ‘william and logan business trip and separate timelines’


  • Derek_Sye

    9 now

  • Sylvia Aponte

    I feel that Arnold didn’t die but became so infatuated with his creations that he opted to stay in westworld… so to hopkins, he died. Perhaps he fell in luv with Dolores way bk when and has been trying to make her self aware/more human and the maze is a backdoor to access the systems normally only avl outside of westworld, in the control room. I don’t think he is a traditional villian